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Thursday, August 26, 2021
Corby Pond Project Update

The Corby Pond Restoration Project has been awarded to Scott Gann Construction. Along with building the block wall and new piping, they will also be working to dredge the west side of the pond and relocate the sewer line, which comes from the restrooms and goes under the pond. The blocks for the retaining wall have been ordered and should be done in about six weeks. In the next couple of weeks, work will begin on dredging the pond and should be done by the time the block wall is ready to get started. At that time, the contractor will start on the new piping as the parkway around the pond area will need to be closed to traffic during this portion of the project.

Upon completion of this project, stormwater will be able to be retained and the overall look of the pond will be better. It will also be a better environment for the fish in the pond and the people who visit Corby Pond.

With several weeks of summer remaining and the continued potential for storms, consider these tips to help protect your home:
  • Inspect roofing and repair loose, damaged or worn materials
  • Inspect nearby trees for damage/disease
  • Clear gutters and inspect downspouts
  • Inspect foundations for cracks and make repairs if necessary
  • Ensure proper drainage through maintenance of guttering and downspouts
  • Maintain proper ground slope down and away from house

Equipment Replacements and Purchases

In ongoing efforts to acquire funding for vital equipment to provide fire service, the St. Joseph Fire Department has been fortunate to be approved for two large grants over the past 18 months from the Assistance to Firefighters federal grant. The department was also approved for a grant through the city's emergency management from the State Emergency Management Agency.  

The 2020 grant for self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) has been fulfilled and the equipment is here. Although staff requested more funding, the department was awarded approximately $400,000. Staff will be preparing to place the SCBA into service in the coming weeks. Also, crews will be fit tested for the MSA masks. The masks must be fitted for each firefighter to ensure the mask seal will not allow in any dangerous gasses. Next, each firefighter will be trained in the operation of the MSA air pack and wear it in a scenario to acclimate to the new pack. This new equipment is critical to the department as many of the old packs were at an end of use situation and dependability was in question. 

The 2021 Assistance to Firefighters federal grant was submitted this spring. The department requested funds to replace the handheld and portable two-way radio communications. In the request, the federal government awarded the department approximately $366,000. This is also great for the department as the radios currently in use will not be serviced by the manufacturer and are obsolete. This grant will help get the department closer to replacing this imperative equipment used every day.  

The third recently received grant was a requested by the Emergency Manager from SEMA. This was an opportunity to receive emergency lighting equipment. The Emergency Manager’s request for funds was approved and purchased several battery powered, portable flood lights produced by Stream Light. These will be distributed to our fire department along with several other departments. 
Household Safety

This time of the year brings more family time indoors. Transitioning back to school changes our normal daily activities as those busy and crazy schedules can bring more chances for distractions, which could end in disaster. Here are some tips to keep your family safe at home.

  • It's important to keep things out of reach. Poisonings are a major cause of childhood deaths. Curious kids can be poisoned by household cleaners or medications when left within their reach. 
  • For the littlest ones, protect infants from choking in cribs by removing loose items. Use only approved cribs that prevent strangulation. 
  • Keep big kids safe by placing cords out of reach. Also, don’t forget to secure those tall devices as young children love to climb and can easily tip over TVs, shelves, dressers and even stoves with deadly results. 
  • Make it a habit to check your home before everyone leaves for the day. Your daily reminders should be to turn off the coffee pot, the stove and extinguish candles. 
  • Always secure all doors and windows. 
  • Keep laundry valves closed when not in use to avoid flooding. 
  • Make sure to keep smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors up to date. 
  • If your family has elderly members, help them avoid falls and fractures by removing throw rugs and keeping pathways clear of oxygen tubing or other trip hazards. 
  • Keep pets away from anything that can be tipped over or that can catch on fire. Avoid letting pets sleep on stairways or anywhere near where the family walks. Nobody wants an injured pet or a broken bone. 

Take time to conduct a quick safety tour of your residence so you can enjoy your time at home.
Fall League Registrations

Registration is now underway for the adult cornhole league. This six-week evening league will run from Monday, September 13 through Monday, October 18, at Bill McKinney Softball Complex at Heritage Park. Registration is $30 per team. The deadline to register is Friday, September 3. Registration forms must be submitted in person to the park's administration office, located at 1920 Grand Avenue, between 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday.

Registration is also underway for the adult pickleball league. This four-week evening league will take place on Wednesday nights starting on September 15, at the newly renovated pickleball courts at Bode Sports Complex. Registration is $30 per team. The deadline to register is Wednesday, September 8. Registration forms must be submitted in person to the park's administration office, located at 1920 Grand Avenue, or the REC Center, located at 2701 Southwest Parkway.
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