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Thursday, August 22, 2019
2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

The St. Joseph Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is getting ready to release the draft version of the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). For the last three years, the MPO has worked closely with the consulting company AECOM to develop a look into the future of transportation. Including three different surveys and a multitude of public comments, the draft version will be released in mid-September to the public for comment. The plan is the official document outlining the transportation vision for the St. Joseph MPO planning area. The MTP, among other plans and programs, guides the development of an integrated, multimodal transportation system that facilitates the efficient movement of people and goods via all transportation modes, supports community development, and advances social and environmental goals. This all in the face of the current and future challenges of limited transportation funding, increasing mobility constraints among an aging population, and growing urgency in preserving environmental quality and promoting sustainability, among others.

All modes of transportation are covered and developed in this plan as the document will be used when any type of transportation development is discussed in the metro area. Different goals and objectives were developed after meeting with members of the metro area including residents, businesses and stakeholders. The goals developed for the plan include safety, economic vitality, regionalism, accessibility, funding, transportation/land use, environmental protection, system management and public input. The plan will be taken to committee on September 26, and then will be released online, in the news paper and hard copies will be available for the public to make any changes or provide comments. 
Neighborhood Building Blocks

Strong neighborhoods are essential in building a healthy, safe and vibrant community. Working together with neighbors to address areas of interest specific to your neighborhood and supporting one another are the building blocks of a stronger community. For more information, visit stjoemo.org.
Noyes Tennis Courts Update

The Noyes Tennis Courts project is close to being completed. Contractors began spreading asphalt on the surface of the courts on August 14. The courts will be painted once the asphalt has cured and new fencing will be installed. The parking lot will also be replaced once the tennis court construction phase is completed. The overall project completion is expected by early October. We appreciate the patience of both tennis players and the public during the renovation and improvements to the facility.
A Campaign Approach to Communication

Carrying out the community-minded mission of investing in people, creating a better place and growing prosperity is a task requiring communication strategies geared toward a diverse population with a variety of needs and interests. A campaign approach is often used when a few... read more
Activities at the Senior Center

There is always something fun going on at the Joyce Raye Patterson Senior Center for residents over the age of 50. From weekly dances, catching lunch during the week with friends open to all ages or enjoying a gardening class, the senior center works to provide services for everyone. Stay up-to-date with upcoming events at the center through Facebook or stjoemo.org.
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