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Thursday, October 3, 2019
Flood Operations at the Airport

The Missouri River in St. Joseph has been at flood stage since March and it doesn’t look like the levels will be going down anytime soon. Although the Missouri River did not breech the levee system at the airport when this disaster first presented itself in March, there have been many other risks associated with this flood with one of those risks being internal flood. Rosecrans Memorial Airport was placed on the river bottom and in 1952 when the river cut a new channel, the airport ended up in the middle of an oxbow. As the river has remained at or above flood level, crews have been unable to open the floodgates to let water back into the Missouri River. The airport is surrounded by an oxbow lake, Browning Lake, and these floodgates let the water from the lake into the river. However with the inability to open these gates, the oxbow began to flood internally. 

At the initial stages, rented pumps were placed on the R-470-461 levee to relieve pressure from Browning Lake by pumping water over the levee into the Missouri River. While these two pumps, one 18-inch pump and one 12-inch pump, can pump a massive amount of water, it is not enough to keep up with Mother Nature when she dumps a large rain into the French Bottoms. These pumps have run for 24 hours a day since March and running them has taken a toll on city staff and on the budget. With help from water protection staff, airport staff has been able to keep these pumps fueled and operating for the last six months. The airport alone has spent approximately $39,000 on diesel fuel to keep these pumps running. 

Airport Road 238 is the only access to Rosecrans Memorial Airport. If these pumps were not in place, Browning Lake would have swallowed the road and cut off access. This unprecedented Missouri River flooding has placed the city and airport in stressful situations with the financial burden and man hours involved.
Household Hazardous Collection Event

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Household Hazardous Waste & Electronics event Saturday, October 12, from 9am-3pm, at the MacArthur Drive parking lot (Remington Nature Center). Before attending this event, be sure to read the list of materials, restrictions and fees. If you have any questions, please contact the landfill at 253-1120.

Senior Games

The St. Joseph Missouri Senior Games are Olympic-style events intended to provide an outlet for positive sports and recreational involvement by athletes 50 years and older. This marks the second year for the senior games which are sponsored by the parks department. The games, held October 2-3, featured free events such as a fun walk/run, fishing, pickleball, cornhole and mini golf.

Every two years, the National Senior Olympics is held in the United States. The first National Senior Olympic Games, held in St. Louis in 1987, attracted 2,500 people from across the country. Recent attendance numbered over 10,000 competitors with as many as 20,000 spectators. The oldest competitor is over 100 years old.

These games, both on the local and national level, offer opportunities for seniors to stay active and enjoy sports and recreational activities suited for their lifestyles.
Cornerstone of Confidence
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Discover Downtown: Dining

From treats and snacks to breakfast, lunch and dinner, your appetite will be satisfied. Whether it's eating on the run or a formal affair, downtown has you covered. So, have you been downtown lately? For more information, visit stjoemo.org .
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