City Administrator's Monthly Report
Published June 10, 2019
Current Updates to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen from the Office of the City Administrator

The following report is respectively submitted to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen and highlights a variety of updates and details from the previous month as well as a look ahead into the coming month.
The CA Report is provided and made available to the management team, media, general public, and other interested parties upon request.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Jeana L Woods, CPA, ICMA-CM
City Administrator
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Be sure to check out the most recent Osage Beach Community Connection for additional information including important dates, notices, and events from the City of Osage Beach published for our citizens and visitors.

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Observed Holiday - City facilities will be closed
Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th
for the holiday.
Financial Update
Financial Statements/Budget Reconciliation May 31, 2019 Financial Statements are unaudited, but show we have expended 27.0% of our $35.4 million FY2019 Operating Budget and collected 28.0% of budgeted revenues for all funds. To view the May Financial Statements click HERE .

The FY2018 Financial Statement audit work has concluded and the final document should be delivered soon. The Auditors are tentatively schedule for the June 20th meeting to present completed audit. A budget reconciliation report will be compiled over the next few weeks and will be presented to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.
The full FY2019 Operating Budget can be found at

Sales Tax Revenue represents a large portion of the City's revenue source, 41% projected in the FY2019 overall budget. Fees & Service Charges represent 25% of projected revenue in the FY2019 overall budget. Although used for only on-time expenditures, Grants & Reimbursements represent 31% of incoming revenues in FY2019. This is an increase from only 4% in FY2018.

May 2019 Sales Tax receipts are $69,323 (3.5%) more than 2018 receipts for the same period and $14,134 (0.7%) less that projected in the FY2019 Budget. Our fiscal year is a calendar year; January - December. View the latest Sales Tax Report HERE .

Comparison to Missouri State Sales Tax: The State of Missouri is on a July - June fiscal year and reported to date (July 2018 - April 2019), they are 2.2% over the previous year. The City is a calendar year fiscal year, but to compare with the State, July 2018 - April 2019, we were -0.2% compared to State growth. I had not received the State's July - May's sales tax growth update at the time of this report.
What's on the horizon...
Board Strategic Planning Session:
As you recall we have held a planning session for Mayor and Board to discuss current events and initiatives for the past couple of years. This is an opportunity for the Board to take a look at the key issues effecting the City today while looking ahead for tomorrow.

Tentatively we will schedule this year's session in July and will plan on recapping prior planning session outcomes and discussing initiatives and goals for the upcoming year.

More details will be sent out in the upcoming days.
FY2020 Budget Preparation:
It is almost time to be planning for FY2020! The following tentative budget schedule outlines our process and applicable dates to remember. Please note the tentative Budget Workshop dates highlighted in yellow. Those will be held at City Hall, 6 PM.

  • Thursday, August 1, 2019 - Budget Update / Budget Discussion (Board of Aldermen Meeting)
  • Monday, September 9, 2019 - Budget Preparation Packets to Mgmt Team (Internal Process)
  • Friday, September 27, 2019 - Budget Preparation Packets Due to City Administrator (Internal Process)
  • Friday, October 25, 2019 - Draft #1 to Board of Aldermen
  • Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - Budget Workshop 1 of 3 (Special Board of Aldermen Meeting - 6PM)
  • Thursday, October 31, 2019 - Budget Workshop 2 of 3 (Special Board of Aldermen Meeting - 6 PM)
  • Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - Budget Workshop 3 of 3 (Special Board of Aldermen Meeting - 6 PM)
  • Wednesday, November 27, 2019 - Final Draft to Board of Aldermen (12/5/19 Meeting Packet)
  • Thursday, December 5, 2019 - 1st Reading for proposed adoption (Board of Aldermen Meeting)
  • Thursday, December 19, 2019 - 2nd Reading for proposed adoption (Board of Aldermen Meeting)
Economic Development
Our efforts in economic development are diverse. These include assisting developers with project planning, efforts to attract and retain business, incentive program design and maintenance to promote private investment, infrastructure development, community event support, and enhancements to quality of life through investments to our parks, public safety, marketing, and promotion of tourism; along with our activities that embrace a regional approach through our partnerships with our other community groups including the active involvement with LOREDC (Lake of the Ozarks Regional Economic Development Council) and the LOCLG (Lake of the Ozarks Council of Local Governments). The City has many initiatives that make Osage Beach a great place to visit and live.
LOREDC represents a three-county region - Miller, Morgan, and Camden County. Members include many community and business organizations who share the same goal of promoting and participating in our economic growth of our region! The City of Osage Beach is a member organization. I currently serve as President of the LOREDC Board and Mayor Olivarri is active on many levels. Feel free to attend as members of the Osage Beach Board of Aldermen!

Don't miss out on the meetings!

June Monthly Meeting:
~Thursday, June 20, 2019, Time: Noon - 1:30 PM
~Location: Golden Corral
~Featured Topic: Dr. Joann Anderson, State Fair Community College President

July Monthly Meeting:
~Thursday, July 18, 2019, Noon - 1:30 PM
~Location: Golden Corral
~Featured Presentation: Mardy Leathers, Missouri State Workforce Development Director
Department Highlights
CIty of Osage Beach 60th Anniversary Celebration Social
  • For a summary of Public Works projects -View the Project Status Report HERE.
  • MACE ROAD - Work on Mace Road for Phase I road construction is substantially completed with just a few minor items to be done.
  • Microsurfacing on the OB Parkway west has begun; night work will continue through completion.
  • Bluff Water Tower maintenance has begun with an estimated completion by July 4th weekend.

  • Storm Siren Repairs on the Malibu Storm Siren will be fixed this week.

  • Total value of construction permitted in FY2019 through May 31, 2019 was $4.6m. Down from $9.3m compared to the same period for FY2018 total construction valuation; this was contributed to the large project at School of the Osage.

  • View the Project Overview Report HERE. This report shows current financial status of projects approved by the Board.
  • The FY2018 audit has concluded and the draft CAFR is expected soon. The CAFR presentation to the Board will be June 20, 2019.

  • Employee Safety Picnic will be held the end of June - exact date and time TBD.
  • #BUPD - The City will be taking the pledge to Buckle Up. Phone Down. So we all get home! - #BUPD. This statewide initiative that the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety and the Missouri Department of Transportation are challenging state agencies and Missouri businesses to join the Buckle Up Phone Down movement. It is to encourage everyone to Buckle Up and put the Phone Down while driving. source
  • NeoGov and Executime - Two large projects staff continues to transition through. Progress has been slow but steady. NeoGov is an electronic system that handles multi facets from job promoting, hiring documentation, on boarding, evaluations, goals and objective planning and tracking, and includes online training. Executime is a electronic time management system. Both systems are allowing the city to be paperless and most of all, more efficient and accountable.

  • View the monthly Municipal Court Summary Report HERE.

  • Phase 2 - LCF Taxiway project has begun.

Employee Service Awards
We recognize 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 year service awards. Congratulations to all those committed to serve!

May 2019 Service Awards - Congratulations!
  • Michael O'Day, Police Department - 15 Years
  • Mike Welty, Administration - 15 Years
  • David Hayes, Public Works Department - 25 Years