Volume 1 Issue 7
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A Message from the Mayor
With summer now officially over, we’re all getting back to our regular schedules, and for those of us at the City, we’re heading into some busy times with budget deliberations and planning for 2020 on the way. 

There’s a lot in store this fall and as mayor, I’m truly excited to see these ideas finally become reality. Our long-awaited digital parking is online and up and running. The simplicity, efficiency and convenience of this app-based feature has been very positive and I’m glad we finally were able to see this in place.

We’re also following through on our commitment to the environment with reducing garbage pick up to one bag per household. I’m asking everyone to do their part to reduce waste, compost what they can and recycle when possible.

A quick trip around you’ll see shovels are in the ground at Place Des Arts, our pedestrian crossovers are in place and we’ve got crews out across the City working on our roads. With that, kids are also back in school, so let’s keep an eye out for buses and at crosswalks.

Lastly, with the autumn comes colour. I’m looking forward to the chance to get out along one of our many trails along Rainbow Routes to take in the beauty of nature and simply enjoy the great outdoors all around Greater Sudbury. I urge you all to explore our City, be active and experience everything it offers season to season.


Mayor Brian Bigger
GOVA One Month Update:
Better Routes, Better Schedules, Better Service
Now past its first full month of operation, the City’s new GOVA transit system is delivering on what was promised: better routes, better schedules and better service. In the first three weeks, ridership increased by 4% and Sunday ridership by 39%, with a 93% on-time performance (up from 74% in 2018).

We’ve received positive feedback from riders and many suggestions on how to further improve the new routes. Some schedules have changed in response to this feedback so make sure to check GOVAtransit.ca for updated schedules or get an updated route map from the Downtown Hub. Some of these changes include Route 3 to the main entrance of the Sudbury Outpatient Centre, Route 101 Lively, Route 102 Garson GOVA Zone schedules, Route 20 Greywood-Madison Local and Route 28 South End Local.

We want to thank our staff, especially our GOVA drivers, for all their help in transitioning to the new system. GOVA Transit ambassadors spent the first week and a half out in the community, stationed at GOVA hubs, helping riders navigate the new routes. 
Pedestrian Crossovers
By now you've probably driven through and walked across a pedestrian crossover. They come in different varieties: some with flashing lights and audio cues, and some with lines on the road and directional signs.
Crossovers give pedestrians the right of way, even when there aren’t any lights flashing.

Drivers and cyclists must stop and yield to pedestrians intending to cross the road, and wait for them to completely reach the other side before driving.

Pedestrians should make sure drivers and cyclists have enough time to stop and ensure that all traffic has come to a complete stop before they begin to cross.

Not following the rules of the crossovers can result in several fines:

Cyclists can be fined $85 for failing to dismount and walk their bicycle at a pedestrian crossover.

Pedestrians can be fined $35 for moving into the path of a vehicle that is so close that it is impossible for the motorist to stop safely.

Drivers and cyclists can be fined from $150 to $500 and three demerit points for failing to yield to pedestrians at pedestrian crossovers.

Thank you for following the rules, and making all of our days a safe one.
Place des Arts:
A Home for Modern Art and Culture
You may have noticed construction at the corner of Elgin and Larch streets, north of Medina Lane in downtown Sudbury. This is going to be northern Ontario’s first multidisciplinary arts and culture centre, Place des Arts.

The four-storey, 40,000 square foot building will include a 300-seat performance hall, a multipurpose studio, a contemporary art gallery, a bistro with a seasonal sidewalk terrace, a gift shop, an early childhood artistic centre with playground, and office space. Public spaces and services will be provided in both English and French. Place des Arts is expected to host 850 events and generate 50,000 admissions in its first year.
Place des Arts status check:

  • The schematic design has been completed and approved.
  • Site preparation is complete.
  • The dynamic design has been unveiled.
  • An Executive Director has been recruited.
  • 98% of the $30 million fundraising goal has been secured.
  • 420 donors have pledged donations to date.
  • Construction has begun and will continue into 2020.
One-Bag Garbage Limit Change
As of October 1, 2019, the City will pick up one bag of garbage at the curb instead of two – in addition to unlimited Blue Box recycling, Green Bin organics, and unlimited leaf and yard trimmings. Watch the video to find out more.
What's Going on in Your Community
Franco-Ontarian Day
September 25 was Franco-Ontarian Day, a time for us to celebrate our community and its history. To honour the day, buildings across the community were lit up in green, including the staging area of the Courtyard of Tom Davies Square. How did you mark the day?
Trick or Swim
During the month of October, the City of Greater Sudbury is offering Trick-or-Swim tickets as an alternative to traditional candy handouts. These tickets provide a fun and healthy activity for families to take part in together. Tickets are $10 for 10. Kids 15 and under can redeem their ticket from November 1, 2019, to January 31, 2020, during regularly scheduled public and family swims at City pools. Trick-or-Swim tickets will be sold at Citizen Services Centres and City pools during the month of October.
I am not a cat person. However, earlier this summer, I fell in love with someone else’s cat.
Part of my summer employment with Communications and Community Engagement involved learning about the different departments within the City, and the services they offer.
On this particular day, I had the opportunity to shadow By-law Officers, Jerome and Patrick. We received a call to pick up a cat. When we arrived, the cat had already been placed in a carrier. On the way back to the shelter, I was cautioned the cat might not be friendly, but the minute we locked eyes I just had to reach out. It was love at first sight.
The cat pressed its little paw against the door and gave me the sweetest look in the world. I reached out to touch the paw and the cat held my finger. The little paw was so soft and sweaty. I could tell the cat loved me, and I loved her too.
I couldn’t take that cat home, but if you’re looking for a new furry pal, the Greater Sudbury Animal Shelter is a great place to look. So far this year, close to 300 cats have been adopted through the Shelter. That number also includes adoption through some of our wonderful community adoption partners which are too numerous to name!
The adoption fee for cats is $210 and includes the cost of spaying/neutering, basic vaccinations, a one year cat or dog licence, and microchipping. Just so you know, senior animals may be adopted for a lower fee than a kitten or puppy.
~ Faith, Summer Student with Communications and Community Engagement 
Greater Sudbury Animal Shelter 
705-694-PETS (7387)

Hours of operation: 
Monday to Friday
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
CGS in the Community
On September 4, Miranda Virtanen Executive Director of the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee joined Mayor Brian Bigger and Ward 9 Councillor McIntosh as they planted a tree in the new Tom Davies Square courtyard.
The tree was gifted to the City of Greater Sudbury by the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee for the City's many years of program support. The Committee also presented the City with a recognition plaque. The committee celebrated its 20th anniversary in June of this year.
Each year, as part of the City’s EarthCare Sudbury Program, Grade three students have the opportunity to take part in the Greater Sudbury Children’s Water Festival at the Anderson Farm Museum. This year’s festival took place on September 18 and 19 and saw more than 800 students take part.
Participating students, along with a teacher or supervisor, visit a number of water-related activity stations to learn about conservation, protection, science, technology and more. This year, 25 booths were set up thanks to volunteers and community groups.
Mayor Brian Bigger presented lifeguards John Bronicheski and Amy Leger with a WISE Award of Excellence for the role they played in resuscitating an unconscious elderly man at Bell Park on July 31, 2019.
They City of Greater Sudbury welcomed a delegation of 24 mining executives from Russia on September 11 and 12, 2019. On the delegations final evening, Mayor Brian Bigger joined Economic Development staff and business leaders for a networking cruise on the William Ramsey.
The annual Sirens for Life campaign wrapped up in September with Greater Sudbury Police taking home top donor prize! Together, Greater Sudbury Fire and Paramedic Services, Greater Sudbury Police and OPP helped bring in 2,530 units of blood this past summer.
Each year the Paramedic Ride supports and raises funds for the Paramedic Memorial Foundation. This year, Greater Sudbury Paramedics honoured Greater Sudbury soldier and paramedic Private Andrew Miller who died in Afghanistan on June 26, 2010 at the age of 21.
Animal Shelter staff joined animal lovers at Woof Fest on Saturday, September 21 at the Grace Hartman Amphitheatre. Staff were available to answer any shelter and pet adoption related questions and had pet tags for sale. The annual event includes dog-related vendors, exhibitors, games, contests and more. It is put on by Magical Paws, a local non-profit organization for pet owners and their furry friends.
Public Safety Officer Jimmy chats with residents at Valley East Days, spreading the word about fire safety and the importance of having a home escape plan.
Project Updates
Here's an overview of some of the current projects we have on the go throughout our community.
The Tom Davies Square Courtyard project is now complete and ready for use. Over the coming months, we will continue replacing plants and paver stones. The vegetation planted among the stone mounds has been carefully chosen because it is native to the area. It will provide a natural look, while requiring minimum maintenance and coexisting with other native plants and critters. As an addition to the project, a handrail is going to be installed on the boardwalk by the Bell building.
Place des Arts
Beginning August 26 and ongoing until December 31, 2020, Hein Construction has closed Medina Lane and the northbound curb lane and sidewalk on Elgin Street to accommodate the construction of Place des Arts. Residents will be notified of future traffic and parking changes as construction continues. The Place des Arts project team has worked closely with Greater Sudbury Transit and Independent Living to make changes to their GOVA Plus stop to accommodate the closure of Medina Lane.
By-law of the Month
The Sewer Use By-law deals with how to protect the municipal wastewater treatment system and the environment by regulating substances entering the storm sewer system.
Water entering the storm sewer system is not treated prior to discharge into the environment. Please keep this mind when draining your swimming pool this year. The best way to drain your pool is to release the water at a slow trickle, onto your own property so the wastewater can evaporate or soak into the ground.

Do not discharge wastewater:

  • directly or indirectly into a storm sewer (ie. catch basins and ditches),

  • onto a neighbour's property or,

  • over a valley or ravine slope, as pool water may cause erosion and damage to vegetation.
311: You Asked, We Answered
Each day, we receive more than 800 calls to 311 about a variety of topics. These are the most common questions asked by you in the last month, and the answers.
We heard there are special programs to help with the garbage bag limit change. What are they?
We understand that some families have special circumstances that may make diverting garbage difficult.  To help families with special circumstances we offer several programs to assist with pet, diaper and medical waste.
What is a GOVA zone?
Before we had GOVA Zone, there was transcab service. We renamed the service and made some adjustments to times and locations to help make GOVA Zone more convenient. Partner taxi companies connect residents with GOVA Transit buses.
City Works
Welcome to CGS Steve Jacques!

We are pleased to welcome Steve Jacques, the new General Manager of Community Development, to the City of Greater Sudbury.

Steve will oversee important community health-related services including Long-Term Care, Housing, Transit, Social and Leisure Services.

Originally from Sudbury and a graduate of Laurentian University, the former Director of Regional Planning and Growth Manager at the Region of Peel and Chief Planner, brings a wealth of public sector knowledge and experience in a variety of areas related to his new post with the City of Greater Sudbury. Most recently Steve was recognized by the Glasgow Caledonian University in Glasgow, Scotland, for his work with their real estate and housing program.

"I am very excited to return to my hometown to continue my career in public service as a leader of this very important service area. City Council has identified the health and well-being of the community and individuals as a top priority. I look forward to working with Council, staff, stakeholders and residents to continue to shape a healthy, active future for our city."

~ Steve Jacques, General Manager of Community Development
Community Action Networks (CANs)
Community Action Networks (CANs for short) aim to bring people together to build a strong and vibrant community. 
The Ward 1 CAN remained active during the summer months putting finishing touches on the Marcel Tot Lot Revitalization. The playground improvements are now complete, along with two new benches that were donated by local businesses. The CAN hosted a grand opening for the playground in September.

With October here, many CANs are gearing back up for the season and starting to meet again. For a schedule of meetings hosting by your nearest CAN, click the Get involved button below.
Do you have a vision for your community?
Parks Services and Leisure Programs
Affordable family fun for everyone!
Swim! Skate! Ski! Dance! From Aerobics to Yoga and everything in between, we have activities for everyone in your family! Fall and Winter Leisure programs are now open for registration. 
Enjoy unlimited fun on the slopes for one reduced price! We offer a variety of season pass options to suit your activity level and budget. Early bird prices available until December 18, 2019.
Did you know the City offers swim classes in French? A pilot program to provide group swimming lessons in French at Nickel District Pool has been extended to a fourth session. French speaking instructors will lead lessons for tots and children between October 28 and December 22, 2019 at Nickel District Pool. Cost is $92 for eight lessons. Classes will be offered on both Fridays and Saturdays for Preschool and Swimmer Programs.
Update! Parks, Open Space & Leisure Master Plan
Thank you to everyone who participated in a community consultation this September to determine whether the City of Greater Sudbury's Parks, Open Space & Leisure Master Plan is meeting changes in demands and trends for leisure services and facilities.

Results of the consultation will be brought to the Community Services Committee on October 21, 2019. The citizen feedback that was collected will be used as a starting point for a major review of the Parks, Open Space & Leisure Master Plan scheduled for 2024.
Work at the Ski Hill
Performance Dashboard: Working for You
Each month, we offer a collection of statistics to help assess and measure performance over time and across service areas.
This month:
Recreation Services
This month we feature our Recreation Services 2018-2019 winter programming numbers. This is the first comparison of Recreation Service programs we’ve put together since we started the monthly dashboards. Most of the numbers in this month’s dashboard are a direct comparison to the numbers we collected last year and give us a snapshot of information.

The Sudbury Arena has enjoyed higher ticket sales driven by a larger number of events at the facility. And while some of our outdoor activity numbers have fallen (possibly due to last winter's harsh weather) we see a rise in arena bookings for sporting activities. 
Over To You Greater Sudbury
We want to connect you with information about your city and engagement opportunities on the things that matter most to you! Share your ideas for making Greater Sudbury a better place to live, work and play.
Phase 2 Official Plan Review
The Official Plan will guide development in Greater Sudbury over the next two decades. We want your comments and input on the plan! The Phase 2 Official Plan survey is open now.
Calendar of Events
October 17
The Wiggles at the Sudbury Community Arena
October 21
Operations Committee Meeting
2 p.m., Council Chamber
October 22
Finance and Administration Committee Meeting
6 p.m., Council Chamber
October 23
Emergency Services Committee Meeting
4 p.m., Council Chamber

Hearing Committee Meeting
6 p.m., Council Chamber
October 28
Planning Committee Meeting
1 p.m., Council Chamber
October 29
City Council Meeting
6 p.m., Council Chamber
Please note: all City Council and Committee meetings take place at Tom Davies Square, 200 Brady St., Sudbury.

Until next time, stay connected Greater Sudbury!