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Thursday, April 22, 2021
Household Hazardous Waste & Electronics Collection Event

Don't forget, this Saturday, April 24, is the Household Hazardous Waste & Electronics collection event from 9am-3pm, at the MacArthur Drive parking lot (Remington Nature Center). During this event, there is a requirement for residents to remain in their vehicles. Staff will unload all materials. If you have any questions, please contact the landfill at 253-1120.

Bridge Progress Continues

Last summer, St. Joseph voters approved a $20 million dollar bond package for the repair and replacement of 13 bridges and a number of box culverts. Preparations for moving the project forward began immediately by the engineering division by selecting four different bridge engineering firms to prepare the plans and bid specifications for the slate of bridges. The design work has been ongoing since last December.

Due to the proximity of some bridges to others, it is not possible to advertise all of the structures at the same time as this would result in large sections of the community being inaccessible for an extended period of time. Instead, the major bridges will be put out for bid in two packages, the first in May/June and the second package in October. Smaller projects, like box culvert replacements, will go out for bid the following year to stretch the funding as far as it will go.

This project packaging will allow for reasonable access throughout the community during construction. This will result in detours this summer and fall as the more direct routes drivers are used to taking will be closed. During the next several months, once contractors are selected and construction schedules are solidified, information will be shared with the public outlining detour routes around construction locations along with the closure schedules. Bridge repairs, such as MacArthur Drive and the 6th Street viaduct will involve lane reductions and minor delays.

Many of the bridges being removed or replaced have been in service for 60-100 years so residents have been long accustomed to the convenience of using them. While inconvenience is never ideal, the Public Works department is striving to very quickly deliver on the projects approved by the voters to condense the period of time involved.

Summer into fall 2021 is going to be an exciting time to see the reinvesting of the bridge infrastructure throughout the city. Those orange cones and detour signs will be common in the latter half of 2021 as marks of progress.
Shrek in the Frozen Swamp

Take a trip to a land of fairy tale characters, an evil villain and one giant green ogre as the St. Joseph Figure Skating Club presents “Shrek in the Frozen Swamp.” The annual spring show will take the ice at 6:30pm on Friday, April 30, 1pm on Saturday, May 1, and 3pm on Sunday, May 2, at Bode Ice Arena. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door for those 13 and older. Children 12 and under can attend for free with an adult. 

The St. Joseph Figure Skating Club's four graduating seniors, Gracie Feuerbacher, Victoria Gustafson, Patricia Plum and Brooke Winder, will take on the lead roles as they are joined by 35 other club members. Additional cast members will include those from Bode’s Learn to Skate program and the St. Joseph Hockey Association. Bode’s two synchronized skating teams, the Griffon Gliders Gold and the Griffon Gliders Silver, will perform their competition programs during the show. 

The show will feature all the well-known characters including Shrek, Lord Farquaad and Princess Fiona. It will also feature music from the Broadway version of the movie including “Big, Bright, Beautiful World,” “Donkey Pot Pie” and “Freak Flag.”

“Shrek in the Frozen Swamp” is directed by Debbie Cole and assistant director Klaranda Behrens. Both are longtime skaters and coaches with the St. Joseph Figure Skating Club.
Preventing Falls

Mature Americans represent the fastest growing segment of our county. The population of those 65 and older has increased tenfold in the past 20 years. In the near future, almost half of our population will be over 50 years old. 

As we age, there is a gradual diminishing of the senses which can put older adults at risk for unintentional injuries such as falls. Each year, almost two million senior citizens are taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries sustained from a fall. Over 7,000 of these patients will die as a result of their injuries. The important thing to remember is that almost half of all falls could have been prevented.

Balance and gait, sensory changes, and changes in reflexes can contribute to fall risk, especially in seniors who already have a fear of falling. Medical conditions and medications can increase the possibility of a fall injury. Here are some things seniors can do to decrease their chance of falling:
  • Follow the directions on all medications, both prescription and over the counter.
  • Schedule regular eye exams. 
  • Monitor blood pressure as it can cause dizziness.
  • Get up slowly after eating, resting or lying down. 
  • Exercise to build strength and muscle tone as well to keep joints, tendons and ligaments more flexible.
  • Install long handrails on staircases and grab bars by tubs, toilets and showers. 
  • Secure carpet, rugs and stair runners. 
  • Wear well-fitted shoes or slippers with non-slip soles.
  • Take your time when walking.
  • Avoid sharp changes in flooring levels. 
  • Ask for help when climbing for something out of reach. 
  • Use a step stool with a handrail.
Sound of Speed Airshow

Get ready St. Joseph! The 2021 Sound of Speed Airshow will take to the sky May 1-2, at Rosecrans Memorial Airport featuring the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. Attendance is limited so make sure to get your free tickets and reserve your spot today.

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