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November 13, 2023

City Announces Unanticipated $14,250,000 Gross Receipts Tax Revenue for FY23

SANTA FE, November 13, 2023  The City of Santa Fe announces that it has approximately $14,250,000 of unanticipated gross receipts tax (GRT) revenue that came in during FY2023. The City will use this revenue to fund multiple key investments to bolster the quality of life for Santa Feans, make needed repairs to existing infrastructure, and improve the City’s ability to provide better services. 

In accordance with the City’s budget practices, Mayor Webber has proposed multiple budget adjustment resolutions (BARs) for projects that have been identified by senior staff as critical or significant for the City. 

"When I was elected mayor in 2018, I made a vow to make Santa Fe the most user-friendly, eco-friendly, and family-friendly city in the country," said Mayor Alan Webber. "Funding these mid-year priorities with the unanticipated GRT, especially our investment in the MRC and adding personnel and an additional ambulance in the Community Health and Safety Department, will build on the progress of the preceding years and bring us that much closer to the vision."

Priorities include: 

  • $1,500,000 for soccer facility improvements across Santa Fe. Of this, $1,000,000 will be used to improve the Salvador Perez soccer field and parking lot, and $500,000 will be used for the design of the Municipal Recreation Complex (MRC) Soccer Valley expansion. 

  • $1,000,000 for replacement of the MRC effluent irrigation supply system so that effluent can consistently be provided to the Marty Sanchez golf course, MRC sports fields and SWAN park. This replacement will also be supported by $1,000.000 from the Wastewater Division’s existing budget.  

  • $690,000 to pay for effluent water usage for irrigation at the MRC and SWAN Park in FY24.  

  • $1,000,000 to help cover likely salary increases as a result of the completion of the City’s most recent class and compensation study. This is in addition to the $1,200,000 included in the adopted FY2024 budget.  

  • $800,000 for infrastructure master planning at Midtown.  

  • $800,000 to hire 8-10 new full-time employees and $200,000 to purchase a new ambulance to support one new Med Unit within the Community Health and Safety Department. The additional Med Unit will provide 24/7 coverage for an additional ambulance in the community, enabling the City to respond faster to life-saving emergency calls.  

  • $181,000 to hire two new full-time employees to work on Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA) requests in the City Attorney’s office.  

  • $175,000 to enact Chapter 14 Land Development Code revisions in concert with the Public Works Department.  

  • $240,000 to purchase a permitting process improvement tool for the Planning and Land Use Department.  

  • $200,000 to create a new full-employee position within the Planning and Land Use Department to expand the department’s capacity and improve response time for City residents.  

  • $115,000 to hire a new full-time employee within the Finance Department to focus on administration of revenue and accounts receivable, including real property leases, lodgers’ tax, and the high-end home sale excise tax.  

  • $60,000 for contractual services to develop a plan for a future division of City government to focus on code enforcement and rapid response for constituent concerns and complaints.  

  • $175,000 to hire a full-time Office of Equity and Inclusion Director within the City Manager’s Office.  

  • $200,000 to fully fund the disaster recovery site for the Information Technology & Telecommunications Department.  

  • $150,000 for contractual services to assist the Human Resources Department maximize the department’s capabilities and responsiveness.  

  • $500,000 to purchase a digital twin, which is a predictive tool for the water system within the Public Utilities Department. The system enables difficult decisions to be made with confidence during emergencies and gives insight into operational needs. 

Earlier this year, the City’s Governing Body approved a budget for FY2024 that anticipated GRT revenue of $137,700,000. The total amount of GRT received by the City for FY2023 was $154,276,680. Roughly $2.4 million of this unanticipated GRT is automatically directed to specific projects in accordance with City law, which leaves approximately $14,250,000. Mayor Webber intends to leave $3,500,000 in reserve for unforeseen challenges in the coming year. 

The proposed BARS will be on the agenda at upcoming Finance and City Council meetings. To view committee meetings and agendas, click here to visit the City's PrimeGov portal.

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