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Thursday, July 18, 2019
Garage Sale Weekend

City Council approved August 1-4, as Garage Sale Weekend. Citizens will be able to host garage sales without purchasing a $5 permit. Keep these rules in mind before hosting your garage sale:

  • All garage sales shall be confined to the house, garage or driveway and shall not encroach upon the yard or other area.
  • A garage sale shall not be conducted for more than four consecutive days.
  • Garage sales shall not be conducted more than four times in any 12-month period at the same location.
  • Signs advertising or giving directions to any garage sale shall not be used or allowed, except that one sign shall be allowed at the location of the garage sale.
  • Personal property from a commercial enterprise shall not be sold on a consignment basis at any garage sale.

For more information, visit the  garage sale license  page on stjoemo.org.
REC Center Floor Refinishing

During the first week of July, the REC Center was closed to have the gymnasium wood floors refinished. Over time, all the traffic on the gym floors takes a toll on the finish along with losing the shine and traction. Sports Floor Inc. completed a screen and recoat on the entire surface. They sanded down the top layer of the old finish and applied a new coat of finish on the floor to bring back the shine and traction. The floors look great and are ready for play!
Teen Immunization Clinics

With school starting back up in less than a month, the city of St. Joseph Health Department and area Mosaic Life Care clinics are working together to help get 8th and 12th graders prepared for the first day. On August 9, all clinics are accepting walk-in clients for back-to-school vaccinations for teens. 

8th Grade Vaccinations: 
  • Required: Tdap and Meningococcal ACWY 
  • Recommended: Gardasil 9 

12th Grade Vaccinations: 
  • Required: Meningococcal ACWY 
  • Recommended: Meningococcal B and Gardasil 9 

The health department clinic is open Monday through Friday during the hours of 8-11am and 1-4 pm.  Please bring the following if available: insurance card (there is no charge for immunizations to those without insurance at the city of St. Joseph Health Department), current immunization record(s), child(ren) needing immunizations, and preferably another responsible person to stay in the waiting area with family members other than the patient while immunizations are administered.

Mosaic clinics will accept walk-ins for established patients.   Contact your child's health care provider at the appropriate clinic at Mosaic Life Care to determine hours of operation for immunizations.    

While August 9 will focus on teens, there is no need to wait until that day to get the required immunizations as clinics are currently accepting patients for vaccine administration. Likewise, the clinics will offer vaccines to youth after the teen day. Also remember, kindergarten students need boosters as well and can be seen daily between now and the beginning of school. 
Helping with Progress in the Community

The building development division would like to take this opportunity to introduce Houston Wales, the new commercial development review coordinator for the city of St. Joseph. The commercial development review coordinator coordinates the submissions... read more
Get Ready for Training Camp

Are you ready for some football? Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp is back in St. Joseph this summer with the first practice open to the public next Saturday, July 27, at 3:30pm. View more information or the full training camp schedule through the Missouri Western State University website.
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