March 2017

comi ng NLC&M Meetings & Events 2018
Large City Caucus Teleconference
March 20, 2018 - 1:00-2:00 p.m.

Small City Caucus Teleconference
March 27, 2018 - 8:30-9:30 a.m.

National League of Cities
March 11-14, 201
Congressional City Conference
Washington, D.C. 

Board of Directors Meeting
April 16, 2018
Time and Location TBD

NLC&M Annual Conference
September 13-15, 2018 
Hosted by:  City of Winnemucca

Special Events in Nevada's Municipalities   
March 12, 2018 - 8:00 - 5:00 p.m.
City of Reno Celebrates 150 years!
May 9, 2018
City of Reno
Job Opportunities
Reno, NV - Job Opportunities
"Friends of the League"


Willis Pooling
Wells Fargo
Nevada Rural Housing Authority
Republic Services

A and H Insurance
Charles Abbott & Associates
NV Energy
Voya Financial

L/P Insurance Services
Las Vegas Metro Chamber of          Commerce
Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth
Western Insurance Specialties

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Sarah Lindsay 
Phone: 202-942-4290
U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance |

  • Nearly 12,000 households in Nevada enjoy sewer, water and/or in-home plumbing line coverage
  • Over $315,000 paid in repair costs
  • Over 99% of Nevada claims approved
  • Endorsed by the NLC&M
  • Homeowners are educated about their service line responsibilities 

What Nevada Customers are saying...

"I already told a neighbor how easy and wonderful your service is and he signed up.  North Las Vegas did an outstanding job partnering with you. You did an outstanding job fixing our leak. 
- Nancy S., North Las Vegas

To learn more about this unique program and how it can bring revenue and peace of mind to your community, please contact:  

Call 407-616-2239 for more information.

Nevada League of Cities & Municipalities are pleased to announce our new partnership with BoardDocs®, a cloud-based board management solution. As you know, the NLC&M works to improve governance throughout Nevada. With NLC&M BoardDocs, our goal is to help leaders with board management processes so they can further enhance opportunities for all constituents and the community. We see this partnership as another important way to serve our membership.

BoardDocs' powerful and easy-to-use services have helped well over 2,000 organizations dramatically lower costs, increase transparency and reduce board-related staff time by up to 75 percent from day one.

If you would like more information about NLC&M BoardDocs or have questions about the partnership, please contact the League office.

National League of Cities Congressional City Conference
The 2018 Congressional City Conference will take place in Washington, D.C. March 11-14, with pre-conference NLC University Seminars taking place March 10-11. More than 2,000 city leaders will gather to represent and advocate for the interests of cities in the Nation's Capital.

Keynote Speakers include Political Journalist Bob Schieffer, Former Moderator of Face the Nation,  Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, Federal Communications Commission and Cabinet Secretary R. Alexander Acosta, US Department of Labor among others will address the delegation.  
 "Friends of the League" has a new "Friend"!  Welcome A and H Insurance!
A and H Insurance is client-focused and will meet the needs of our  clients with integrity, efficiency,  respect, and professionalism. 
Our  sales and advisory team will work  with you on all ends of your  insurance needs.   Whether it's for your business, your  home, auto, or benefits, we offer a  full range of insurance products from  the top carriers in the industry. Our  staff is poised and ready to provide  professional, efficient service today  and every day.
So when you're looking for  insurance, what do you consider?
Price? Protection? How about  service? It's one thing to pay a
premium, it's another to invest in a  relationship.
At A and H Insurance we don't  focus on the price, we focus on the  people. There's a reason we've been  one of the largest brokers in Nevada  for over 60 years.
NDOT Interstate 11
The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) welcomes your input on the corridor alternatives developed as part of the Alternatives Analysis Study and Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) effort for the proposed Interstate 11 (I-11) between Las Vegas and I-80.

Please review and comment on the corridor alternatives, and provide feedback on any known issues or opportunities. These corridor alternatives were developed based on input from prior studies, prior stakeholder coordination, and technical analysis conducted to date.

Comments are due Friday, April 13th, additional information can be found here.


A joint study by NDOT and the Arizona Department of Transportation, the I-11 and Intermountain West Corridor Study (IWCS) was completed in 2014. In Northern Nevada, a high level of analysis was completed to recommend that I-11 make a connection from Las Vegas to points north along the western side of the state.

The purpose of this study is to build on the recommendations of the I-11 and IWCS by developing and evaluating specific corridor alternatives linking Las Vegas with I-80, and documenting issues, constraints, and opportunities in a PEL document, to lay the groundwork for future NEPA studies

Rebuild With US.
Rebuild and Reimagine America's Infrastructure
Guiding Principles
Sustainable Investment

Together, cities and our federal partners must address the existing core infrastructure backlog, reestablish long-term funding and use new technologies that will serve America's cities for the next 100 years.

Locally-Driven Projects

Local leaders, from cities large and small, are best positioned to identify where infrastructure needs are greatest and should be given a stronger voice in how limited federal dollars are invested.

Federal-Local Partnership

Cities are already paying their fair share and need a steady federal partner to fund existing national programs and make significant capital investments for the long-term benefit of the economy.

Expand Revenue Tools

Cities should be given more flexibility to raise revenues and use innovative financing techniques while protecting existing tools, such as tax-exempt bonds, to drive regional investments that tie into the national network.

Rebuild and Reimagine

Cities are leading the way in building intermodal, sustainable and interconnected infrastructure networks that support a modern economy.  Congress must invest in cities'vision to rebuild and reimagine America's infrastructure.

6 Finalist Named in City Cultural Diversity Awards
NLC Press Release, March 6, 2018

Washington, D.C. -
The National League of Cities (NLC) today announced six cities as a finalist in the City Cultural Diversity Awards. Designed to promote and reward inclusive policies in the nation's cities, towns and villages, the awards program recognizes communities that have developed innovative ways of supporting diversity.

"Cities across America are celebrating and supporting diversity and inclusion in innovative ways," said National League of Cities (NLC) President Mark Stodola, mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas. "NLC is proud to honor six communities as pioneers that have demonstrated initiative, resourcefulness and inclusive values in their approach to governing."

Submissions for the awards program were grouped by size and evaluated on how the program increased citizen participation in government and community activities, as well as the overall scope and impact of the program.

The other five communities selected include: 

50,000 and Under:
  • Huntington, W. Va.
  • Norristown, P.A.
50,001 - 200,000
  • Jacksonville, N.C.
  • Tallahassee, Fla.
200,000 and Over
  • Charlotte, N.C.
  • Las Vegas, Nev.
One winner from each category will be chosen in March at NLC's Congressional City Conference . NLC will host a Diversity Awards Breakfast on Monday, March 12, where finalists will celebrate their multicultural initiatives.

The awards program is co-sponsored by NLC's constituency groups, which are five member caucuses within NLC that promote inclusive policies both nationally at the local level