March 29, 2019
Spring is here! And it's bringing sunny days, warmer weather...and a lot of melting snow. Stay up to date on flood conditions, road closures, and other spring side-effects on the City's website.
Photo of City Hall in the morning
What a Winter!
Now that winter is officially behind us, let's take a look at the snow and ice removal stats from this year:

  • We received 85.5" of snow
  • Public Works hauled over 53,000 cubic yards of snow (the highest previous record was 19,000 cubic yards!)
  • Over 7,000 hours of labor went into snow/ice-related work
  • The City declared four snow emergencies
Image of downtown Red Wing in the winter with snow on the streets
It was a long, record-breaking winter, but now we can all look forward to warmer weather (and no snow!) as we roll into spring.
Your Thoughts on First Draft of City's Plan
An easy way to give input on your city government's 10-year plan.
City government has written the first draft of its 10-Year Strategic Plan, based on your input in the 2040 Community Plan. Now is your time to weigh in with your suggestions, ideas, and changes. We need to hear from you by Wednesday, April 3 to include your input for consideration into the second draft. While the 2040 Community Plan lays out goals for the entire community , this Strategic Plan focuses specifically on what 2040 actions city government should lead and accomplish in the next few years. You can read the  Strategic Plan first draft and give feedback here. Then we'll share your input directly with City Council members. Call 651-385-3618 with questions. Thank you!
Red Wing Bridge Update
Progress on the Red Wing Bridge Project continued all winter and even with a watery spring, the construction crews are still at it. Watch the newest City 101 for a look at all the work that got done in 2018 and what we can look forward to this year (spoiler alert-the end is in sight!).
This Bus is for You
Our Red Wing Report Card and the 2040 Plan meetings showed more people than ever are taking public transit via our local Hiawathaland Transit bus. If you're someone who takes the bus--or would like to--now is your chance to say how the service could be better.
From One Officer to Another
K9 Vest Donation
The Red Wing Police Department's youngest officer, K9 Archie, already has a uniform waiting for him when his training is complete: a canine ballistic vest.
Canine ballistic vests are very similar to those worn by officers, designed to stop common handgun rounds.
The City of Farmington Police Department generously offered the canine ballistic vest of now-retired K9 Bosco to the RWPD. The vest is a perfect fit for Red Wing's soon-to-be Police Patrol Dog and was accepted by the City Council on Monday.
RWPD's K9 Archie sitting in sunlight
Get On Board!
Have you ever wondered, "How do things get done around here?" In your city, your county, your schools, and your community? One way is that board and commission members make things happen. YOU can be one of those people--a person who reaches out to others and brings back great ideas to help make decisions on boards in city and county government, nonprofits, and schools. If you've never been involved in this way and are curious -- this is for you! This training will make you a knowledgeable board member, and you'll learn about opportunities all over town. You are one of the leaders Red Wing needs. You are someone who can represent your community. Sign up!
All Thursdays in May - 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. at the Library
Cost is $50 but scholarships are available. No one will be turned away!
Call 651-388-6309 with questions. Sponsored by United Way, City of Red Wing & Red Wing Area Fund.
Venison, Anyone?
2019 Special Hunt Approved
If you're a long-time Red Wing resident, you're familiar with the Special Hunt, a program that keeps the deer population in check by allowing hunting within city limits.
The 2019 Special Hunt has been approved by the City Council. This year's Special Hunt will be very similar to last year's, with minor revisions: two residential lots at the end of Woodland Drive previously in the No Hunting Zone are being added and three MnDNR parcels labeled as "Scientific and Natural Areas" (SNA) south of Old Tyler Road are being made off-limits for any hunting.
As with previous years, hunters will need to pass a proficiency shooting test prior receiving a Special Hunt permit and will be limited to five harvest tags.
Image of multiple arrows point down next to targets
The 2019 Special Hunt map is available to view here.
More information about the program, and all the forms you need to get involved, is available on our website.
Housing for All
Aerial view of neighborhood
New housing opportunities may be coming to Red Wing. The City Council approved the HRA's request to authorize the allocation of $150,000 from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF) and issuing of a Request for Proposals (RFP) to encourage development of underutilized, vacant, and blight properties in the Downtown, Old West Main, and Pottery Place areas.
Developers would be encouraged to build small residential or mixed-use sites (think street-level business with second-floor apartments) with 30-50% of the units reserved for households that make less than the Area Median Income. That means new housing (and business) opportunities in spaces that are currently not being used that are attainable by a variety of incomes.
Interns Get A Look Inside City Government
Yesenia Sanchez is one of three high school seniors interning with the City of Red Wing this semester as part of the school district's new Winger Flight Paths program, and, boy, are we lucky! Young people bring new ideas and new energy. Yesenia has been researching and writing a new web page for the Human Rights Commission to be unveiled before summer. "This opportunity as an intern has given me a new outlook on life and what I can do with my potential," Yesenia says. "I’m also so glad I’m able to put something forth for Red Wing." In addition, students Drake Zibble and Morgan Fritz worked with the engineering department in earlier this year. Thank you, students! We're looking forward to working more with the school next fall.
A Word About Water (Pollutants)
If your basement or garage is prone to flooding, you're probably more concerned with getting the water out than what might be going into it. But hazardous pollutants that enter flood water eventually make their way into our lakes and rivers and even into underground drinking water sources.
Take some time this spring to check for hazardous pollutants that could leak or spill into floodwater and move them to a safe place up and out of the way.
Image of a stand of paint and boxes.
"Hazardous pollutants" include batteries, paints, cleaning products, weedkillers, and even that bag of sidewalk salt from the winter.
...or High Water
An update on the riverfront projects
The Levee Park dockage and Vogel Harbor projects launched into high gear earlier this month in anticipation of this spring's elevated water conditions. Beginning in mid-March, construction crews worked 24-hour shifts for several days to install sheet pile walls at strategic points along the riverfront. By working around the clock, the crews completed a critical "pinch point" to assure continued access for the Red Wing Bridge Project contractor after the water recedes--just in time for elevated water conditions to force a work suspension on the projects.
Once conditions improve, crews will be back in full force to keep the projects moving along into summer.
To learn more about this project, check it out on the City's website.
If you want the latest straight from the project manager's mouth, watch the above clip of Ron Seymour presenting a projects update to the City Council.
All in a Day's Work
Photo of Corey Aadalen
Meet the man who helps makes sure you have safe water to drink. Corey Aadalen is Chief Plant Operator at the Water Treatment Plant on Twin Bluff Road. He monitors the millions of gallons of water that pass through the facility annually and oversees the treatment process so all of us can feel secure that we have clean water at home. Corey has been working hard with the City for 35 years. Thank you, Corey!
Did You Miss That Meeting?
Now you can watch any City meeting on demand, 24-hours a day, through our website. Want to see what’s playing on Channel 6 right now?   From this page, you can select to view either the archive of City meetings or the Channel 6 live stream on any device.
We'll Save You a Seat
You're invited to these meetings and events
Port Authority Board Meeting
City Hall Council Chambers
Tuesday, March 2 at 4:30 p.m.
Heritage Preservation Commission
City Hall Council Chambers
Wednesday, April 5 at 5:30 p.m.
City Council Meeting
City Hall Council Chambers
Monday, April 8 at 6 p.m.
Housing & Redevelopment Authority Board Meeting
City Hall Council Chambers
Tuesday, April 9 at 3:30 p.m.
Advisory Planning Commission Meeting
City Hall Council Chambers
Tuesday, April 16 at 7 p.m.
Charter Commission Meeting
City Hall Council Chambers
Wednesday, April 17 at 5:30 p.m
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