City Hall - Landmark
The Alexandria District is widely known for large and dramatic buildings, and none stand out more proudly than City Hall. Second only to the Phoenix Statue, City Hall stands out as a symbol for Titan City and the game itself.
City Hall is the buzzing center of the Titan City government and related functions. City agency activities and hearings occur here. Many high-level story arcs either begin or conclude here. Rousing speeches giving public accolades for heroic deeds can often be heard ringing across the promenade.
There is a flag on top of City Hall flying proudly for exploring heroes who venture to the top. It is worth the climb to see one of Titan City's most spectacular views!
City Hall will be an inspiring place to meet up for battles and missions to save the City!
City Hall Evolution

City Hall was one of the first concept buildings in Titan City, and it was developed in several iterations before it was decided it had the right look. Below are some of the early renditions of City Hall:

The completed version of City Hall you see above has fountains at its entrance that you can see in video here: Link