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Thursday, April 18, 2019
Rosecrans Memorial Airport Passes Inspection

Every spring, Rosecrans Memorial Airport receives a visit from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ensure the facility complies with all FAA Part 139 standards. A Part 139 commercially certified airport must have an FAA-approved Airport Certification Manual (ACM). The ACM includes specific procedures for airfield self-inspections, safety during construction and for controlling pedestrians and vehicles moving about the airfield. Also, the FAA Part 139 outlines requirements for the airport emergency plans, a snow/ice control plan, a wildlife hazard management plan and all other aspects associated with safety of the airport users. In addition to these plans, the Part 139 certification process ensures the airport has standardized runway safety areas, that it conforms to stringent airfield lighting and marking standards and that airport personnel receive proper training in the inspection and maintenance of these systems. This alone is a very large task when considering the diversity of the airport’s uses as one must also keep in mind the airport only has six full time employees, all of whom must be trained to operate this unique work environment.

During the second week of April, the airport underwent the annual FAA Part 139 inspection and for the sixth consecutive year, the airport received a zero-discrepancy inspection. This fall, airport staff will receive a safety enhancement award at the FAA’s Four States Conference, which is awarded when an airport receives three consecutive zero discrepancy inspections. Congratulations to the staff at Rosecrans Memorial Airport for another job well done as these awards are difficult to achieve and they have done a great job over the past years nailing these inspections. 
Mowing Season

Whether you’ve been mowing for a couple weeks already or are just getting started for the season, please be mindful of the city codes related to mowing and practice safe mowing etiquette.

Chapter 15 of the Code of Ordinances of the city of St. Joseph, Missouri states that it shall be the duty of each owner, occupant or person in possession, charge or control of real property, to prevent rank growth of vegetation on such property and on the abutting one-half of the right-of-way or other streets, alleys, sidewalks and other public property.

When mowing near streets and sidewalks, it’s important to remember that city code prohibits the deposit or throwing of earth or rubbish upon any street, alley, parkway, boulevard, sidewalk or public place. In other words, it is a violation of city code for cut grass and weeds to be discharged onto the streets or sidewalks when using mowers, weedeaters or blowers to maintain property.

Help keep everyone safe and avoid aiming discharge chutes toward pedestrians and traffic. Be sure to pick up any rocks, sticks or debris that could become a dangerous projectile when hit by mower blades. Always wear appropriate eye protection and maintain equipment in safe working condition.
Cornhole Continues to Gain Popularity

While most visitors to Fairview Golf Course come to get in a round of golf, when the weather is not so favorable, staff works to find other ways to promote a moving lifestyle while having a good time with friends. After co-hosting the winter cornhole league at the facility through the parks department, many customers of the golf course suggested Fairview staff should host their own tournament. Golf numbers were down this winter season due to the never-ending winter precipitation, so staff decided to try the tournament.

Promoting the event, which was held in the banquet room, as a 16 two-person team bracket proved successful as there was no trouble filling the bracket. Cornhole has become a popular entertainment and low impact physical activity gaining attention in many communities. During the tournament, staff saw some new faces as well as weekly regulars from the league. While the games were going on, league goers also enjoyed various door prizes, food and drinks along with Golden Tee offering a golf video game to help pass the time while waiting on their next match.

Fairview intends to keep the cornhole games alive and well during the season. The facility also plans to offer rentals of the boards and bags during banquet room events, after golf entertainment on the patios and the possibility of another tournament. 
Plan in Place for Confined Spaces

The city of St. Joseph, as an employer, is required to provide for confined space rescue for its employees. This technical rescue program has been charged to the St. Joseph Fire Department and has been designed to provide service for city employees in city owned confined spaces. Training requirements to meet safety standards specify... read more
Apple Blossom BBQ

Make sure to mark your calendars for the annual Apple Blossom BBQ Competition at Civic Center Park presented by Uncommon Character and Triumph Foods. The event will kick off Friday, May 3, with the People's Choice Tasting and live music by Blue Oyster Culture Club. The party continues at the park on Saturday, May 4, after the Apple Blossom Parade with vendors, activities and the announcement of the competition awards. For more information, click  here.
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