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City Joins Efforts to Protect Upper and Lower Colorado River Basin

Water Conservation Actions Aligned with Other Municipalities

SANTA FE, January 5 – The City of Santa Fe Water Conservation Office has committed to taking additional actions to help protect the Colorado River system through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with more than 30 municipal and public water providers in the Upper and Lower Colorado River Basin.

The MOU, delivered to the Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Camille Touton, describes how each participating water provider will implement conservation actions, programs, and policies most appropriate for its individual communities and water efficiency goals. The conservation strategies outlined will help reduce demands and protect water levels in Lake Powell and Lake Mead.

"Climate change is real and it’s up to us to take responsible and urgent steps to address it. We’re stepping up on water policy, in general, and water conservation, in particular," said Mayor Alan Webber. "Long a hallmark of Santa Fe’s sustainability agenda, water conservation is the smartest and fastest way we can make a difference in dealing with the dangerous impacts of the drought. Santa Feans can be proud of their city government’s commitment to save water and combat climate change."

Having reduced per capita average water use by nearly 50% since 1995, the City of Santa Fe is considered a leader in water conservation and is already implementing the conservation practices outlined in the MOU. The City will continue to refine and enhance programs to meet the goals and objectives of its 2020 Water Conservation Plan.

Interventions and actions from the city’s 5-year plan include developing programs to replace non-functional or passive turf grass with drought-resistant and climate-resistant landscaping, while maintaining vital urban landscapes and tree canopies where appropriate, increasing water reuse and recycling programs where feasible, and continuing and expanding conservation and efficiency programs to accelerate water savings.

Recent Water Plan actions and activities:

  • Over 400 acres in the city are currently being irrigated with non-potable water.

  • The City has a water conservation-oriented rate structure, and the current rebate program incentivizes indoor water use efficiency.

  • The Santa Fe Water 2100 long-term water plan attempts to coordinate land use and water planning through the City’s current planning processes.

Visit the City's Sustainability Dashboard to learn more about progress on water conservation, climate action, and more.


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