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Thursday, August 5, 2021
Garage Sale Weekend

City Council approved August 5-8, 2021, as Garage Sale Weekend. This is a weekend where citizens will be able to host garage sales without purchasing a $5 permit. 

Transit Public Meeting

The St. Joseph Area Transportation Study Organization (SJATSO) and The Ride are inviting residents to participate in a public meeting on Thursday, August 12, in the City Hall lobby, located at 1100 Frederick Avenue, from 4:30-6:30pm. The SJATSO and The Ride are conducting a Transit Development Plan Study meant to enhance transit service within the city of St. Joseph over the next five years. The study will provide an assessment of existing conditions, evaluate new service solutions and make recommendations for improving service. 

Members of the public are invited to attend to learn more about the study and to offer input on the recommendations. For more information about the study, contact the Transit Planning Manager at 236-1489 or the Transportation Planner at 236-1471.
Back to School Immunizations

With the start of school right around the corner, this means parents are making sure students have everything checked off their lists including immunizations. The St. Joseph School District, in compliance with the State of Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, requires specific immunizations and immunization boosters for children before they head back to school. Students entering Preschool, Kindergarten, 8th and 12th grades are scheduled for immunizations and boosters according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for immunizations. For more information on which immunizations and immunization boosters your child may need before they head back, contact your pediatrician or the St. Joseph Health Department at 271-4636.
Floods, Pandemic and Material Shortages

Kissick Construction Company Inc., (KCC) was awarded the contract to make repairs to the Blacksnake Creek Outfall structure at the discharge point to the Missouri River at the mouth of the Blacksnake Creek. The original work assigned to KCC was to address the needed repairs and maintenance to the Blacksnake Creek sewer outfall structure by constructing a linear concrete channel structure with energy dissipating features. A Notice to Proceed was issued in mid 2018 and some of the work was completed prior to the flooding in 2019. However, due to the flooding, work was ceased until the waters receded. This became a constructibility issue because several flood peaks changed the topography of the site requiring the engineering of the outfall to be re-examined.

An alternative design was developed by the city and approved by the United States Corp of Engineers (USACE), which will allow the city to easily maintain the area by creating a channel like the Roy’s Branch section constructed in the near surface conveyance phase of the Blacksnake Project. This redesign utilized the initially constructed temporary tieback walls, making them into permanent shotcrete walls. In addition, following all the special conditions set forth by USACE, this redesign created an engineered channel utilizing a series of sheet pile walls located at various locations along the channel’s length. The channel bottom and sides were also reshaped and armored to remain as an intact unit while acting to slow water and dissipate energy through the channel. 

Currently to date, all the above improvements have been installed and completed except for the new flood gate. The old gate, destroyed during the flood conditions, was redesigned and approved for assembly in March 2021. The gate is currently scheduled to be installed later this fall due to material and labor shortages brought on by the ongoing issues connected to the pandemic. The city has been granted a project extension tied to the delivery and installation of the gate until November 2021. 
Job Opportunities

Are you passionate about our community and working towards the betterment of our residents and visitors for our future? Check out the latest job opportunities and apply. Join our team and see how you can impact and better the city.

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