October 2020| Issue 21
Neighborhood Highlight: Fox Point

"I know I'm a bit biased when I say this, but I believe Ward 1 has the best of what the City of Providence has to offer. Whether it's the historic vibrancy of Fox Point or College Hill or the green space of India Point Park or The Mile of History on Benefit Street, Waterfire, the Pedestrian Bridge, the Universities including Brown and RISD, the restaurants and businesses in Wayland Square, Wickenden Street, and on South Main Street, including the new Plant City, and of course all of the bustling activity of the Innovation District and Downtown. Ward 1 is the economic engine of Providence and a truly special place that has it all, marked by a diverse constituency of people who ultimately make it one of the most dynamic and vibrant Wards in the city."-Councilman John Goncalves (Ward 1)

A Brief History of Fox Point
Many Irish immigrants made Fox Point their home after leaving Ireland during the Great Potato Famine of 1847. There was a particular section of the Fox Point neighborhood where the Irish lived called Cork Hill, primarily the current Brook Street neighborhood. By the turn of the 19th century, Italian, Portuguese, Eastern Europeans, and Cape Verdeans began to populate Fox Point. Many of them sailed across the Atlantic on the Fabre Line, which docked and unloaded on RI State Pier No.1 on Public Street, which borders Downtown and the Washington Park neighborhood/waterfront. Cape Verdeans were among the largest demographics around South Main Street, Wickenden, and along the waterfront by the 1920s. Most of them were longshoremen. Many Cape Verdeans built Liberty Class cargo ships during World War II at the Walsh-Kaiser Co. shipyard at Fields Point....to read more about the history of the Fox Point neighborhood, click here.
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Watch this video for a look at some of the many beautiful sights around Fox Point:
Seasonal Celebrations
Hispanic Heritage Month
Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated every year between September 15 and October 15. This year, the Providence City Council passed a resolution in recognition of this month and in honor of the hard work, contributions and customs of Hispanic Americans in the City of Providence and throughout the Country.
A Visit from "The People's Doctor" of the Dominican Republic
Dr. Félix Antonio Cruz Jiminián, from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, visited with City Council President Sabina Matos, Councilwoman Carmen Castillo, Councilman Pedro Espinal, and Senator Ana Quezada yesterday in the City Council Chambers.

In the Dominican Republic, he is better known as “The people’s doctor”, because of the philanthropic service he provides to the poor. He has turned his clinic into a hospital for the poor and provides the resources to mitigate the health disparities they face.

It was an honor to host him and his team on October 5 at City Hall. Council President Matos gave Dr. Cruz Jiminián a City Council Pin and a City Council Face Mask as a small token of appreciation for all he continues to do for the residents of the Dominican Republic.

On October 15, Council President Matos celebrated the end of Hispanic Heritage Month through a zoom celebration with Mayor Elorza and members of the Hispanic community!
Autumn Air in the Square
Councilman Goncalves and the Wayland Square Business Association teamed up to host a family event at Patterson Park as part of Autumn Air in the Square. On Saturday, October 10, families came to Patterson Park where they received gift bags filled with arts and crafts! There was also a free fall photo-booth and a visit from the Providence Police Mounted Command!
Council President Matos and Majority Leader Ryan both held drive-in movie nights for their constituents! Families could drive up and enjoy a kid-friendly Halloween movie, complete with popcorn and candy, all from a safe social distance!
Councilman Goncalves braved the snow to hand out Halloween treats to students at Vartan Gregorian Elementary School on October 30!
Council President Pro Tempore Correia hosted a drive-thru Halloween Parade to hand out candy. Councilman Taylor, Representative Raymond Hull and Representative-Elect David-Morales joined in on the fun!
New Beginnings
The George
Council President Matos paid a visit to the newly opened restaurant on Washington St.- “The George”. This restaurant features piano performances and serves classic American food.

Centro de Innovación Mujer Latina
It was an exciting day for Centro de Innovación Mujer Latina, who opened their new building on October 15. Council President Matos, Council President Pro Tempore Correia, Councilwoman Castillo, Mayor Elorza, Lieutenant Governor Dan McKee, Rhode Island Director of Administration Brett Smiley, State Senator Ana Quezada, State Representatives Scott Slater and Grace Diaz and Central Falls Council President Maria Rivera were all on hand to celebrate with this great community organization!

Public Safety
Smith Hill Walk for Peace
In light of the recent violence in our City, Councilwoman Kerwin came together with Council President Matos, President Pro Tempore Correia, Councilor Salvatore, Councilwoman Castillo, State Senator Maryellen Goodwin and many community members on October 4 for a peace walk to express solidarity in the Smith Hill neighborhood and a commitment to making our City safer.
Majority Leader Ryan teamed up with the Providence Police Department for an event to remove illegal and confiscated ATV’s from our City streets on October 9.
Gun Buy-Back
Council Senior Deputy Majority Leader Narducci, Mayor Elorza and the Providence Police Department worked together to hold a gun buy-back program on October 17 at the DaVinci Center.
Public Safety Community Discussions
Councilor David Salvatore co-hosted a community meeting on public safety with the Elmhurst Neighborhood Crime Watch. Council President Pro Tempore Correia, Majority Leader Ryan, members of the Providence Police Department and many more concerned community members and leaders.
Council President Matos held another community discussion on public safety in her neighborhood at the Webster Avenue School on October 26. Rhode Island State Senator Sam Bell and members of the Providence Police Department were on hand to discuss safety in Olneyville.
Community Updates
The turf renovation at Hopkins Field included thatching, aerating, slice seeding, top dressing, and over-seeding the entire area.
Hopkins Field Turf Restoration
Senior Deputy Majority Leader Narducci was on hand for the completion of the Hawkins Field Restoration project this month.
Fargnoli Park
Councilor Salvatore shared the exciting news that the renovations at Fargnoli Park have been completed. Thanks to the hard work of the Parks Department, this neighborhood landmark is more colorful and kid-friendly than ever!
Memorial to Councilman Philip A. "Sharkey" Alamagno
Council Finance Chairman Igliozzi hosted the unveiling of a new memorial for former Councilman Philip A. “Sharkey” Alamagno. Councilman Alamagno was a long time representative of Ward 7 and the former Ward Committee President. His family was there to celebrate his legacy and contributions to the City!
Hawkins Street Bridge
Senior Deputy Majority Leader Narducci celebrated the re-opening of the Hawkins Street Bridge on Saturday, October 17. This project was years in the making and thanks to the tireless advocacy of Councilman Narducci and his colleagues in City and State government, the project finished two years ahead of schedule! A host of elected officials were on hand to celebrate the opening of this bridge, which will reconnect two sides of Ward 4 and make commuting safer, faster and easier for Providence residents.
Out in the Community
Food Drives
Throughout the month of October, Councilors held many food drives and Census events throughout the City. Along with community partners like The Elisha Project and the Rhode Island Census, the Council has been able to bring resources to parts of the community that need it most.
Community Meetings
Councilor David Salvatore held a community meeting on Sherwood and Bradley St. on October 6.
Council President Pro Tempore Correia at the Mt. Pleasant Fire Station for a community meeting on October 6.
Councilor Salvatore was joined by State Senator Maryellen Goodwin, Rhode Island Director of Administration Brett Smiley, State Representative-Elect Nathan Biah and Providence Police Lieutenant Allen for a community meeting on October 23.
Mattress Drive
Councilwoman Castillo teamed up with State Representative Grace Diaz and the Department of Public Works for a mattress drive at Sackett St. School on October 24.
Council News
Providence City Council Approves a $20-Million Investment in Affordable Housing...October 1,2020
The City Council voted to pass a change to the Code of Ordinances, giving authority to the Providence Redevelopment Agency (PRA) to borrow up to $20-Millon to capitalize the Providence Affordable Housing Trust Fund (Fund). The Council’s Committee on Ordinances, chaired by Majority Leader Ryan, moved for full council approval of the amendment to the Code of Ordinances at their meeting on Tuesday, September 22, 2020.
City Council’s Committee on Finance Adopts a New Compensation and Classification Ordinance to Protect the City’s Financial Health and Current Workforce...October 13, 2020
The City Council’s Committee on Finance adopted a new Compensation and Classification (Comp & Class) portion of the Fiscal Year (FY) ’21 Budget. The Council previously passed the tax levy keeping property taxes level and ensured no tax increase for residents. The Mayor’s Comp & Class budget, as submitted, called for the filling of vacant positions at a cost to the City’s taxpayers of just over $4 Million, and with revenues from speed cameras, school speed cameras, parking meters, hotel occupancy taxes, and food and beverage taxes all at record lows and have not yet received the City’s full Thirty-Two Million dollar pilot payment from the State (a payment from the State the City in lieu of taxes for state-owned properties), the Committee felt compelled to ensure the safety of the current workforce by removing these budgeted positions. The third and final portion of the FY ’21 budget, the appropriations portion, will not be taken up until the State passes its Budget.
Majority Leader Jo-Ann Ryan and Council Colleagues Say “Yes to the Comeback”...October 15, 2020
City Council Majority Leader Ryan introduced an Ordinance, which was passed by the Council for the first time, at tonight’s City Council Meeting ensuring that any hotel worker who was laid off or furloughed due to the COVID-19 pandemic would be rehired before other candidates, as City hotels come back online. The Ordinance is being co-sponsored by Council President Matos, Council President Pro Tempore Correia, Majority Whip Igliozzi, Esq., Senior Deputy Majority Leader Narducci, Deputy Majority Leader Harris, and Councilors Salvatore, LaFortune, Kerwin, Miller, Taylor, Espinal, and Goncalves.
City Council Approves Extended Contract with Waste Management of Rhode Island...October 20, 2020
At last week’s City Council meeting, the Council approved a resolution proposed by the Committee on Finance to extend the City’s contract with Waste Management of Rhode Island by three years. Led by Chairman John J. Igliozzi, Esq. (Ward 7), the Finance Committee has deliberated over necessary improvements in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and environmental concerns. This contract includes a commitment to embracing green initiatives, such as better access to recycling for residents and the use of waste collection vehicles powered by natural gas. Additionally, the contract has been amended to eliminate fees for mattress and box spring collection to residents beginning in January of 2022. Currently, the cost for mattress collection is $26, which has proven to be too expensive for many residents.
Upcoming Council Events
Upcoming City Meetings

City Council Meeting
Thursday, November 19
5:30-6:30 PM

Ward 1 Virtual Community Meeting
Monday, November 30
6:00-7:00 PM

Upcoming Council Events

Councilman Narducci's Annual Ward 4 Food Drive
Thursday, November 12
6:00-8:00 PM
20 Dorothy Ave, Providence RI

Smith Hill Turkey Giveaway with Councilwoman Kerwin
Saturday, November 21
10:00 AM-2:00 PM
St. Patrick's Church (244 Smith Street), Providence RI

Elisha Project Market Share with Council President Pro Tempore Correia
Saturday, November 21
1:00-3:00 PM
136 Mt. Pleasant Ave

Olneyville Square Tree Lighting with Council President Matos
Saturday, November 28
4:00-5:00 PM
Olneyville Square, Providence RI

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