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Improving Traffic Congestion a Major Focus for City
Traffic congestion has been a major issue for metro Atlanta for decades, and the City of Peachtree Corners certainly has its share of congestion problems. Our geographic location is prime for a variety of reasons, and the ease of getting to and from here is one of the best things about living and working in our city.  

City Launches GIS Mapping Service
After months of designing, inputting data and testing, the city's new Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping Service has now officially launched. 

The interactive GIS Mapping Service is available on a link at the top of the city's website labeled " Maps." The interactive maps may be used in a variety of ways:
  • Confirm an address is located in city limits
  • Locate your voting district
  • Find out if property is located in river corridor
  • Locate your school district
  • Property information, e.g. zoning, voting districts, etc. 
"The interactive mapping system is an incredibly useful tool and educational resource for those seeking information about property in Peachtree Corners," said Brian Johnson, City Manager.

The purpose of the interactive mapping system is to make information on the city easily accessible and usable for citizens and business owners and operators.
The city encourages the public and business community to provide feedback about the new mapping system.
For questions or to provide feedback about the city's new GIS Mapping Service, c ontact:
James Nguyen via email or call 678-691-1200 .
Nearly 70 residents attended the meeting hosted by Post 1 Councilmember Phil Sadd.

Councilmember Sadd Holds Town Hall Meeting 

On Tuesday, May 23, Post 1 Councilmember Phil Sadd hosted a town Hall meeting to update residents on several items including, improvement plans for Winters Chapel and Holcomb Bridge roads, traffic, multi-use trails and other key projects.

The meeting which included a Q&A session, was open to all residents.

Nearly 30 residents participated in the study.
Residents Attend S.R. 141 Corridor Study

The city held an Open House on May 23, 2017 for residents to offer their opinions on the key transportation issues and challenges facing S.R. 141, a state controlled road.

The information collected at the meeting will help focus traffic analyses on high priority areas and develop effective transportation solutions for the corridor.

If you were unable to attend the Open House, please complete the online form to submit your comments. The deadline for submission is  4 p.m. Friday, June 16, 2017.
Locate Construction Projects Using Interactive Maps
interactive map
Have you ever passed a construction site and wondered what is going to be there or what the city is doing in terms of transportation and public works projects? With the addition of the new City interactive maps, the public works team has included two additional maps that are designed to answer these questions.
  • Roadway and Sidewalk Projects: Map provides information on projects that have been completed as well as projects that are currently underway.
  • Active Construction Sites: This map shows construction location as well as what the construction site is actually for.
Because the maps are interactive, you are able to click items to receive additional details, search specific addresses, zoom in and out, and turn on and off layers. For questions, contact James Nguyen via email or by phone:470-395-7029.

Eric Christ, Councilmember, Post 2.
Councilmember Eric Christ Selected for Leadership Atlanta Class

Eric Christ (Councilmember for Post 2) is one of 86 community leaders recently selected for the prestigious nine-month Leadership Atlanta Class of 2018. 

The newest class, which begins in June, represents diverse industries including education, law, corporate, nonprofit, technology, health care and politics. 

The program, formed in the early 1970s, is designed to train leaders to move metro Atlanta towards unity and shared prosperity.

Pond Tony Parker, Mayor Mason
Mayor Mike Mason (right) congratulates Pond's CEO Tony Parker for the company's accomplishment
Peachtree Corners Business Named Employer of the Year

Headquartered in Peachtree Corners, Pond, an architecture, engineering, planning and construction firm, recently received the Employer of the Year award at the American Council of Engineering Companies of Georgia's (ACEC Georgia) Georgia Engineering Awards.

 Pond earned this top employer status by working 
to cultivate talented professionals and advance the engineering profession through education and community involvement for many years. "We are very proud to have Pond in the community and commend the company for its accomplishments," said Mayor Mike Mason.

Find dates for upcoming city meetings and 
community events around town.

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Vehicles may not be parked on grass or dirt.
From the Code Enforcement Department

Vehicle and Parking Requirements

Did you know it is prohibited per city ordinance for the owner or resident of any property in the city limits to have an inoperative or unlicensed motor vehicle parked, kept or stored on any premises, and no vehicles shall at any time be in a state of major disassembly, disrepair, or in the process ob being stripped or dismantled. Painting of vehicles is prohibited unless conducted inside an approved spray booth.
All vehicles  MUST have a current and valid license plate and tag decal, property attached to the vehicle.  Vehicles cannot be parked on grass or dirt - they must be parked on a paved surface.
The above is not the ordinance(s) in its entirety. For more details, consult the city's municipal codes or call the Code Enforcement Department at 678-691-1200.
From the Building Department
Residential Roofing: FAQs

Q: Why do I need a permit to re-roof my house?
A: Your permit allows the building department to inspect for potential hazards and unsafe construction. By ensuring your project meets the minimum building code standards of safety, the building department can reduce the risk of fire, structural collapse and other issues that might result in costly repairs, injuries and even death. 

Inspections complement the contractor's experience and act as a system of checks and balances that can result in a safer project. Besides it's the law. 
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Did you know that the average dog produces 3/4 lb. of waste per day.
Here's the Scoop ...

Every time it rains, water runs off the land as stormwater picking up pollutants and debris - including pet waste which all flows untreated into our rivers, lakes and streams.

Stormwater pollution is the biggest threat to our waterways. When you fail to clean up after your pet, it can create a health hazard and damage the environment.

Be the solution to stormwater pollution. Please pick up after your pets every time you take them out. Simply scoop the poop with a plastic bag and toss it in the garbage.
It's Not Just a Monument ... 
It's an educational opportunity

The plans for the Peachtree Corners Veterans Monument are well underway. You may view the plans by visiting the monument website.

Among the features will be a smartphone app that will contain details about the monument's various components and may be used for self-guided tours of the monument. What a great educational tool for teachers and parents to use while visiting the monument.

The PCVMA is seeking volunteers for a fall fund-raising effort. If you are interested with the effort, please contact the PCVMA by email or call Bob Ballagh at 678-618-1722.
City Adds 31 New Businesses in May

Peachtree Corners City Hall processed new business tax certificates for a variety of businesses last month including a fitness center, tile contractor and a television broadcasting company. 

See the  complete list of 31 businesses  along with contact information.
Mark Your Calendar for June Prototype Prime Events

There is always lots going on at Prototype Prime, the new startup incubator located in Peachtree Corners. The June lineup includes:

June 14 - Refresh South: A fireside chat with's Allan Grant. was founded to change the way people find jobs and get hired. Come and hear Grant's experiences in starting the company and raising $113 million in funding.

June 21, Office Hours with Aprio: Meet with experts Charles Webb and Jagruti Solanski for tax and accounting/audit questions.

View the complete June lineup. Check out Prototype Prime's website,  and keep up with events by signing up for the e-newsletters.
Outdoor Water-Use Restrictions Remain in Place

Despite the recent rainfall in our area, outdoor water restrictions are still in place.
The restrictions include limits on lawn-watering and a ban on a number of other outdoor water uses.
No Voting at City Hall on June 20

Please note there will be no votes cast at Peachtree Corners City Hall for the June 20 run-off elections.

Voting for Georgia's 6th Congressional District includes residents in east Cobb County, northern portions of Fulton County and the Dunwoody area of northern DeKalb County.

It does not include citizens of Gwinnett County.
Residents in the City of Peachtree Corners are in the 7th Congressional District and are represented by U.S. Representative Rob Woodall.

Residents Urged to Avoid Animals Displaying Unusual Behavior

The Gwinnett County Animal Welfare and Enforcement Division and the Gwinnett County Health Department are advising residents to use caution and avoid animals behaving in unusual ways after three people in Norcross were attacked by a rabid cat recently.

In May, several adults and pets were attacked by the cat on the 500 block of Sunset Drive in Norcross. The cat was quickly caught and subsequently tested positive for rabies. In March, a rabid raccoon was caught near Lawrenceville.
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