Volume 1 Issue 2 | April 2019
Message from the Mayor
Warmer weather is on the horizon and the City of Greater Sudbury is hard at work on our roads and on a number of exciting projects and initiatives like the Transit Action Plan that you can read all about in this edition of City Connect.

This edition includes some great information about the services that the City provides when it comes to winter road maintenance and road repair operations that I encourage all residents to take the time to learn more about. 

This has been a very challenging spring and I agree with the concerns that I’ve been hearing from residents regarding road conditions. We have to take a new approach and consider new types of equipment, materials and methods and we are diligently exploring options at this time. I expect to have more information to share on this front soon.

Fortunately, shipments of warm asphalt mix from southern Ontario have already begun and will continue over the next several weeks until hot mix plants open later this spring so that we can make longer lasting repairs. 

Residents can expect a very busy road repair and construction season ahead with over $70 million dollars in capital projects going into our roads across the community. This includes significant investments into road maintenance and repair work that Council supported in the 2019 Budget with the additional infusion of $3.9 million which will have a big impact on repairing our roads across the community this year. The one-time additional $9.8 million investment in infrastructure from the Federal Government’s Gas Tax Fund which Council approved my motion to direct into city-wide road repair work is currently being developed and planned by staff and I look forward to providing more information to the public soon.

Hope you enjoy this edition of City Connect and I look forward to seeing you around soon!
Mayor Brian Bigger
Are You Ready for Spring?
Spring has arrived in Greater Sudbury, keeping City crews and contractors extra busy cleaning up our road network. Here's what's happening now with spring cleaning operations and what you can expect to see in the coming weeks.
Long before the snow melts and the milder temperatures move in, crews start winter ditching operations. They remove ice build-up in larger ditches so water can flow from the road through our drainage system and into our creeks, rivers and lakes.
As milder weather arrives, crews open up catch basins and culverts to help water drain. Freeing up ice or snow build-up gives water a place to go instead of ponding on the roadway. Other activities include snow bank removal and ice blading, a practice that removes ice ruts on the road.
Next comes pothole season. While our crews repair potholes year round, freeze thaw cycles in the spring increase the likelihood of potholes. This means crews are out daily fixing potholes in all areas of the city.
We are taking a very aggressive approach to fixing potholes right now. One way we're doing this is by repairing some large areas of asphalt in critical pothole locations around the community, using a warm mix asphalt brought from Southern Ontario. We're going to continue to do this into spring and summer.
Once the snow melts and the ground thaws, street and sidewalk sweeping starts, followed by line painting. 
Make sure to watch for next month's City Connect when we dig a little deeper into sweeping and line painting.

What's Going on in Your Community
Thank you for taking part in stage one of the strategic planning process! This helps City Council set priorities, focus our energy and resources, strengthen operations and ensure that City staff and our partners are working toward common goals. Last month, we asked you what’s most important to you and we received more than 300 responses! That feedback was shared with Council before their strategic planning workshop in March. We are now compiling this information and creating a draft plan, which we’ll show you before it’s finalized in June.
On Wednesday, May 1, 2019, the City will test its emergency notification system, Sudbury Alerts. If you signed up to receive emergency notification via text, email, TTY or mobile number via the City’s website, you will also receive a test notification that day. We also send to a list of publicly listed phone numbers, including landlines. We suggest adding 705-805-9360 to your contacts and name it Sudbury Alerts, so the call doesn’t get confused with an unrecognized number. You also get to choose whether you want notifications in English or French. When you receive your test notification, please follow the instructions carefully so we can ensure the system is working properly. 
We’re modernizing our tendering system with a new, convenient and user-friendly online platform called bids & tenders. Vendors can submit bids or proposals online, which eliminates paper and courier services. There is also a built in check to make sure the bids are complete and compliant. This new system uses real-time up-to-date technology.
Losing means winning when it comes to Greater Sudbury’s ugliest schoolyards! VETAC, the City of Greater Sudbury's Regreening Advisory Panel, invites local schools to enter the annual Ugliest Schoolyard Contest. Your school can win a prize package worth thousands of dollars to transform your school grounds from drab to fab! The entry deadline is May 9, 2019. 
Getting ready to start construction? April is Dig Safe Month in Greater Sudbury, raising awareness about safe digging practices to improve safety and reduce damage to underground infrastructure.  
What to Do and Where to Go
Are you a local musician who loves to entertain family-friendly audiences? Does your act represent the diversity and culture of our great community? If so, apply today to be a part of the Peter Schneider Concert Series for summer 2019. Concerts take place every Sunday evening from June to August. The deadline to submit your application is March 29.
The City of Greater Sudbury has a Diversity Policy which emphasizes acceptance, inclusion and equality for all. The concept of a diversity policy for the City of Greater Sudbury was first advanced by the City's Diversity Advisory Panel and Chair Leonard Kim. Following these efforts, the Diversity Advisory Panel presented the Diversity Policy and Statement to Council who adopted it unanimously in May 2014. The Diversity Policy, which includes artwork by local artist Sarah King Gold, is on permanent display at Tom Davies Square and will be permanently installed at all municipal facilities.
Did you know there’s an app to help those who suffer from Crohn’s and Colitis find easy to access washrooms? The GoHere Washroom Locator App helps people living, working or visiting the city to quickly and easily locate public washrooms. The City of Greater Sudbury is pleased to have municipal libraries, beaches, the downtown Transit Centre and Tom Davies Square proudly displaying the GoHere decal.
Are you looking for local demographics, zoning information, historical photos or the nearest community garden? There’s a map for that! The City has a number of interactive maps available for you to use, all making use of Geographic Information Systems. Our online maps offer so many different types of information about our community, available to everyone!

Did you know the Greater Sudbury Animal Shelter, in partnership with the Sudbury and District Veterinary Association, offers reduced rates for spaying and neutering domestic cats?
CGS in the Community
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the Maley Drive Extension Project construction site on February 13. Photography by Adam Scotti
Left to Right: Mayor Brian Bigger, Project Manager David Shelsted, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Sudbury MP Paul Lefebvre, Nickel Belt MP Marc Serré.
Members of City Council with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Sudbury MP Paul Lefebvre and Nickel Belt MP Marc Serré.
Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) 2019 Conference March 3-6, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
Mayor Bigger and representatives from Shyft Inc. in the Northern Pavilion.
City Economic Development staff members Briana Fram, Liesel Franklin, and Elena Zabudskaya at PDAC.
On March 27, the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, joined Sudbury MP Paul Lefebvre, Nickel Belt MP Marc Serré and Mayor Brian Bigger to announce funding for the Junction Creek flood mitigation control and improvements project. The project is a partnership between the City and Conservation Sudbury.
The City received an award for The Junction project from the Economic Developers Association of Canada (EDAC), which allowed staff to attend the Marché international des professionnels de l’immobilier (MIPIM) conference in Cannes, France, on March 12, to promote the project and showcase opportunities in Greater Sudbury.
Stephen Gauvreau, Coniston Community Action Network Chair, with City Liaison Barb McDougall at the Volunteer Fair hosted by Volunteer Sudbury.
Pioneer Manor volunteer information displayed by Stacie Reinhardt, Coordinator of Volunteers and Recruitment at the Volunteer Fair hosted by Volunteer Sudbury.
Project Updates
Here's an overview of some of the current projects we have on the go throughout our community.
Cycling Infrastructure
In 2019, a number of road construction projects are scheduled to include cycling elements to support the City's Transportation Master Plan. Projects will include the development of cycling facilities such as bike lanes, multi-use paths, paved shoulders and more.
Brady Green Stairs
The Brady Green Stairs is a public space that connects Durham Street to Memorial Park. The previous parkette underwent structural repairs, presenting an opportunity to complete the Brady Green Stairs project identified in the Downtown Sudbury Master Plan. It is scheduled to be complete this spring.
Tom Davies Square Courtyard Redesign
Construction of the courtyard at Tom Davies Square will resume this spring with a tentative start date in May, pending spring melt. Work will include landscaping, planting and the installation of decks and is anticipated to be complete this summer. 
By-law of the Month
The Animal Care and Control By-law is jam packed with everything you ever wanted to know about how many and what kind of pets you can keep, what care you need to give them, licensing and more. 
Did you know as a pet owner you are responsible for stooping and scooping anywhere in the city, including your own property? It sounds messy but it’s a necessary part of being a responsible pet owner.

With spring quickly approaching, waste that hasn’t been picked up during the winter will start to become more noticeable. If everyone picks up their animal waste we can avoid unsanitary conditions, unwanted odours and make sure waste isn’t washing into our streams and storm sewers.

Violations of the Animal Care and Control By-law can result in a fine or order under the Provincial Offences Act. 
311: You Asked, We Answered
Each day, we receive more than 800 calls to 311 about a variety of topics. These are the most common questions asked by you in the last month, and the answers.
I want to report a pothole, where can I do that?
There are a number of ways to report a pothole. You can call 311 or send us an email . We’ll need to know the location including the street name, the nearest address and which lane the pothole is in. We always appreciate it when residents help us out and let us know where the potholes are.
A pothole damaged my car, how do I submit a claim?
If you have experienced vehicle damage as a result of a pothole you may submit a notice of claim with the City. There are ways to lessen the chances of pothole damage to your vehicle by reducing your speed, maintaining optimum tire pressure, keeping the steering wheel straight and avoiding sudden braking. 
There’s alot of sand on my street. When are you coming to sweep it?
Street sweeping starts soon after all the snow has melted, traditionally between the end of April and mid-June. Once the snow has melted, and weather pending, we’ll be able to offer a tentative schedule for street sweeping. If you plan on doing some sweeping of your own, please remember to leave the sand evenly distributed on the road as sand piles can clog the vacuum sweepers. 
My yard has ponding in the spring. What can I do?
Check your culvert. If the pipe that connects your ditch under your driveway is blocked, it can force water up into your yard. We call that "ponding." Call 311 to report any build up and we'll send a crew to help unplug it for you. Another way you can help is by making sure the snow and ice from the nearby catch basin is clear and able to carry rainwater and snow melt away from your property. For other spring ponding information and how to prevent it, visit our website .
City Works

Josée Pharand
Business Development Officer – Entrepreneurship
Born and raised in Minnow Lake, Josée loved the area so much, she planted her own family roots there!

What do you at the City?
I’m responsible for managing and coordinating the Regional Business Centre’s programs, seminars and services that support aspiring entrepreneurs as well as existing small and medium-sized businesses. A large portion of my job is building relationships with community organizations, business owners and business professionals to leverage the expertise needed to enhance the quality of the services offered by our Centre to entrepreneurs in our community.

How long have you been with the City of Greater Sudbury?
I’ve been with the City for 10 years. I was lucky and got a job at the Regional Business Centre straight out of university. Since then, I’ve worked in most positions at the Centre and I’ve gained a good understanding of how important each role is in supporting entrepreneurs in our community. When I was given the opportunity to return early from my maternity leave in 2018 to lead the Regional Business Centre, I couldn’t pass it up.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Supporting entrepreneurs and then seeing them open or grow their business is incredibly rewarding. I’m proud to be a part of their success while helping to contribute to the economic development of our community.

What do you do when you’re not at work?
I’m the mom of a mischievous two-year old boy as well as a beautiful five-year old girl who has autism. I spend my free time helping to raise awareness about autism by sharing our stories online which helps others understand my daughter’s unique traits on the spectrum. Most recently, I’ve been advocating for programming changes to make sure my daughter and other children on the spectrum have access to support and resources to help them reach their full potential.

Want to find out how the Regional Business Centre can help your business? Email Josée to learn more!
Community Action Networks (CAN)
Community Action Networks, CANs for short, work to bring people together to build a strong and vibrant community. 
CANs work together with a variety of partners on projects such as community gardens, dog parks, beautification, splash pads, trail development and more!

In March, the Azilda CAN held a visioning session to develop a strategic vision for their community, gather ideas for common goals and champion new projects.
Do you have a vision for your community?
Coming Up!
Affordable family fun for everyone!
Performance Dashboard: Working for You
Each month, we offer a collection of statistics to help assess and measure performance over time and across service areas.
This month:
Business and Growth Services
We’ll look at how long it takes to go through the process of getting a building permit and how we compare to other municipalities. We dive into planning formations such as official plan amendments, rezoning and site plans.
Over To You Greater Sudbury
We want to connect you with information about your city and engagement opportunities on the things that matter most to you! Share your ideas for making Greater Sudbury a better place to live, work and play.
Development Charges Background Study
Open now

10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan Review
Open now to April 23

Valley East Twin Pad Multipurpose Sports Complex
Open now to April 23

Take A First Look at New Routes and Schedules for Greater Sudbury Transit
Open now to April 23

Paris-Notre Dame Bikeway Project
Postponed. To be announced at a later date.
Sometimes we make mistakes but we're happy to correct them to make sure you're getting the right information straight from us.

Last month we told you how big our municipality is but we forgot an important word! Greater Sudbury is made up of 3,560 lane kilometres of roadway. This means if you took the entire road network and laid them out in a single lane, it would take you from here to the Mexico border.
Calendar of Events
April 1
On-street parking ban lifted
April 4
Second tax installment due
April 7 - 13
National Volunteer Appreciation Week 
April 8
Planning Committee at 5:30 p.m. in Room C-11
April 8
PJ Masks Save the Day Live! at the Sudbury Community Arena
April 9
City Council at 6 p.m in the Council Chamber
April 11
Civic Awards
April 15
Operations Committee at 3 p.m. in Room C-11
Community Services Committee at 6 p.m. in Room C-11
April 16
Audit Committee at 4 p.m. in Council Chamber
Finance and Administration Committee at 6 p.m. in Council Chamber
April 17
Emergency Services Committee at 4 p.m. in Room C-11
Hearing Committee at 6 p.m. in Council Chamber
April 19-22
Good Friday and Easter Monday
April 21-27
2019 ESSO Cup at the Gerry McCrory Countryside Sports Complex 
April 23
Kinky Boots at the Sudbury Community Arena
April 26

Playoff time!
Sudbury Five at the Community Arena
*Playoff dates, times and opponents to be determined.

Playoff time!
Sudbury Wolves at the Sudbury Community Arena
*Playoff dates, times and opponents to be determined.
Please note: all City Council and Committee meetings take place at Tom Davies Square, 200 Brady St., Sudbury

Until next time, stay connected Greater Sudbury!