Recommendation L6

Policy: Ensure East Area neighborhoods are inclusive places by thoughtfully integrating compatibly-designed missing middle housing and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in appropriate locations.

Background: The character of many of East’s neighborhoods is defined by the older houses, which tend to be smaller than what would be built today. Smaller houses tend to be a more attainable choice and provide more naturally affordable options. In East Colfax and the eastern portion of South Park Hill, smaller houses on larger lots make those houses particularly at risk of being demolished and replaced with a larger, more expensive homes. Residents are concerned about the trend of less affordable housing options and losing the historic neighborhood character that could change due to the intensity of new construction. Many existing homes are large enough to accommodate multiple units or contain elements that facilitate multiple units. With affordability and neighborhood preservation concerns, thoughtfully allowing additional units can help preserve neighborhood character while expanding housing options. 

A. Consistent with adopted citywide policies in Blueprint Denver, integrate missing middle housing with rules to preserve valued neighborhood characteristics and address unique issues in the East Area as follows:

  1. Single unit areas should remain primarily single unit. [This line was removed.]
  2. Design requirements to ensure that new construction is compatible with unique setback, height and massing characteristics of East Area neighborhoods (see Policy L5). 
  3. Regulations that discourage replacement of smaller homes with larger homes that may be less affordable. 
  4. Stormwater management, particularly in flood prone areas.