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Thursday, May 7, 2020
City Hall Opening Plan

City Hall, along with the rest of the community, is undergoing processes and measures to protect both the employees and the public as we work toward reopening the building next week. On Monday, May 11, the first floor of City Hall will be open for public access. The remaining floors will reopen to public access on June 1. Some employees will continue to work remotely for the short-term, however, services will continue as they have since the emergency order was implemented in March. We do encourage customers to continue with conducting business via the telephone and online whenever possible.
As employees enter City Hall each morning, their temperatures are checked. They are also required to wear face coverings when interacting with customers or other employees, when they are in the hallways and common areas, and if social distancing cannot be maintained. Hand sanitizers are located in every bathroom, the employee breakroom and at the entrance doorway. 
Customers are encouraged to wear masks or face coverings when entering the building. Upon entering, they will see instructional and directional markings on doorways and floors to help guide them and ensure required social distancing requirements are being met. Plexiglass barriers are in place at all customer service counters for the safety of everyone. 
If a customer needs assistance from an office on the upper floors, they should call the office and a staff person will meet them in the lobby to provide the necessary service. 
The coronavirus is still in our community. We must all remain vigilant by monitoring ourselves for symptoms, practice social distancing, sanitizing high use surfaces and hand washing. City employees appreciate the cooperation and assistance of the public as we continue our commitment to serving our community.
Business Required Signage

The city of St. Joseph has begun to reopen under the guidelines issued in the city’s Fourth Amended Declaration and Order . As part of the Order, businesses are required to post informational signage at entryways and in areas for both customers and employees to view. The signage is labeled by business category and is available to download and print. We must all work together to protect the health and safety of everyone as we work to rebuild our economy. We are all in this together!

Runway Survey Work

Rosecrans Memorial Airport has two runways and the main runway is beginning to deteriorate quickly. Staff has currently started the long process of diagnosis and repair of this 8,061 x 150-foot runway. Recently, with the help of airport staff, the engineering firm Jviation completed field surveying using advanced mobile LiDAR on this aging runway. The technology scans the runway pavement and surrounding environment to produce a high-resolution point cloud used in making engineering decisions related to the runway design. This data is collected at a rate of 1 point per inch on the surfaces. The scan is tied to a series of highly accurate control points used to provide quality control on the dataset. Utilizing this technology significantly reduces field time required to survey the runway. Traditional technology would have required a surveyor to occupy the active runway for over 40 working man hours, causing potential safety risks with aircraft. After establishing control, Jviation was able to scan the runway pavement and shoulders in approximately 10 working man hours. This reduces impact to the airport’s movement area by 75%, as well as produces a higher-quality surface for use during design. After all of this data is analyzed, MoDOT and the Air National Guard will continue to work together on a reconstruction schedule.
The Mission Continues

Now, more than ever, it is time for the St. Joseph Parks, Recreation & Civic Facilities Department to remain committed to our mission of promoting a healthy community.With the emergence... read more
Playgrounds Remain Closed

As we have been experiencing more nice spring days, it's important to remember that under the Fourth Amended Declaration and Order, all city playgrounds continue to remain closed to the public. Parks and walking trails are still open as a place to get fresh air and exercise all while remembering to incorporate social distancing while walking and exercising.
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