Now is a great time to complete the Census - from the comfort of home. Responding to the Census takes just a few minutes of your time. Those few minutes can help direct millions of federal dollars to needs in our community. You can respond online, by phone, or by mail. Be sure you're counted! Please note that Census workers will not be visiting residences until at least April 1. Check out this Census 101 Fact Sheet (PDF) .

Your Census responses are completely private, no matter how you choose to respond. Federal law ensures that your response can only be used to produce statistics. By law, your information cannot be shared with immigration enforcement agencies, law enforcement agencies, or allow it to be used to determine your eligibility for government benefits.

Completing the Census matters to all of us, as the results have a big impact in our community. Census data directs federal money to projects big and small, including highway repairs, local health care, school lunch programs, senior assistance programs, emergency preparedness and more. The more people who respond, the more resources that are allocated towards our community. Visit to learn more.