January 13, 2021
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Photo of He Mni Can Barn Bluff in Winter
Council & Mayor Remarks on Capitol Breach
At its first regular 2021 meeting Monday night, City Council members and the Mayor spoke out about the breach at the Capitol last week in Washington, D.C. Listen to what each had to say in this video clip. As always, you can contact all your Council members and the Mayor by emailing them at citycouncil@ci.red-wing.mn.us.
Honoring the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Although we can't gather in person for an event this year to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the Human Rights Commission has another option. They've created a library of books, movies, podcasts, documentaries, and shows for you to watch, listen, and reflect right at home. Click here and see all the options. Dive into something new, or revisit a favorite, and share the library with others. Do you have a recommendation not listed in the library? Share the title with us, and it may get added so others can appreciate it.
It's a Story Map: The Eisenhower Bridge of Valor
Want to walk the bridge?
The new pedestrian path will now be plowed and ready to visit!
After a decade of planning and over three years of construction, the Eisenhower Bridge of Valor was substantially completed in the fall of 2020. Get a close-up look at this once-a-century structure by visiting the Eisenhower Bridge of Valor online interactive map. Explore its history, from the time it was a river ferry up to today -- including stories of the people who designed and built the bridge, and stories from those who honor the land on which it stands. Join us as we explore the new story map in this week's episode of City 101.
3 Times the Kindness
This year, the Red Wing Police Department was pleased to announce THREE winners of the annual Grinchmas Act of Kindness contest! Jillian Wieck, Jaxson Mahn, and Angela McGuire's Sunday school class all sent in winning submissions. Jillian and Jaxson both submitted artwork, and Angela McGuire's class worked together to create a poem. Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to our 2020 winners for growing the Grinch's heart by spreading kindness in our community.
Be Well Winter!
Winter doldrums got you down? Be well this winter with a full month of activities from the Red Wing Park Naturalist, Live Well Goodhue County, and Elizabeth Olson Yoga. Check Facebook each day through January 31 for a new Be Well Winter prompt designed to focus on your physical and mental health indoors and out!

Want to share your experience? Use #bewellwinter2021 on social media.
Image of winter trail with words Notice something new and hashtag bewellwinter2021
Your Key to the Public Library
Your Red Wing Public Library card isn't just a piece of plastic--it's a key to unlimited print and digital resources throughout the library. From book clubs to new languages, online video streaming to CDs, DVDs, and over 63,000 books, your library card unlocks them all. Even better? As of January 1, 2021, the library has officially gone fine-free. So if an overdue or lost item fine has been keeping you away, welcome back.
Community Risk Reduction Week
Every 24 seconds, a fire department in the U.S. responds to a fire. Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Week is a new initiative to help fire service professionals, like our own in Red Wing, raise awareness of fire risks year-round. Each day next week, check in with the Red Wing Fire Department's Facebook page for a new post to address each of the "five E's" of community risk reduction: Engineering, Enforcement, Education, Economic Incentive & Emergency Response.
Logo of five Es of Community Risk Reduction wheel
What's in a Shed?
Photo of a person cross country skiing in winter
Item 10.F on Monday's City Council agenda was an interesting one--an application to keep a shed in place. Ok, it may not sound interesting, but it's actually a big deal. It's used by the Red Wing Sportsmen's Club to store crucial equipment for the Bluff County Biathlon team. (Biathlon is the winter sport that combines cross country skiing with rifle marksmanship.) The team--and the shed--is also a big deal to Red Wing High School student Audrey Lahammer, who is hoping to enter the Youth/Junior World Championship this year. Per Council direction, the shed will stay in place. If you want to get moving and learn more about the local biathlon team, contact coach Holly Hanson.
All in a Day's Work - Ryan Illa
Photo of Ryan Illa at his desk
If Red Wing has been able to celebrate the success of an engineering project over the last 20 years, odds are good that it’s thanks in part to Ryan Illa. As the City’s Engineering Project Manager, he works behind the scenes of all things engineering in our city. Initially pursuing architectural drafting, he swapped to a civil engineering degree after he was paired with the City through a drafting firm. While it wasn't his initial career path, we're sure glad he liked it enough to stay. Ryan’s work is evident throughout Red Wing, from major street projects to small residential renovations. Thank you, Ryan, for 20 years of keeping our city beautiful, one project at a time.
We'll Save You a Seat (at home)
Youth Commission Workshop
Meeting virtually via Webex.
Wednesday, January 13 at 6 p.m.
Harbor Commission Workshop
Meeting virtually via Webex
Tuesday, January 19 at 7:30 a.m.
Sheldon Theatre Board Meeting
Meeting virtually via Webex
Tuesday, January 19 at 5:15 p.m.
Advisory Planning Commission
Meeting virtually via Webex
Tuesday, January 19 at 7 p.m.
Youth Commission Meeting
Meeting virtually via Webex
Wednesday, January 20 at 6 p.m.
City Council Annual Workshop
Meeting virtually via Webex
Friday and Saturday, January 22 & 23
City Council Meeting
Meeting virtually via Webex
Monday, January 25 at 6 p.m.