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Thursday, February 7, 2019
Changes Underway

Just like the need to update your cell phone or other electronic devices to keep them operating on the latest versions, it is also necessary to update websites to keep them current. While websites can function, for all intents and purposes, the same regardless of how current or dated they may be, it is important to keep the website form and function as current as possible. The trend is to "freshen" your website every three to four years to keep them relevant and engaging to the user. It has been five years since the city has completed a redesign of our website. More importantly, over half of our users access our website from their mobile device. While they can still navigate the website from their phones, there are many functions that won't work from a cell phone.

Communications staff is in the process of a website redesign. While we wish it was as easy as tapping the update button on your cell phone, the reality is that the process takes anywhere from 6 months to a year, depending on the number of unique pages and content, and how extensive of a redesign planned.

We certainly want to achieve a more current and interactive website, with a visually pleasing format, however, we also want a website that is functional and easy to navigate with fewer clicks to reach the user's destination. The redesign of the city's website will allow full functionality from a desktop, laptop or any other mobile device.

We anticipate a launch of the new website in May.
Cleaning Up the Parks

The parks department is looking for groups interested in making a positive change in the community through beautification. The Adopt-A-Park and Adopt-A-Parkway/Trail programs were initiated to protect and enhance St Joseph’s neighborhood parks and parkways. Groups who adopt a city park or portion along the trail system are asked to regularly pick up trash and report any safety or maintenance issues they find to department staff. To learn more about the Adopt-A-Park program and how to get involved, click here or call 271-5501.
Vehicle Theft Prevention

Although it may seem like an overplayed theme on how to prevent your car from getting stolen, it is still a critical and timely message. With the cold weather comes the nearly irresistible urge to leave our cars running, unattended and frequently unlocked to warm up with the keys inside. Who wants to get into a freezing car when we could get into one that is nice and toasty? However, there is a companion question to this. Who wants their car to be there when they return to get into it? All of us would, of course, as there are few things more inconvenient than being without your car, especially when you didn’t plan on it not being there. 
The police department has put the word out through every outlet possible and have made significant strides in reducing the numbers of stolen cars this past year. For 2018, there was a decrease in stolen cars by 26% when compared to 2017, but the community stills has more they can do to help. In January of this year, 25% of the reported stolen vehicles had keys left in them with many of those vehicles left running.
We can change the public image of being a city where cars are frequently stolen, but the continued solution is still in our hands. Remove your keys, lock your car and don’t leave it running unattended. Remember, “don’t make it easy” and help to reduce the number of vehicle thefts in our community.
Staying Off the Ice

Frozen over lakes or ponds can look like an inviting spot for ice skaters and children to explore during Missouri’s winter months. However, even in bitter cold temperatures, ice conditions on bodies of water can be extremely uncertain. The only guaranteed safe skating ice is at a skating rink... read more
Outlaw Adventure Run

Looking to challenge yourself or want to try something new, then the parks department's twist on a typical 5k will offer you that thrill. Registration is open for the Outlaw Adventure Run on Saturday, March 23, starting at 10am, at Krug Park. The event will take participants through a 5k course maneuvering through, over and under obstacles along the way. Participants must be 10 years old or older to take part.

(816) 271-5300