City Administrator's Monthly Report
Published May 4, 2018
Current Updates to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen from the Office of the City Administrator
The following City Administrator's Report is respectively submitted to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen as a tool to report highlights from the Office of the City Administrator as well as other department's activities from the month prior as well as looking ahead to the next month. This report is provided and made available to the Management Team, media, general public, and other interested parties to provide information as well.

Be sure to check out the most recent Osage Beach Community Connection (formally the titled the Direct Connection Newsletter) for additional information including important dates, notices, and events from the City of Osage Beach published for our citizens and visitors.

City Offices Closed...
City offices will be closed for Memorial Day on Monday, May 28
Financial Update
March Financial Statements/Budget Reconciliation March Financial Statements show we have expended $4.4 million of our $28.5 million budget, or 15.4%, of the FY2018 Operating Budget and collected 21.1% of budgeted revenues. This represents all funds through March 31, 2018. April statements will be completed soon. View March Financial Statements HERE . View 1st Quarter Budget Reconciliation Report HERE .

Auditors have been on site recently for the City's annual audit and the FY2017 CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) is scheduled to be completed soon. A presentation to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen upon its completion is expected in June.

Sales Tax Revenue represents a majority of the City's revenue source, 57% projected in the FY2018 overall budget, with Fees & Service Charges coming in second, 35% projected in the FY2018 overall budget.

At the time of this report, we were still waiting on May collections to be reported. The year-to-date Sales Tax receipts for April were $74,359 (5.3%) less than 2017 receipts for the same period and $23,419 (1.7%) less that projected in the FY2018 Budget. View the latest Sales Tax Report HERE. The year seems to be off to a slow start; however, it is still early in our fiscal year and our busier months of the year are ahead of us.
What's on the horizon...
Board Advanced Session - #2
MARK YOUR CALENDARS... Wednesday, June 20, 2018!

Mr. Patrick Ibarra will be facilitating the Advanced Session again this year. Location and exact agenda details are in process.

UPDATE - Pre-session phone meetings are/will be scheduled with Mr. Ibarra through Angel, Administrative Assistant. These are necessary to prepare for the session on June 20.
NLC Service Line Warranty Program
On behalf of the National League of Cities (NLC), a program called NLC Service Line Warranty Program, administered by Utility Service Partners, Inc. (USP), will soon be brought to our residents. This optional warranty program helps save thousands of dollars on high cost of repairing broken or leaking water or sewer service lines.

This program has been endorsed by MML and the City of Osage Beach has joined more than 350 cities in providing this optional warranty program. Residents of Osage Beach will soon be sent a mailer introducing the program with instructions on how they can participate. Don't hesitate to contact the City Administrative Office with your questions or to view more details, click HERE.
Over the last few of months the Board has discussed two different areas involving TRASH, but at different angles of the topic.
1) March 22, 2018, the Board approved a resolution to send the required notices per RSMO 260.247 to current trash providers within the City the City's intent to contract for the provision of solid waste collection service on behalf of the community within the City limits. In addition, the resolution directed staff to investigate all options available to the City for efficient provision of trash collection services within the City.

UPDATE - Staff is doing research and will report to the Board within the next 6 weeks the information gathered, as requested.

2) Adopt-a-Highway Trash Pickup Program - Late last year I was asked to research MoDOT's current adopt-a-highway program and a) see who in our business community participates currently (Highway 54), and b) mirror the program to provide better trash pickup resource on City maintained roadways (city streets, including Osage Beach Parkway

UPDATE - Staff is currently developing the details of a program that not only creates community partners for City owned roadway clean up but also support MoDOT's program within our City limits.

3) Growing Together Application - Most recently, staff was asked at the the April 19 Board Meeting to proceed with MoDOT's Growing Together Application. This not only involved trash, but overall roadway beautification and upkeep in conjunction with MoDOT and the community. It was suggested that the area be named "Friends of the Mayor".

UPDATE - The Public Works Department is in the process of submitting the application as requested for the area of Passover Road Off Ramp as discussed at the April 19 Board of Aldermen meeting.
Economic Development
Our efforts in economic development are diverse. These include assisting developers with project planning, efforts to attract and retain business, incentive program design and maintenance to promote private investment, infrastructure development, community event support, and enhancements to quality of life through investments to our parks, public safety, marketing, and promotion of tourism; along with our activities that embrace a regional approach through our partnerships with our other community groups including the active involvement with LOREDC (Lake of the Ozarks Regional Economic Development Council) and the LOCLG (Lake of the Ozarks Council of Local Governments). The City has many initiatives that make Osage Beach a great place to visit and live.
NEXT LOREDC Monthly Meeting
THURSDAY, May 17, 2018
Noon - 1:30 PM
Golden Corral

Bringing value to its members...
At April's meeting, Mike Kelley, MRED President, presented to our group a program facilitating entrepreneurship training and growth; how to get started and the positive results their community has seen.

May's speaker will be Jackie Jenkins, LCTC Director. She will discuss the recently awarded Lake CTC MORAP Grant for our region; what it means for us and what we can expect.

LOREDC represents a three-county region - Miller, Morgan, and Camden County. The City of Osage Beach is a member organization. I currently serve as President of the LOREDC Board and Mayor Olivarri is active on many levels. Feel free to attend as members of the Osage Beach Board of Aldermen!

Staff is working with an outside firm to determine the right path for the City as it pertains to assessing our market profile and strategically growing our economic base proactively City-wide. A couple of factors being considered are cost vs. benefit and what is the best application of a plan and what tools are needed for Osage Beach specifically.

This is a budgeted item in the FY2018 Operating Budget and I expect to have something to the Board by the end of summer.
Department Highlights
  • Bleacher replacement at Peanick Park will begin soon.
  • In celebration of Arbor Day, park staff and students from the School of the Osage planted trees at Peanick Park.
  • Starting May 4, ending June 1, yard waste drop off will be open at the Osage Beach City Park. This is open to Osage Beach residents.

  • For a summary of Public Works Projects and status, view the Project Status Report HERE.
  • MACE ROAD - Work on Mace Road has begun in some areas. This is a FY2018 budgeted project (see page 61 of the FY2018 Operating Budget).
  • BARRY PREWITT - Barry Prewitt Intersection reconstruction work will be work performed during the day and is expected to begin May 7 and to be completed by Memorial Day weekend.
  • BANNERS - Banners along the OB Parkway will begin to be put up May 14.
  • NICHOLS SIGNAL - The signal at Nichols is partially malfunctioning. Expect cycling delays with the left turn signal traveling eastbound.
  • THREE SEASONS RD - This is an overlay project that will be performed at night by Camden County through a cooperative agreement. Project is expected to be completed the end of May.
  • WHITE GOODS - The White Goods Event will be May 21 - June 1.
  • New Civil Engineer starts June 11!

  • Kellie Atkins has been promoted to IT Manager!

  • Total value of construction permitted in 2018 to date is $3.0m, down from $11.9m this time last year.
  • View the Valuation of Construction Permitted Report HERE.

  • View the Project Overview Report HERE. This report shows current financial status of projects approved by the Board.

  • Business renewals are underway with nearly 70% renewed to date.
  • Dog and Liquor Licenses are coming due soon.

  • Several new employees have been hired with others in various stages.
  • New Payroll Management System will be a focus to get implemented over the next few months.
  • NeoGOV - A paperless, online Application/On-boarding/Evaluation/Learning Management System has also been purchased. This will be implemented in phases over the next 12 months. This will be vital in providing efficient and time saving processes in the areas of HR and Management.

  • Drug Take Back event was recently held; 50 lbs. of unused drugs were collected.
  • Welcome Officer Jenna Jackson!
  • New Administrative Assistant starts May 14!
Employee Service Awards
We recognize 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 year service awards. Congratulations to all those committed to serve!

March and April Service Awards...
Kwabena Asante, 911 Communication Dept. - 10 Years!
Herschel (Ollie) Oliver, Building Dept. - 10 Years!
Kevin Rucker, Aldermen - 10 Years!
Pete Levya, Police Dept.- 20 Years!