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Wednesday, December 23, 2020
Upcoming Holidays

Happy Holidays from the city of St. Joseph! Certain city facilities will be closed or have shorter hours of operation due to the upcoming holidays.

December 24, 2020
  • City Offices - Closed
  • Remington Nature Center - Closed
  • Landfill - 7am-Noon
  • Recycling Center - Closed
  • REC Center - 6am-Noon
  • City buses not in service

December 25, 2020
  • All facilities closed and city buses not in service

December 31, 2020
  • City Offices - Open
  • Remington Nature Center - Closed
  • Landfill - Open
  • REC Center - Open

January 1, 2021
  • All facilities closed and city buses not in service

This will be the last publication of City Link for 2020, so be on the lookout for your weekly city e-newsletter in the coming year.
Manhole Rehabilitation

Inspecting and maintaining the city’s more than 9,000 manholes can be a daunting task. Constantly changing regulations and requirements pertaining to sewer system maintenance only makes it more of a challenge. Fortunately, in today’s sewer maintenance industry, a few repair/rehab techniques are available which makes completing restoration of a manhole cheaper and easier than it has ever been.

Through the years, manholes have been made of various materials, including brick, native stone, concrete blocks and pre-poured manhole castings to name a few. Each type of manhole has its own set of good and bad points. None of them, however are impervious to hydrogen sulfide gas. This gas is present in different concentrations in almost all sewers, however sanitary-only sewers tend to have more of a problem with this than others. This gas is very destructive and can erode even new concrete sewers in a matter of a few years (to say nothing of the damage done to the cast iron ring and lids of manholes).

In St. Joseph, two new types of rehab techniques designed to counteract the sewer gas have been put in place to see which works better. One type uses a bag sewn to fit each manhole and impregnated with fiberglass, which is impervious to hydrogen sulfide gas. Several manholes in town which were being damaged by the gas have been lined using these bags. The first group was installed two years ago, and so far all are performing beyond expectations.

A type of spray-on epoxy liner has also been tried in the last few months, but it is too early to tell how this method will perform. Both of these methods increase the structural integrity of the manhole itself while providing needed protection from the sewer gas.

Sewer maintenance staff are always on the lookout for new products and methods to maintain the collection system in the most efficient way possible and these are just two examples of those efforts.
Ways to Avoid the Winter Blues

The holiday season is upon us and as a result of the changing norms this year, isolation, anxiety, exhaustion, and reduced interactions can cause many to struggle with their mental and emotional well-being. The Trauma Stewardship Institute has created their Tiny Survival Guide for any individual experiencing hardships, crisis, or trauma as it can be a useful tool during the winter months. 

One of the points on the guide is to go outside. The park system within St. Joseph is expansive and ever-changing. Try bundling up and walking the trails closest to your home. You can also try visiting a park you have never been to. 

Another point is to be active. The REC Center offers day passes and monthly or yearly memberships while Joyce Raye Patterson 50+ Activity Center offers many services for those 50 years and older. You can also keep your mind active at the Remington Nature Center by learning the rich history of our land. 

A third topic on the guide is to admire art. Holiday Park, located at Krug Park, and the South Pole, located at Hyde Park, are open nightly from 6-10pm until January 3. These lights are a great way to feel transported into another world while staying safe and getting out of the house. For more information on recreation and facility services through the parks department, visit stjoemo.org.
Upcoming City Council Meeting Cancelled

As a reminder, the City Council meeting scheduled for Monday, December 28, has been cancelled. The next scheduled council meeting will be January 11, at 5:30pm.
Christmas Tree Disposal

Looking for a place to dispose of your live Christmas tree? As in years past, the city will provide a disposal site at Drake Softball Complex, located at 22nd Street and Southwest Parkway, for residents to drop off live trees. Residents can dispose of their trees now through Monday, January 18. The trees will be removed and taken to be mulched. Be sure that all ornaments, tinsel and tree stands have been removed.
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