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Thursday, May 9, 2019
Easton Road Box Culvert Project

The Easton Road box culvert is one of twelve bridges and box culverts within the city in need of repair or replacement. This original bridge structure on Easton Road, near Riverside Terrace, follows a tributary to Candy Creek along the eastern city limits. This very narrow bridge was constructed in the 1930s and, due to its age, was failing and weight restricted. However due to the long winter, the project could not begin until April 15, and the replacement is expected to be completed by May 17. This project improves roadway safety by widening the street while eliminating drop-off hazards with the addition of roadway guardrails. Additionally, roadway ditches are being rechanneled for improved drainage while permanent rock ditch lining was added protecting against erosion. This project is vital for the continued roadway connectivity on the eastern edge of St. Joseph.
Mosquito Prevention Tips

The combination of the temperature warming up and multiple days of rain impacting the area can make it easier for mosquitoes to multiply quickly and become a nuisance this spring. Just like any pests, there are preventative measures people can take now to help control the population. Some of these steps include making sure to remove any sources of standing water on your property, maintain treatment of pools and water features and make sure to keep your gutters cleared.

The city's property maintenance division has a larvacide program which has been in effect for several years and focuses on preventing the mosquito larvae from maturing to adults. Mosquito breeding sites are identified throughout the city and treated in early spring and again in mid-summer. The larvacide currently used by staff is Altosid XR briquettes, which has a 150-day residual and meets environmental standards.
Benefits of a Personal Trainer

During a quick online search, you can find multiple variations of High Intensity Interval Training, Crossfit, Tabata, Yoga, and any other form of workout that sparks an interest. While many of these workouts are designed by certified and knowledgeable professionals, there are still opportunities for risk if the exercises are performed improperly. This is where a certified trainer’s guidance can help avoid those risks. 

Depending on your fitness goals, a qualified and certified trainer can help guide you through a personally designed workout, focused on achieving your goals. Before beginning any program, the client should provide the trainer with their basic health information such as current medications, surgeries and physical limitations. In the initial phase of training, it should be required that the client performs a movement and cardio assessment to ensure the safety of the program. Improper positioning or muscular imbalances can lead to increased risk of injury if not addressed upfront. Certified trainers should also know the proper variables to add to the program so the client makes safe and effective progression toward their goals. 

Trainers can help with sport specific training, assisting someone new to the gym with equipment, guidance through a post-injury program and even offer nutritional coaching. For some, just the presence of a professional provides the accountability to keep them on track. The St. Joseph REC Center provides personal training sessions and packages. For more information and pricing, contact the REC Center at 271-5512, or contact the personal trainer on staff, Laurie Shadwick, to set up an appointment at 244-4794 or by email at lar22lynn@gmail.com
Spring Means Wild Baby Animal Season

With the return of spring also comes the return of baby wild animals. It is not uncommon to come across what may appear to be an abandoned rabbit, deer or other animal. Well-meaning humans often become concerned when they encounter baby animals with no visible parents nearby. Wild animal parents... read more
Parties on the Parkway

Take in some music during this year's Parties on the Parkway hosted by the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce and the city of St. Joseph. The concert series takes place the second Thursday each month May through September along different parts of the parkway system. Admission is free and this year's line up includes:

  • Retro@ctive, May 16, 5-8pm, at Southwest Parkway and King Hill Drive
  • Oxymoron, June 13, 5-8pm, at Southwest Parkway and 28th Street
  • Greater Tomorrow, July 11, 5-8pm, at Southwest Noyes and Parkway A
  • Whiskey Bend, August 8, 5-8pm, at Corby Pond
  • Swift Kik, September 12, 5-8pm, at the Remington Nature Center

(816) 271-5300