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Providence City Council Newsletter, April 2023

Breaking Down the Budget

On Tuesday, April 25 the City Council welcomed Mayor Brett Smiley into the Council Chambers for the administration's first-ever budget address.

Mayor Smiley's $585 million budget plan now heads to the Finance Committee for review.

Click here, for the full proposed budget.

This year, for the first time ever, the public will have two opportunities to weigh in on the proposed budget and any revisions made by the Council.

First, on Tuesday, May 16 at 5:00 pm, the public will have the opportunity to provide testimony in person or in writing.

Once the Finance Committee has produced a revised version of the budget, the public will have a second opportunity to provide testimony on Monday, June 5 at 5:30 pm.

Click here for the full schedule of Finance Committee meetings.

"Housing People Instead of Things"

As the Council continues to address the city's housing crisis, new legislation is looking to encourage land development through zoning changes.

At the April 20 Council meeting, Councilors introduced a zoning ordinance amendment that would prohibit the future development of self-storage facilities in the city.

“Self-storage businesses do not provide any significant jobs to our city. Instead, they occupy valuable land that could be far better utilized for commercial or residential opportunities, such as building affordable housing. The industry also preys on folks who are desperate and often facing eviction,” said Councilor Justin Roias a co-sponsor of the amendment.

The ordinance was referred to the Committee on Ordinances.

On April 21, Councilor Justin Roias, Majority Whip Miguel Sanchez, and Councilor Sue AnderBois published an Op-Ed in the Boston Globe further expounding on the reasoning behind the legislation and how they believe it could develop more housing.

Click here to read the full article.

Honoring Veterans

In April, President Pro Tempore Juan M. Pichardo (Ward 9), a veteran of the RI Air National Guard, officially established the Special Commission on Veteran's Affairs, with the mission to coordinate and manage the needs of the military community in Providence.

On April 20, the Council approved the appointment of President Pro Tempore Pichardo and Majority Leader James Taylor (Ward 8) to the Commission.

In total, the Commission will be made up of nine members representing a diverse and varied group of local community leaders.

April Events

Cesar Chavez Memorial Way

Earth Day Clean Ups

Easter Egg Hunts

In the News

Looking Ahead

In Memoriam

On April 15, after a courageous battle with cancer, Senator Maryellen Goodwin passed away at the age of 58. Senator Goodwin had represented District 1 in the RI State Senate since 1987 and served as Senate Majority Whip. She worked in the City of Providence Planning & Development Department for the past 16 years. Senator Goodwin was a true trailblazer and will be missed dearly. Rest in Peace.

The Providence City Council is the legislative body that serves the many diverse communities of the City of Providence. Each council member serves as an advocate for their neighborhood and as a liaison between residents and the various departments and services our city has to offer.

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