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Thursday, October 1, 2020
Time to Weatherize

The weather may be getting cooler, but there's still time to weatherize your home. Following these simple tips will help save you money and energy in your home.
A New Fleet

In April 2018, the city of St. Joseph was awarded a 5339 (b.) competitive funding grant to replace 15 buses for St. Joseph Transit. After extensive procurement and a second grant to allow the purchase of the buses, they have finally all come in. Due to COVID-19, the buses were delayed a few months with the final bus being delivered at the end of August.

The entire fleet has officially been replaced and all new buses either 2019 or 2020 buses. With the new buses, expect a cleaner bus with fewer breakdowns and newer amenities. This is great for the city as buses that had been used well beyond their useful life are now off the road and customers can have a better ride.

This process has been three years in the making and the buses are finally out for customers to enjoy. Be on the lookout for upgrades to the transit system and bus stop improvements in the future.
Lending a Hand

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Civic Arena has been working in conjunction with the fire department in processing and storing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the emergency workers in Northwest Missouri.

Once the fire department personnel retrieve the equipment provided by the state in Jefferson City, it is brought to the Civic Arena for counting, sorting, bundling and labeling for each individual department within the northwestern portion of Missouri. The state provides the roster and tally for each individual department. This includes 58 law enforcement agencies and 83 fire departments whether a small or large department.

After the sorting and labeling process is completed, the fire department personnel distribute to these departments which may require several trips in and out of the arena based on the individual orders received to distribute. The arena also serves as a storage facility for all unused and/or undistributed equipment.
Why You Need to Balance Your Checking Account

While many have turned to online banking and using smartphone apps, balancing or reconciling checking accounts has become...read more
Fall Clean Sweep

Don't forget, the fall Clean Sweep is currently underway. Clean Sweep is a program to assist St. Joseph residents in maintaining their property, however, it is not a substitute for regular solid waste (trash) collection. All yard waste, trash and appliances will be accepted from St. Joseph residents for two full days a year, free of charge. Some guidelines and restrictions apply.

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