City Administrator's Monthly Report
Published February 10, 2020
Current Updates to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen from the Office of the City Administrator
The following report is respectively submitted to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen and highlights a variety of updates and details from the previous month as well as a look ahead into the coming month.
The CA Report is provided and made available to the management team, media, general public, and other interested parties upon request.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Jeana L Woods, CPA, ICMA-CM
City Administrator
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City Facility Closings For President's Day
City Offices will be closed...
  • Monday, February 17, 2020 - President's Day
Financial Update
Financial Statements/Budget Reconciliation January 31, 2020 Financial Statements are unaudited, but show we expended 5.20% of our $29.5 million FY2020 Operating Budget and collected 8.3% of budgeted revenues for all funds.

The FY2018 Financial Statement audit work was completed in June 2019. The City received a clean or unmodified opinion on the 2018 Financial Statements; the financial statements for the prior year are presented fairly and in respect to the financial position and are in conformance with GAAP. FY2019 audit will begin soon with an estimated completion to be June 2020.
Sales Tax Revenue represents a large portion of the City's revenue source, 47% projected in the FY2020 overall budget. Fees & Service Charges represent 30% of projected revenue in the FY2020 overall budget. Although used for only on-time expenditures, Grants & Reimbursements represent 17% of incoming revenues in FY2020; Other Income representing 6%.

FEBRUARY 2020 Sales Tax receipts are $17,283 (2.5%) less than 2019 receipts for the same period and $40,867 (5.8%) less that projected in the FY2020 Budget. This is the first collection month for the new budget year as our fiscal year is a calendar year; January - December.

Comparison to Missouri State Sales Tax: The State of Missouri is on a July - June fiscal year where as the City is a calendar year fiscal year. For comparison purposes, the City's sales tax collection for the same period as the State's fiscal year, was <1.0%> less from the previous period.

At this time I do not have an updated account of the State's collection. The last information known to me was as of November 2019, the State was up 5.8% over their previous year. *Source: The Moody Report LLC, November 2019 General Revenue Update.
Buxton Update - Still On Target!
The City contracted with Buxton Company to provide the City with a set of objectives to assist us with tools and data in growing our economic development as well as our attraction and retention efforts.

Staff has participated in the on-boarding sessions to assist us in learning the platform and the tools as outlined in the proposal. The following are the specific tasks that are in process:
  • Scout training / set up (the platform),
  • Building our Marketing packages and online presence (foundation needed prior to organizing and initiating recruitment efforts),
  • Develop site inventory,
  • Recruitment Plan / Process

The nine profiles as outlined in the proposal are still being developed specific to us in addition to retail matches based on our profiles that are currently being developed.
What's on the horizon...
Board Strategic Planning
SAVE THE DATE - Wednesday, August 5th.

This year's Mayor and Board of Aldermen Strategic Planning Session will be held Wednesday, August 5th. Location will be determined soon. Please plan on no less than a half of day but no more than a full day. Lunch will be provided.

FY2020 will be the fourth year the Mayor and Board of Aldermen will participate in Strategic Planning.
Items to look for on upcoming Board of Aldermen Meeting Agendas...
  • Amendments to the Occupational License
  • Amendments to the Board of Aldermen Pay and Compensation
  • IT Assessment and Recommended Changes
  • Amendments regarding compliance of grease and other discharges to our Sewer System
Department Highlights
Department Reports
  • Osage Beach Special Road District Partner Projects - There are a few road projects in the FY2020 Budget that the City is partnering with financially to complete. Cochran has been busy with staff to get design completed so the construction phase can ultimately begin. These include Ledges Drive, Wren Road, Executive Dr Extension (also included State grant application), Autumn Ln, and Cove Rd.
  • Beach Drive entrance improvement project - rejection of bids were necessary; once easments/land issues are resolved the project is expected to continue.
  • Mace Rd Phase 2 - Engineering is ongoing. Phase 2 will be split into two additional phases to accommodate completion in best time of year. FY2020 budget supports the project and bids are estimated to go our in Spring 2020.
  • Water Well Construction - The Swiss Village Well is under construction and estimated to be complete within the next couple of months. A few set backs have delayed work, including electric utility move, drilling depths, and water testing needed as determined by MODNR. The well is expected to be online by Spring/early Summer.
  • Street Sealing - Bids were recently published for sealing projects on city streets. The FY2020 Budget for such projects is $240,000.
  • Lake Access Closed - Access to the Lake side at the OB City Park is temporarily closed due to road failure/erosion at the large culvert. Cochran Eng. is working on the issue with staff.

  • LCF Apron Project - Preliminary engineering plans have been submitted to the State of Missouri for the Apron project. Once approvals are received the project will move to the next steps, ultimately construction.

  • Forward Slash - Forward Slash, our IT company contracted to provide help desk support and other IT consultation has been on site and has hit the ground running! The Help Desk is now online with all employees with full access. An update will be provided soon to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen regarding their assessment of our IT infrastructure and processes. with recommendations for our system involving infrastructure and

Dan Crider - Parks Dept. -Finishing up the LWCF Grant Project at Peanick Park
Employee Service Awards

We recognize 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 year service awards. Congratulations to all those committed to serve!

Service Awards recognized in February

Matt Schwenn - PD, 25 Years