November 26, 2020
It's beginning to look a lot like...the Holiday Stroll! Like everything, the Holiday Stroll Celebration will be different and smaller this year, but Downtown Main Street, the City, and local businesses are hard at work to still make the celebration fun and festive. Check it out!
Council Provides Covid Funding for Residents
Times are hard, and soon more money will be here to help. On Monday, City Council directed funds to go toward assisting residents who have been impacted by COVID-19. Tens of thousands of dollars will be available to our neighbors who need help with:
--Rent or mortgage bills;
--Utility bills, including heat, water, electricity, and internet;
--Costs for childcare;
--Food insecurity; and
--Grants for small businesses.

The funds will be available in the next few weeks through local organizations that have expertise in these areas. Stay tuned and we'll get the word out soon on all the details as well as when and where you can apply.
Proposed 2021 Levy & Budget Hearing
graphic of truth in taxation shouted from a megaphone
What is a Truth in Taxation hearing? It's an annual meeting when all residents are welcome to address City Council members on the City’s proposed 2021 property tax levy and budget. City staff will make a presentation explaining the proposed 2021 levy and budget. After that, Council members will hold a public hearing, and you're invited. To lessen the potential spread of COVID-19, this meeting will be held virtually and joining is easy; follow this link for ways to view the agenda and join the meeting.

Would you rather talk to someone ahead of time?
Give Marshall Hallock a call at (651) 385-3602.
Old West Main Street Will Get a Remodel in 2021
The Old West Main Street Reconstruction project moves forward with a unanimous vote from City Council. After some discussion regarding the timing of the project, Council members adopted Resolution 7572, which approves the project and preparation of plans. Plans include replacing the 100-year-old sewer pipes and adding wider sidewalks, lighting, landscaping, and safer intersections. The project will go out for bids soon so construction can start in early 2021.
Bay Point Bridge Project: What We Know Now
Council members heard good news regarding the proposed bike-pedestrian bridge project last Monday and will make their final decision at their upcoming December 14 meeting. With construction bids far below the estimated costs, and with Red Wing recently receiving large, unexpected funds from the Department of Transportation, the project is now just shy of $414,000 toward becoming a reality. Philanthropic organizations are currently considering their assistance. Watch an animated video of the proposed bridge and read a Q&A sheet with all the details. Questions? Contact Jay Owens to learn more.
Add the Planning Commission to Your Resume
2020 has given us all more time at home, and maybe you've discovered it's time to try something new. How about joining the Advisory Planning Commission? There are two openings now, and you might be the perfect person to fill one of them. The APC plays a critical role in determining how we use and redevelop land in Red Wing. From reviewing street plans to advising on projects and community redesigns, this board sees it all first. Click here to view the application; it's one step toward something new and exciting.
Could this be you?
Grinchmas on the Go
The Grinch, in his greenness
and meanness did hear,
the Holiday Stroll was
still strolling this year!
With a yellow-toothed scowl and
a toss of his head, he said,
"Fine, I'll attend--as a drive-through instead."
He donned his red hat and
the mask that he hated
and jumped in the BearCat--
his public awaited!

Please join in the fun with the Red Wing Police Department on Nov. 27 from
3-6 p.m. at Bay Point Park!
Our Beautiful New Bridge
See the Eisenhower Bridge of Valor from a whole new perspective! The aerial video, produced by project consultant SEH, takes us above, around, and even below Red Wing's new bridge. Bridge construction began back in 2017, it opened to traffic this time last year, and now it just needs the finishing touches, like final landscaping. Follow the Red Wing Bridge Project for updates as it nears final completion. Thank you to everyone, including our local philanthropic foundations, who made this project possible.
The Ugly Truth of a Pretty Plant
There's no denying that winged burning bush (euonymus alatus), with its bright-red fall foliage, is an attractive plant. In fact, it's popular in landscaping for just that reason. Unfortunately, this plant is also invasive, and this fall it was added to Minnesota's State Noxious Weed List. Learn more about winged burning bush and what we can do today to stop its spread in our region with the help of Red Wing Park Naturalist Erin Augustin.
We'll Save You a Seat (at home)
Port Authority Board Meeting
Meeting virtually via Webex
Tuesday, December 1 at 5:30 p.m.
Heritage Preservation Commission Meeting
Meeting virtually via Webex
Wednesday, December 2 at 5:30 p.m.
Arts & Culture Commission Meeting
Meeting virtually via Webex
Thursday, December 3 at 7 p.m.
City Council Truth in Taxation Public Hearing
Meeting virtually via Webex
Monday, December 7 at 6 p.m.
City Council Special Meeting
Meeting virtually via Webex
Monday, December 7 at 7 p.m.
(Or immediately following the Truth in Taxation Public Hearing.)
Housing & Redevelopment Authority Meeting
Meeting virtually via Webex
Tuesday, December 8 at 3:30 p.m.