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Thursday, October 8, 2020
Household Hazardous Waste & Electronics

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Household Hazardous Waste & Electronics event Saturday, October 17, from 9am-3pm, at the MacArthur Drive parking lot (Remington Nature Center). Due to the pandemic, there is a requirement for residents to remain in their vehicles and staff will unload all materials. If you have any questions, please contact the landfill at 253-1120.

Free Community Testing

The city of St. Joseph Health Department, in collaboration with Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and in partnership with the Missouri National Guard, will be providing a free community COVID-19 testing event for Missouri residents on Saturday, October 10. This drive-through testing event will be held in Krug Park from 7am-1pm. 

The event is open to Missouri residents aged 18 and older regardless of whether they have symptoms. The test is a PCR test done by a nasal swab to determine if there is an active infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. This is not an antigen or antibody test.

Pre-registration is strongly advised and can be completed online or by calling 877-435-8411. Pre-registration guarantees a test and much faster processing at the testing site.

Community-wide testing allows for collection of a broad sample of results from people with or without symptoms to identify and increase understanding of COVID-19 community spread. During a communicable disease outbreak, testing leads to quick identification of cases, immediate isolation to prevent spread and supportive guidance for best outcomes. Testing also helps identify people who have come into contact with those who are infected, allowing public health staff to notify them, give guidance and initiate self-quarantine. Testing is important to the bigger public health picture regarding mitigation efforts and helping investigators characterize the prevalence, spread and contagiousness of the disease. Results from community-wide testing events help officials create appropriate guidelines for businesses and public events.
River Bluff Hike and Bike Trails

In a few months, the new river bluff hike and bike trails will be open. The project, included in the 2019 Riverfront Master Plan, is a multi-modal trail system along the river bluff north of Highland Avenue and east of Waterworks Road. Presented to the Tourism Commission early this year, the project was well-received and approved by the board, and will be funded by the Transient Guest Tax approved by St. Joseph voters in 2011. 

Staff has been working with local and regional mountain bike enthusiasts to ensure the trails not only provide opportunities for recreational biking and hiking, but also create trails that will offer competitive-level mountain bike opportunities which should draw mountain bikers from other parts of the country. The scope of the project suggests 10,000 lineal feet of recreational hike and bike trail with an additional 20,000 lineal feet of mountain bike specific trail. When complete, nearly six miles of new trails will be built. The anticipated location of the new trail is near where Cook Road would penetrate the bluffs to the new Highland Avenue pedestrian bridge on the south. The recreational hike and bike trail will feature a compacted chat rock material while the mountain bike trails will consist of compacted dirt, berms, jumps, rock and bridges. Even though much of the trail system is being created for mountain biking purposes, all trails will be available for public use. 

This week, City Council officially approved the design/build contract with Ideker, Inc. who will be sub-contracting with Nomad Trails Development. Ideker, Inc. was chosen from four firms that submitted Statement of Qualifications for the project. The $1,550,000 project, upon completion, will ultimately end with the St. Joseph river bluff trail system being a destination for mountain bikers from all over the region. 

A second phase will feature a pedestrian bridge spanning the bluffs north and south of Highland Avenue which will connect Wyeth Hill to the bluff trails. The estimated cost of that element of the project is $2,387,000. 

This project not only delivers an aspect to the city that is part of the 2019 Riverfront Master Plan, but also touches on three of the five goals in the St. Joseph Parks, Recreation, & Civic Facilities Strategic Plan: 1) Maintain and Improve Existing Infrastructure; 2) Increase Recreational Opportunities; and 3) Identify Additional Funding Opportunities and Options. The success in completing this riverfront development project provides new recreational opportunities for citizens and also creates a significant tourism opportunity. The mountain biking community across the country is extremely loyal to the sport and the culture surrounding it. This group of people will travel and when they travel, they will enjoy other aspects of our city. More importantly, they will spend money in St. Joseph which will support the economy and create additional tax revenue which can be used to maintain and enhance. 
When the Cooler Weather Settles In

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Drive-Up Flu Clinic

The city of St. Joseph Health Department will be hosting a drive-up flu clinic on Wednesday, October 14, at Krug Park from 9am-Noon while supplies last. Please bring your photo ID and if you have insurance, please bring your insurance card. Having these items available will make the line move quicker, but you do not have to present them to receive a flu shot at this event. Please wear a mask unless medically excused. For more information, please call 271-4725.
(816) 271-5300