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Thursday, May 30, 2019
Turn Around, Don't Drown

While the area remains under a flood warning and several roads in Northwest Missouri are closed due to water of the roadways, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Stay clear of areas subject to flooding easily such as underpasses, low spots and valleys.
  • Just six inches of fast flowing water can knock you over and two feet can sweep away a car.
  • Avoid walking, swimming or driving through standing water as it could be electrically charged due to downed power lines.
  • If your car winds up in flood water, abandon it and get to higher ground.
  • After the water recedes, roads could be weakened and could collapse under the weight of a car.

Monitoring Pollutants in the Water

The water protection facility’s laboratory is integral to the operation of the city’s wastewater treatment facility and maintaining compliance with federal regulations. Laboratory staff monitors pollutants in wastewater entering the facility, the efficiency of processes within the facility and the final discharge of treated water to the Missouri River. The city’s sewer system brings in wastewater from residences, businesses and industries. Knowing what pollutants are coming, and at what concentrations, helps operation staff to effectively run the facility. In the primary treatment process, solids settle out of the wastewater in large clarifiers. The laboratory monitors this process with daily solids analyses including Total Suspended Solids, Percent Total Solids and Percent Volatile Solids testing. Biological treatment is another major treatment process that uses bacteria and other micro-organisms to digest the organic pollutants in wastewater. The laboratory monitors the health and density of the micro-organism populations and tests the wastewater’s organic strength at several points through the treatment process. The final step in the treatment process is ultraviolet disinfection to reduce E.coli bacteria concentrations to safe levels during the recreational season from April 1 to October 31 . The laboratory conducts bacterial analyses of the final treated effluent to ensure the disinfection system is meeting expectations. During an average week, the laboratory will receive around 230 samples and run almost 900 tests on those samples. Many of the analyses conducted at the laboratory are required by state and federal law, however, everything that is done above and beyond those requirements is just part of the city’s commitment to “Protect the Mighty Missouri River.”
Local Students Help Map Disc Golf Course

During the development of the new Bartlett Parkway Disc Golf Course, along Southwest Parkway, the need to create documents specific to the creation of course signage arose. With the assistance from the sign company’s templates, the parks department recruited a group of Benton High School Student Council members to assist with the necessary drawings to create the signage. On May 14 and May 16, students Lilah, Angelo, Emma, Cristian, Braysen, Katie, Brody, Kally, Lexie and Denver, along with their sponsor Kerstyn Bolton, spread out along the parkway near Fairview Golf Course. They drew trees, bridges, walkways, water, roads, tee pads and basket locations to provide templates for creation of the final hole signs of the new recreation feature. The students were committed and enthusiastic in completing the project to benefit the community. With their assistance, signage should be completed and installed sometime this summer.
2019 Missouri Legislative Session

The Missouri General Assembly convenes its regular session in January and continues in session until mid-May of each year. Every session brings changes that affect municipal government. The legislative sessions... read more
Make a Splash at Krug Pool

Krug Pool is expected to open for the season this Saturday, June 1, contingent upon weather and water temperatures. While the Aquatic Park is currently closed for repairs, the hours of operation at Krug Pool will be:

  • Monday through Thursday, 11am–7pm,
  • Friday and Saturday, noon–6pm,
  • Sunday, 1–5pm

Krug Pool is smaller than the Aquatic Park so staff will be monitoring occupancy to ensure the pool is a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Once the Aquatic Park opens for the season, Krug Pool will return to normal operating hours which are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from noon–6pm.
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