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Thursday, June 17, 2021
Youth Tennis Camp

Registration is now open for the 2021 Youth Tennis Camp from July 12-15. This camp, open for those between 5-10 years of age, offers a fun and positive environment to learn the methods, equipment, and skills of tennis. Registration closes on July 2. Those interested must complete the registration form and return it with the $40 registration fee to the parks administration office, 1920 Grand Avenue, during normal business hours.

Volunteers Make a Difference

The Joyce Raye Patterson 50+ Activity Center (JRP) relies on volunteers to help with daily activities, programming, answering phones, assisting with lunch and helping with projects around the center. Before and during the pandemic, the JRP has had volunteers who needed to step away. This proved to JRP staff just how important these volunteers are to the daily operations.

Recently, the facility was offered and accepted a donation of resistance circuit fitness equipment from Meril. With the excitement of being able to provide a circuit training room at the facility, staff began the process of determining which room to dedicate toward this use and how to remodel the room. Parks maintenance staff moved shelves from the newly dedicated space to the computer room, repaired carpet, painted and installed new floorboards. Once these duties were completed, it was time to install trim boards. Some of the JRP staff had a bit of experience doing this, however knew it wouldn’t look as professional as it would if this job was completed by someone with a bit more experience. 

After some searching, former superintendent of the landfill Bill Blacketer offered to install the trim in the room. A job which took him and staff member, Sheldon Pearce, several three- to four-hour sessions would have been a significantly longer project for staff to complete on their own. Bill’s expertise, experience and volunteer spirit was truly appreciated by staff and reminded us once again, how much we value those who take time from their own schedules to help out at the facility.
Hot Weather Safety

With the official first day of summer just a few days away and more people heading outdoors, it's important to be aware of the health-related dangers that come with the change in seasons. Above is a chart of the signs and ways to handle heat-related illnesses from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention to help keep you and your family safe this summer.
Police Recruitment

The mission statement for the St. Joseph Police Department is, “Protection and service through partnership with the community.” The key words in this mission statement are protection, service and partnership. Nationwide, the past year has brought many challenges to policing. Though many citizens go years without any contact with police, their assumptions can frequently be shaped by what is going on culturally around them. Officers recognize most opinions are formed without any contact which in return creates a challenge in providing opportunities to let them see the other side of policing officers do on a daily basis.

These challenges are impacting police departments across the nation as many are experiencing challenges recruiting new officers. The St. Joseph Police Department is dedicated to recruiting the most qualified and talented candidates. As part of the recruiting program, members of the department attend events with specific objectives of recruiting candidates now and for the future. Career fairs and events include Missouri Western State University Law Enforcement Academy, Northwest Missouri State University Career Fair, The University of Central Missouri Alumni Showcase, University of Central Missouri Police Academy Recruiting day, Overland Park Veteran’s Job Fair, and online recruiting with the Veteran’s Transition Forum. Additional efforts have been made to meet with police academy classes in various cities, and to send out a team to conduct interviews at the academy to get personnel committed to employment with the St. Joseph Police Department. 

As recruitment continues, the department asks the community to encourage people they see as good candidates to meet with officers or perhaps do a ride-along to find out more about a career with the St. Joseph Police Department. If you are interested or know someone who has the qualities to become a police officer, contact Sgt. Gary Murphy at 271-4780 or through email.
Make a Difference

Communities are made stronger when dedicated people volunteer and serve in leadership roles. Are you interested in serving? To learn more, visit the boards and commissions page on the city's website.
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