Volume 21, Issue 1                                                         January 2019
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From Your Education Committee Chair
FSA is committed to training and education! FSA's educational events and Training Center are recognized as best-in-class and provide up-to-date, relevant content for stormwater professionals. As Chair of the FSA Education Committee, I want to make sure you are aware of all of the training and educational opportunities FSA provides.

FSA hosts two free educational webinars for members each year. Webinars focus on current events and topics of interest in Florida's stormwater community. The first webinar is scheduled for February 14th and will delve into the topic of Biosolids and Water Quality Concerns. Register today as the webinar is filling up quickly. The second webinar will be held in May and will summarize the 2019 legislative session and FSA's priority issues.

FSA's Fogarty Training Center provides high quality training for stormwater professionals including Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Stormwater Operator classes and Recertification classes. Over 770 individuals took a class through the Training Center in 2018! I encourage you to implement training as an integral part of your organization. Visit the Training Center website for a schedule of Stormwater Operator classes in your area. If you need to recertify in 2019, sign up for an online Recertification class today.

In an effort to continually better the training we provide, the Education Committee is working to update the Level 1 Stormwater Operator training manual. I would like to personally thank all who have volunteered to participate in this effort.

As you can clearly see, FSA is committed to training and education. I'm pleased to be part of this initiative and hope that you'll take advantage of these great opportunities in 2019.
Melissa Long, City of Jacksonville
Education Committee Chair 
2019 Annual Conference
A Change in Climate
FSA - the Next 25 Years

Join us in Sanibel June 19th-21st at FSA's 2019 Annual Conference as we look ahead to A Change in Climate - FSA: the Next 25 Years.  From political to environmental change, there is no doubt that we all are experiencing change!  As we look ahead, FSA is positioned to be an even more valuable resource to all stormwater professionals by providing much needed resources through communications, research, training, education and advocacy.  This year's event promises to provide sessions from industry-leading experts and thought leaders on regulatory and management topics that matter to you. If you only attend one event in 2019, this is the one you can't miss!  Registration opens in March.
2019 Phase 2 MS4s Renewals
Discussions between FSA and FDEP continue concerning the authority of the Department to add new conditions in Phase 2 permits.  The issue in question is whether Phase 2's that discharge into a TMDL waterbody that is NOT included in a BMAP may be required to identify BMPs that address the pollutant of concern for the waterbody and a schedule for implementation of the BMPs.  FSA's position is that FDEP must go through further rulemaking before such requests may be required, although the Department plans on initiating such rulemaking this year. In the meantime, if your jurisdiction's Phase 2 permit is up for renewal in 2019 and you have received a request from FDEP to include such language for waterbodies that are not covered by a BMAP, please contact FSA.
2019 Legislative Session
The Legislature has been holding Interim Committee meetings leading up to the start of this year's Session on March 5, 2019.  FSA's 2019 Legislative Page is a great resource for members to track legislation of interest to stormwater programs and managers.  Members will find a list of Priority Issus, Bill Tracking Reports, current news articles and information on individual bills on the site.  The Legislative Page is a resource available for FSA members only; you will need your username and password to login.
Biosolids TAC
FDEP's Biosolids Technical Advisory Committee held its last scheduled meeting on January 23, 2019.  Information on biosolids and the recommendations of the Committee may be found on the Biosolids TAC webpage or by contacting Stephanie Gudeman with the Division of Water Resource Management, FDEP.
Webinar: Biosolids and Water Quality Concerns
The February 14th webinar is brought to FSA members free of charge thanks to the sponsorship of Applied Sciences. The webinar will provide an overview of biosolids from an MS4's point of view, including the best practices for the disposal of biosolids, potential impacts of biosolids on local waters and the work of FDEP's Biosolids Technical Advisory Committee. Possible legislation and rule revisions that may be considered in 2019 will also be discussed. Register today to save your seat! Hurry, this webinar is filling up quickly!
City Loses SWU Fee Appeal
Oral arguments were heard by Florida's Fourth District Court of Appeal earlier this month in the City of West Palm Beach's appeal over non-payment of stormwater utility fees by the Palm Beach County School Board.  On January 23rd, the Court ruled against the City.  However, the ruling was a PCA or "Per Curiam Affirmed" decision.  When a PCA is issued, the District Court has affirmed the trial court's decision without providing an explanation.  PCA decisions cannot be appealed to the Supreme Court but set no precedential value and are binding only on the partiers to the litigation.  A map of Florida indicating where appellate court decisions have been made is posted to the FSA website.  A recording of the January 22nd oral arguments in the West Palm Beach case (Case Number 18-0183) will be archived on the Fourth DCA website.
Excellence Awards - Nominations Due
FSA's Awards Program recognizes outstanding stormwater Programs or Projects and the benefit that they provide to the environment and local citizenry.  Awards are presented annually to public sector members who have demonstrated high quality distinctions in stormwater programs or projects.  Interested?  Submit a Nomination Form and backup materials prior to February 22nd!
WOTUS Draft Replacement Rule Released
EPA's long-awaited draft rule to replace the Obama Administration's 2015 Waters of the United States (WOTUS) definitions was released on December 11, 2018.  As expected, the Trump Administration's approach is significantly different from that of the previous Administration.  The new draft rule narrows the application of federal jurisdiction beyond that of the 2015 rule, making the policy more similar to that which existed in 1988.  Of special interest to local governments is that EPA has requested responses as to whether stormwater control features must be entirely constructed in uplands if they are to be excluded from federal jurisdiction and whether that exclusion should be broadened to include permitted MS4 drainage systems.  The draft has not yet been published in the Federal Register and with the recent shutdown of EPA, don't expect formal publication of a proposed rule to occur for at least another two to three months.  In the meantime, visit the EPA WOTUS page for information.
WOTUS Litigation
There have been no major developments in the Association's challenge to the 2015 WOTUS rules since the last issue of the newsletter.  However, FSA's motion to file a reply brief explaining why its action in US District Court in Tallahassee should be reactivated was granted by the court.  FSA is seeking to reactivate that case as a precautionary measure in the event that the 2015 WOTUS rule is eventually upheld by another court or the Trump Administration's efforts to repeal or replace the rule are unsuccessful.
FSAEF Scholarship Award
The FSA Educational Foundation's Scholarship Program awards financial assistance to qualified students attending Florida colleges and universities whose educational interest is in stormwater research, management or finance.  Applications are accepted annually from graduate students in colleges or schools of engineering, natural science, public administration (or closely related fields) that have an interest in stormwater quality, management or finance.  Qualified applicants should submit an Application Form along with supporting materials by August 2, 2019.
Fogarty Training Center
FSA's Fogarty Training Center holds 25 classes throughout Florida each year, making attendance as convenient as possible. One way to make that even more convenient is to host a class at your city or county offices! In addition to convenience for your staff, host jurisdictions receive one complimentary registration for every 11 staff that attend. Both the Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Stormwater Operator classes meet the requirements of your MS4 permit for initial or "refresher" training of stormwater staff in: 
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control
  • Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
  • Spill Prevention and Remediation
  • Good Housekeeping Practices
  • High Risk Facilities
Jurisdictions that host Training Center Classes receive discounts on registration fees! Interested in hosting a class or being placed on a list to receive notices when a class is scheduled in your area? Contact FSA's Fogarty Training Center or call 888-221-3124.
We appreciate your feedback!  Please don't hesitate to contact us if have any questions about FSA. 
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