Volume 1 Issue 3 | May2019
A Message from the Mayor
It took its time getting here, but after a very long winter – spring has finally arrived in Greater Sudbury. This past season was very hard on our roads, not just here in Greater Sudbury, but all across the region. We’ve got our roads crews out and working hard to patch and repair our streets. I hope you can all appreciate their efforts and be patient as they work hard to get our roads back in shape.

Spring is also a time to get outside and enjoy everything our city has to offer. Parks and fields are opening back up and so are our many trails. There’s also a lot of litter and garbage that surfaces as the snow melts. Let’s all do our part to clean up our city and keep Greater Sudbury looking the best it can. I’d like to recognize the efforts of City Councillors for taking an active role in motivating residents to get their hands dirty and do their part in their wards.

And lastly, as the snow melts, it means our creeks and lakes are cold and fast moving. If you are out exploring nature, please make sure you keep an eye on your kids and pets and be safe around the water. Very soon we’ll all be able to enjoy the more than 300 lakes Greater Sudbury is home to, but until then, we all need to be cautious and aware.

The sun is shining, and the weather is finally warm – get out, get active and enjoy the best of both worlds only a city like Greater Sudbury can offer.

Mayor Brian Bigger
Put a Little Spring in Your Step
Spring has arrived in Greater Sudbury, keeping City crews and contractors extra busy cleaning up our road network. Here's what's happening now with spring cleaning operations and what you can expect to see over the next few months.
Now that the snow has melted, crews are sweeping sidewalks, boulevards, medians and some main roads throughout the City.

High pedestrian traffic areas, such as downtown centres, the Sudbury ROCKS Marathon routes and high risk drainage areas, are swept first. Once these areas are complete, crews continue on to other areas, including residential streets.

Winter brought us much snow and very cold termperatures which meant we needed to use more sand on the roads this winter. Because of the amount of sand, it may take a few passes for the trucks to get everything swept.

We try to reduce the amount of dust flying but it's a noisy and sometimes messy operation. We really do appreciate your patience while we make our way through your neighbourhood.
What can you do to help?

  • Try to avoid parking on the road overnight so our sweepers can do as thorough a job as possible.

  • Remove basketball and hockey nets from the road until sweeping has been completed.

  • Keep your waste containers (garbage cans, blueboxes, green carts) off the road and out of the gutters.

  • If you're sweeping sand from your property onto the road, spread it around instead of making piles.
Once the streets and sidewalks are cleaned up, crews begin line painting. This traditionally starts mid-May and starts with streets that have already been swept. Line painting continues throughout the spring, summer and fall. 

Because line painting is a moving operation, there aren't usually detours in place. Be patient, slow down and keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the equipment. We want to make sure you, and our workers, stay safe.
Walking? Driving? Stay Safe on the Roads
It's up to everyone to stay safe on the roads. This means both drivers and pedestrians need to take time to learn the rules for pedestrian crossings.
In Greater Sudbury, we have over 40 pedestrian crossovers to help walkers throughout our community get to work and school every day. We're expecting to have another six crossovers installed this year.

Pedestrian crossovers are typically installed in locations with higher than normal numbers of pedestrians or vulnerable pedestrians, for example seniors, children and people with mobility challenges.
Bear With Us, We're Just Waking Up
The sun is finally shining, the flowers are starting to bloom, the birds are singing and the bears are looking for food.
Bears feed from April to late fall. If natural food isn’t available, they will look for other food sources, including garbage. 

At your next family dinner, discuss the many ways your family can work toward being Bear Wise. Make sure everyone around the table knows how to avoid attracting bears and what to do (and who to call) if they see a bear. 

Bear Wise Tips:

  • Keep garbage in containers with tight fitting lids or in bear-resistant containers.
  • Put your garbage, recycling and organics out the morning of your curbside pick up, rather than the night before.
  • Put away bird feeders until next winter.
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has a 24/7 reporting phone line, providing advice on bear and wildlife behaviour and how to avoid encounters. 

If a bear is posing an immediate threat to personal or public safety, call 911. If you happen to have a friendly visit from a bear, you can let your neighbours know by reporting the sighting on our Report-a-Bear map.
What's Going on in Your Community
City Council participated in a planning workshop in March and identified vision, mission, values, and strategic priorities and initiatives to support those priorities. Based on that work, a draft of the Strategic Plan has been developed. We invite you to review the draft plan and give us your feedback at overtoyou.greatersudbury.ca  

Council will consider a final strategic plan in late June 2019.
If you like cleaning and free stuff, you're going to love our annual tipping fee holiday! Twice a year, for one week, the City waives residential tipping fees at landfill sites. The next one takes place from May 13 to 18. Make sure to pre-sort your waste so it's properly disposed of at the landfill. Free landfill weeks are for residential waste only.
We're pleased to partner with the Sudbury Road Safety Committee to once again bring you the Watch for Us! Community Lawn Sign Program to remind drivers of increased dangers caused by driving too fast in residential neighbourhoods. The lawn signs are available to residents, free of charge, at all Citizen Service Centres and libraries. A limited number of signs are available.
Paramedic Services week runs from May 26 to June 1. This year's theme is Celebrating Success. Look for our Paramedics out in the community helping people learn more about the many services and programs offered by City of Greater Sudbury Paramedic Services, including the Community Paramedicine Program, hands-free CPR training, AED education and more!
The City is joining municipalities across the country to celebrate National AccessAbility Week from May 26 to June 1. The week promotes inclusion and awareness in our community with in hope that barriers will continue to be actively removed, giving all Canadians the same opportunities to participate and succeed. A series of inclusive events will be held throughout the week, including a closed captioned movie, free public swims and the official ribbon cutting of the Bell Park parking lot accessible trail. 
What to Do and Where to Go
There are currently two off-leash dog parks in Greater Sudbury, one in Minnow Lake and one in Azilda. Both are open daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. The parks each have two enclosures, one for small dogs, and one for large dogs, as well as garbage bins and portable washrooms. They are a great opportunity to let your furry family members run free as the warmer spring weather arrives.
Site selection criteria and design guidelines for the development of new off-leash dog parks in the city have been established. The City will be conducting community consultation in the coming months on the development of a South End dog park to be located on the property of the Gerry McCrory Countryside Sports Complex.
Spring is a great time to get active and involved in your community. Take a look through our Active Living for Older Adults guide for a listing of programs, organizations and activities for older adults to enjoy in all corners of our community. You can pick up a copy at your local public library or any Citizen Service Centre.
You don’t need a sandwich to play pickleball! This fast-growing sport combines elements of badminton, ping-pong and tennis. It can be played as doubles or singles, indoors or outdoors and on a badminton-sized court with a modified tennis net.
I went on a bit of an excursion yesterday.  I went to visit some friends a few streets over but on the way, I realized I was lost.
I was just about to panic when some nice humans scooped me up and brought me inside their home to keep me safe. They said my mom would be more likely to find me if I was at the Shelter. Before I knew it a lady in a big white truck picked me up and brought me to a place with some other dogs, some cats, and more humans dressed just like her.
At fi rst, I was nervous because I didn't know anyone but the lady gave me a tennis ball, lots of belly rubs and a whole bunch of treats! Then, she checked me over to make sure I wasn’t sick or hurt and she poked me with a needle to prevent any disease I could have picked up while running around the neighborhood. It hurt a bit but I'm tough, I can take it.
After all of that was done, a nice man took my picture and said he would make me Facebook famous while they looked for my mom. Then, they put me in a kennel and left me some more treats.  I could get used to having treats with my dinner every night. I’ll have to discuss that with my mom when she comes to pick me up. 
First thing this morning, they took me outside to play. Boy was that fun! When I got back inside, room service had arrived. My cage has been cleaned, I had fresh blankets and food was waiting for me. After that, I just chilled and chatted with the dog across the hall.
Here comes one of the humans now, and wait, she said Rex! That’s me! That’s my name! I’m Rex! I followed her into the main room to find my mom waiting for me! I can tell she missed me. She’s giving me extra smooches and scratches.

Ja ne thanked the humans who took care of me when I wandered off. I’ve assured her it won’t happen again. Before leaving, Mom got me some new bling to go on my collar. Maybe I can convince her to take me back to the shelter to get me a buddy. Maybe one of those cats I saw down the hall!
~ Rex, 3 year old Lab-mix from Lively
CGS in the Community
The City of Greater Sudbury recognizes the contributions of community volunteers through Civic Awards.
Awards are presented to individuals and/or groups for outstanding service, voluntary contributions, personal efforts and exemplary community development within the City of Greater Sudbury. The event took place on April 15 at the Northern Water Sports Centre. Congratulations to everyone involved!
Last year, more than 140 volunteers at Pioneer Manor contributed over 5,800 hours of their time, helping with activities such as bingo, pet therapy, hairdressing, meal times, pastoral services, resident one-on-one visits, and more. To kick off National Volunteer Week in April, the City recognized these volunteers at an Annual Luncheon.
Aaron Archibald, Director at Pioneer Manor thanks volunteers for the countless hours they contribute each and every year.
Volunteerism Coordinators Stacie Reinhardt and Lydia Shea-Allard organized the event and appreciate our amazing volunteers!
Mayor Brian Bigger thanks OLG for their continued support during a cheque presentation at Tom Davies Square on
April 3.
Michelle Ferrigan, Director of Transit spoke with residents about the Transit Action Plan at Laurentian University on April 2.
At the proclamation and flag raising of Dig Safe Month, which aims to raise awareness of safe digging practices in Ontario to improve safety and reduce damage to underground infrastructure.
Geoff McCausland, Ward 4 City Councillor is joined by Marc Serré, MP for Nickel Belt, Paul Lefebvre, MP for Sudbury and local students as the Government of Canada announces a $1-million investment for a Therapeutic Leisure Pool at the Lionel E Lalonde Centre in Azilda.
Project Updates
Here's an overview of some of the current projects we have on the go throughout our community.
Place des Arts 
On March 29, 2019, Place des Arts unveiled the stunning exterior design of its future multidisciplinary arts and culture centre. Located at the corner of Elgin/Larch Streets and Medina Lane in downtown Sudbury, the centre will be open to the entire community. Phase 2 of the construction work will begin in late spring, with the official opening expected in 2020. Léo Therrien has been appointed founding Executive Director, effective May 15. 
Tom Davies Square Elevator Update
If you’ve been to City Hall recently you may have noticed the work taking place on our elevators. One elevator car has been replaced and the other is awaiting inspection. Tile work around the elevators and in the basement corridor is done and a new security desk is nearing completion.
By-law of the Month
Business Licensing ( 2004-350 ): From plumbing contractors to hairstylists, if you plan on operating a business in Greater Sudbury, you must have a business licence or registration.
There are a few reasons businesses require a licence or registration in order to operate in Greater Sudbury.

In addition to supporting the interests of business owners by ensuring they are in compliance with regulations for zoning, business licensing supports consumer protection by ensuring health and safety rules such as fire and building code are met.

Also, if a business isn't operating under the terms of the licensing agreement, the City has the right to refuse, revoke and/or suspend a licence.

The first step in getting a business licence is making sure you actually need one. There are many types of businesses but only some require licensing at the municipal level. Other areas need another level of government's stamp of approval. There's a list of the types of businesses that require licensing on our website. Once you have that information, our helpful licensing staff can help you get an application, share the appropriate fees with you and share with you any other regulations you need to know about.
So far in 2019, we've issued more than 1,550 business licences in our community. The most common types of businesses are for home businesses, building renovators/contractors and events such as craft and trade shows.
Anyone going door-to-door soliciting business requires a licence. It's your right to ask them for identification. If they can't produce it and you're concerned, call By-law at 311. If you come across an aggressive door-to-door sales person, please call Greater Sudbury Police.
311: You Asked, We Answered
Each day, we receive more than 800 calls to 311 about a variety of topics. These are the most common questions asked by you in the last month, and the answers.
The lines on the roads are faded. When will you be painting lines?
Line painting can begin once the sand on the road has been swept. We have to do this first, otherwise the sand would end up rubbing all the paint off. Think about how sand paper works. It’s similar to that. Once street sweeping is done, we start painting the main roads and work our way around from there. 
The City removed some trees from my yard after that storm in July of last year and now I’m left with this stump. When will it be removed?
The process for removing and replanting new trees may take up to three years. If we have already removed the trees and debris from your yard, you are likely already on the list to have the stump removed. We appreciate your patience as the process from start to finish can be lengthy.
I have more than two bags of garbage this week, what do I do?
We understand there will be times when you need a bit more room by the curb. If you have to put out more than two bags of household garbage, you can buy garbage bag tags. There is no limit to how many extra bags you place at the curb as long as they are all properly tagged. Bag tags are available at Citizen Service Centres, the Coniston and Copper Cliff Libraries and a number of retail stores throughout the community. The cost is $10 for five tags.

Need a bluebox? Call 311 or go online  to have one delivered right to your door at no cost.
Community Action Networks (CAN)
Community Action Networks, CANs for short, work to bring people together to build a strong and vibrant community. 
In April, CAN members took part in workshops delivered by City staff on Social Media and How to Create Interesting and Relevant Web Content. 
Do you have a vision for your community?
Coming Up!
Affordable family fun for everyone!
Performance Dashboard: Working for You
Each month, we offer a collection of statistics to help assess and measure performance over time and across service areas.
This month:
Building Economic Capacity
This month we feature the film industry and learn how many productions were filmed locally, how many days of filming took place and how much was spent by production crews. We also look at how many businesses were helped by our Regional Business Centre including how many jobs were created, workshops delivered and we review the Summer Company. Lastly, we get an overview of export services through the Northern Ontario Export Program that supports northern Ontario businesses as they expand outside of Canada.
Over To You Greater Sudbury
We want to connect you with information about your city and engagement opportunities on the things that matter most to you! Share your ideas for making Greater Sudbury a better place to live, work and play.
MR 35 Road Widening and Infrastructure Improvements
Open now

Open now to May 15

10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan Review
Open now to May 22

Strategic Plan 2019-2022
Open now to May 28

Development Charges Background Study
Open now to May 28

Paris Notre Dame Bikeway
Open now to May 30

Take A First Look at New Routes and Schedules for Greater Sudbury Transit
Open now to August 26
Calendar of Events
May 17
Snoop Dogg and Friends at the Sudbury Community Arena
May 20
May 26 to June 1
National Paramedic Week
National AccessAbility Week
June 1
Lawn and garden watering restrictions are in effect June 1 until the end of September
Please note: all City Council and Committee meetings take place at Tom Davies Square, 200 Brady St., Sudbury

Until next time, stay connected Greater Sudbury!