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Thursday, April 1, 2021
Sound of Speed Airshow

Mark your calendars for the 2021 Sound of Speed Airshow at Rosecrans Memorial Airport May 1-2, featuring the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. In order to limit the number of people at the event, a limited number of general admission tickets are available each day. Everyone, regardless of age, will be required to have a ticket scanned at the gate for entry. For more information and to get tickets, visit www.stjairshow.com.
Eastowne Business Park

The Eastowne Business Park is the result of an economic development partnering effort between the city of St. Joseph and the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce. The park is located just south of Pickett Road and is bisected by Route AC. 

Planning began back in 2005, with the initial construction beginning in 2008, establishing the necessary infrastructure to serve the area's western half of approximately 140-acres, with enough reserve capacity to eventually service the expansion to the east of Route AC. Service loops for the water, electrical, sanitary mains, natural gas and communications services were placed in the initial phase. In addition, the final grading and the installation of curb, gutter, pavement, sidewalks, lighting and landscape buffer development were installed west of Route AC. In 2014, an intermediate phase added paving connecting Providence Hill Drive and Eastowne Drive, also known as Towne South Court. 

Development of the park to the east of Route AC has now started with a minor development of 19.5 acres for Boehringer Ingelheim Packing and 23 acres for the Evergy substation in place. This leaves approximately 100 acres of the park yet to be graded and developed. The grading of the remaining area is planned to develop a surplus of excavated soil for a cost savings and is expected to be out to bid in late spring or early summer of this year.
Storm Warning Sirens

Spring brings the increased chance for severe weather including the risk of tornadoes. One way the public is notified about these dangerous storms is by the activation of the outdoor warning sirens. These sirens are located throughout the community and are intended to alert anyone who is outdoors.

A common misunderstanding is that storm sirens are intended to also be heard inside houses or businesses. The sirens are designed to warn those working or enjoying outdoor activities as many visitors or residents don’t have normal access to notifications if they are outdoors. For anyone indoors, citizens should rely on media through radio, tv or weather alert monitors. The city offers notifications for emergencies and warning through NIXLE.

There are 24 sirens located throughout the neighborhoods of the city. Weather conditions are monitored by the National Weather Service, the city's emergency manager and by the communications center. Anytime the weather service issues a tornado warning or severe weather is imminent, the sirens can be sounded by the communications center or emergency manager.

Historic Preservation Planner

The Planning and Community Development Department would like to introduce the newest staff member, historic preservation planner Dr. Kim Schutte. Prior to accepting this position, she served as a consultant for historic preservation with the city since March 2020. In her role as consultant, she assisted with the submittal requirements to the State Historic Preservation Office, Programmatic Agreements, fulfilling the city’s obligations under previously executed Memoranda of Agreements, worked with Landmark Commission, Land Bank Advisory Committee, and assisted the city requirements for use of federal funds.

Prior to her role with the city, Schutte’s experience had an emphasis in history and preservation while working as the executive director for the Historic St. Joseph Foundation, CEO Friends of St. Joseph, LLC., co-editor of Sixty-Four Campuses – One University: The Story of SUNY, a Visiting Assistant Professor for the Department of History at SUNY at the College at Brockport, an Associate Instructor for the Departments of History and Humanities at University of Kansas and Adjunct Instructor with the Department of History at Missouri Western State College (University). Schutte has a PhD in History from the University of Kansas, a MA in History from the University of Missouri and a BS History and Psychology from Missouri Western State College. She has also worked on several publications during her extensive work career.

As historic preservation planner, Schutte will continue to work closely with various committees as it relates to preservation interests with the city. As Schutte’s role has transitioned with the city, she will work closely with the community to promote preservation efforts. This will involve speaking to local service organizations, attending the meetings of local preservation/neighborhood groups and helping people research the history of their houses. 

The historic preservation planner position has an important role protecting the future and past of St. Joseph. Although the abundance and wealth of historic structures in St. Joseph is a city asset, it also is an overwhelming task to work toward protecting these resources. Schutte’s professional experience as an historian will help to bring an experience to the position for the city.

“While there is a great deal of technical knowledge necessary to perform the duties of the historic preservation planner, what is truly required to succeed is an enthusiasm for St. Joseph, a passion to preserve its historic architectural inventory and a desire to work to make the future of the city brighter," Schutte said. "I firmly believe that historic preservation has a significant role to play in crafting that bright future that St. Joseph so richly deserves.”

If you see Kim out in your neighborhood performing research or in her role of speaking at an event, don't hesitate to stop and say hello. To contact the historic preservation office, residents can email or call 271-5349.
Be a Lifeguard This Summer

Do you or someone you know need a summer job? Become a lifeguard with the city of St. Joseph. Training will be provided for free to all candidates who join the team. Apply online or call 271-5500 for more information.
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