City Guidelines for Managing Your Outdoor Dining Waste
As of July 1, the city of Santa Barbara Public Works Department has hired three different contractors to; wash the sidewalks, provide general cleaning services and to perform landscape maintenance. DSB will now focus on marketing, promoting, and activating the downtown district.
DSB is excited to be initiating a number of programs to support downtown businesses. Some highlights include “Experience Downtown” video tours, pop-up street and lighting activations, marketing itineraries and so much more as conditions for gatherings become more favorable.
Your restaurant, bar, parklet and outdoor seating areas are looking great! In this transition the city has advised us to remind you that you are responsible for the disposal of the waste that is generated within your outdoor dining areas. That waste must be disposed of as is the rest of the waste generated inside by your business into containers and enclosures designated for your business trash, recycling and food wastes, and the sanitary sewer. Do not use State Street trash and recycling containers for your business waste. Do not sweep or wash trash, or any other waste, out to the street, leaving it for others to clean up. Doing so is a violation of the City’s Municipal Code. All streets flow to the storm drain and then the ocean. It is your responsibility to properly dispose of your waste, or risk being fined by the City’s Code Enforcement staff. We, like you, love our oceans and beaches and want to keep them safe for locals and visitors alike and you sure don’t need any tickets.
If you have any questions about the proper disposal of your business wastes, please email Lorraine Cruz Carpenter at:
If you have questions about cleaning schedules, or want to report a problem, please email Victor Garza at: , or call (805) 564-5656 .