City Finalizes Agreement with MDOT for Maple Road Reconstruction
On Monday, the City Commission approved the agreement between the City and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) for the Maple Road Reconstruction project. That information is with MDOT for final award of the contract to Angelo Iafrate Construction Company. As you may know, MDOT is a partner in this project and has contributed $700,000 to the total costs. At this point, we hope to begin construction early next month with a completion in early fall. Angelo Iafrate is the same firm that oversaw the construction of Old Woodward. Having a partner that knows our City and how we work should help the project run smoothly – although we all know that every construction project will have some hiccups.
As with Old Woodward, the project will incorporate new underground infrastructure and improve walkability. Other features include improved landscaping and on-street parking, new streetlights and electrical systems, granite bench seating, cell phone charging stations and updated traffic signals along the corridor. During construction, City businesses will remain front-door accessible with the Birmingham Shopping District (BSD) providing free two-hour valet parking service at three locations: in front of Greek Islands Coney on the north side of Hamilton Row; on the south side of Martin Street, east of Henrietta Street; and on the east side of Old Woodward Avenue, south of Brown Street.
We know that construction is disruptive, but we promise to do our best to minimize the inconvenience for businesses, customers, employees and residents. We will keep you updated weekly, and please don’t hesitate to communicate with us. Working together will help to minimize issues and frustration.
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