Coronavirus Update - Blueprint for a Safer Economy
A new blueprint for business sector reopening was unveiled by Gov. Newsom on Friday, August 28, which includes a color-coded, tiered system that will use two metrics to measure the coronavirus: spread rate and test positivity percentage.

The tiers are designated by four colors: purple (widespread), red (substantial), orange (moderate) and yellow (minimal with the lowest restrictions). Most counties statewide – almost 90 percent – are currently highlighted in purple, including Riverside County.

With the new blueprint, what businesses are allowed to open immediately that were previously closed?
As of August 31, 2020, counties in the Widespread (purple) tier may open some businesses and activities with modifications, including all retail, shopping centers at maximum 25% capacity, and hair salons and barbershops indoors.

Does the blueprint impact the school waiver process?
The Riverside County school waiver process will not be impacted by the governor’s new system. Schools can reopen on a widespread basis (without a waiver) once a county is in the red tier for at least two weeks.

Why can some activities and businesses open while other have to stay closed?
Activities and businesses that have a lower risk of spreading COVID-19 are allowed to open sooner. Higher-risk activities or businesses aren’t allowed until later tiers. An activity or business’s tier depends on whether it can:
  • Accommodate mask wearing at all times (for example, eating and drinking requires removing masks)
  • Allow physical distance between individuals from different households
  • Limit the number of people per square foot
  • Limit time that an individual is at the business or activity
  • Limit time of exposure
  • Limit mixing of people from different households
  • Limit amount of physical interactions of visitors/patrons
  • Increase airflow (such as operating outdoors or opening windows and doors) 
  • Limit activities that are known to increase virus spread (like singing, shouting and heavy breathing)
Funding & Assistance Programs
Small Business Assistance Grant
Businesses located in Beaumont that have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic are encouraged to apply for a $3,000 Small Business Assistance Grant from the City of Beaumont.
The grant program is targeted toward for-profit businesses of 15 or fewer employees who have a physical location in Beaumont. Applicants must be able to demonstrate financial hardship as a result of COVID-19 since March 1. The small business grants are intended to promote business sustainability, job retention, and the overall economic preservation of small businesses in the city.
Small Business Assistance Grant applications will be accepted Tuesday, September 1 through Tuesday, September 15 at 5pm. Grants will be awarded on a non-competitive basis. A drawing for funds will take place should qualifying applications exceed available funds. 
City News
The DRAFT Beaumont General Plan Update is a long-range plan that will chart the City’s future into the middle of the 21st century.

General Plan Vision Statement
"Beaumont – where we value our small-town feel, our community heritage, and our natural setting. We are committed to encouraging economically sustainable, balanced growth that respects our long history, while meeting infrastructure needs and protecting our environment. Beaumont’s community pride and rural mountain setting sets Beaumont apart as a vibrant and healthy community with local access to retail, services, jobs, and recreation."

The plan includes a strong focus on improving quality of life for its residents, promoting a sense of place, addressing existing economic development and fiscal issues, and balancing future growth alongside environmental protection and neighborhood and corridor revitalization.

The General Plan Update is expected to be adopted by the Beaumont City Council by the end of 2020. Residents can learn more about the General Plan by visiting

We're Hiring!
Elevate your career and join Team Beaumont today!
IT Analyst I: Full-Time - $4,045.60 - $5,179.20 Monthly

Lateral Public Safety Dispatcher II: Full-Time - $3,487.47 - $5,179.20 Monthly
Police Cadet: Part-Time - $15.34 Hourly

Beaumont believes public service is priceless. Embracing that philosophy, Beaumont pays its city employees fairly and in a way that creates value and transparency for taxpayers and residents. The City of Beaumont offers a complete benefit package for full-time employees including CalPERS retirement, health care, dental coverage, vision care, life insurance, short term disability and life insurance.

Beaumont Transit continues to offer free fare to all passengers during the COVID-19 crisis. All passengers are required to board the bus from the rear loading doors and maintain social distance between other riders.
NEW Casino Express
On Monday, August 3, 2020, Beaumont Transit will launch Casino Express, a new route connecting Beaumont to Cabazon.
The Casino Express will provide weekday service between the Beaumont Walmart and Morongo Casino Resort and Spa. Transfer points along the Casino Express are located at Walmart and San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital. The transfer points will allow riders to connect with other transit providers including RTA, Sunline, and Banning Transit.

2020 Municipal and Consolidated General Election
The City of Beaumont has three qualified candidates for the upcoming 2020 Municipal Election seeking to fill two (2) Council Member seats.

The Beaumont City Council is comprised of five Council members, each sharing equal voting powers on all items coming before the Council. Council members are elected to at-large positions for four-year terms, with elections held in November of even-numbered years. The City Council meets annually to select one of its members to serve as Mayor and another to serve as Mayor Pro-Tem for one year but no more than two consecutive years.

Consolidated General Election
Riverside County Registrar of Voters preparations for the November 3, 2020 Consolidated General Election:
Census 2020
The 2020 Census is more than a population count. It's an opportunity to shape your community's future.

Every year, billions of dollars in federal funding go to hospitals, fire departments, schools, roads, and other resources based on census data. Please complete your form online, by phone, or by mail when your invitation to respond arrives. 

Visit to begin.
Currently, Beaumont has a 72.4%
 self-response rate - 5.7% higher than the state response rate!
CHIEF'S CORNER - Disaster Preparedness

September is Disaster Preparedness Month and we would like to take some time to remind our residents what to do in the event of disaster.
So far in 2020 we have seen a worldwide pandemic, civil unrest, wildfires and in other parts of the country major weather events like hurricanes and derechos. If you were not prepared before, now is the time to take a few minutes to evaluate your emergency preparedness.
Currently Southern California has entered monsoon season, where thunderstorms form quickly and unexpectedly, causing periods of intense rainfall, hail, wind, lightning and thunder.
Did you know the recent Apple Fire has created a potential for flash flooding and debris flow that can damage property and threaten life?
What is debris flow? Debris flow most often occurs in areas recently burned by wildfire. It is triggered by heavy rainfall that loosens mud, sand, soil, rock and vegetation causing that material to move quickly down steep hillsides, causing flash flooding and a river of fast-moving debris that can be destructive to everything in its path.
Also, fire season has only just begun, so the potential for additional wildfires or other weather-related events such as winds, power outages, etc. is still high.
Before the next major disaster or weather-related event, get prepared in advance with the following suggestions:
  • Make an emergency kit. Include batteries, flashlights, water, food items, first aid supplies, medications and other emergency provisions.
  • Plan evacuation routes. Plan for and Familiarize yourself with a variety of routes to and from your home, so in the event of road closures or other emergency events you will know what routes can take you out of the area.
  • Keep important documents in a safe and accessible location, so you can quickly grab those items if there is a need to leave or evacuate your home.
  • Evaluate your current insurance and consider purchasing additional flood, fire and/or earthquake insurance to assist you if you become displaced or suffer damage to your home in a disaster.
  • Sign up for local weather alerts and emergency notifications. Be informed regarding your local police, sheriff and fire department communications so that you can know where to go for information affecting you and your community.
The Beaumont Police Department partners with the County of Riverside Emergency Management Department to prepare for disasters and other critical events affecting both the City and County. Find out how to prepare for disaster and sign up for emergency notifications at

Sean Thuilliez
Chief of Police
Alert RivCo
Learn what you can do before, during and after a disaster. Being informed also means knowing what disasters you might face in your area. Do you live in an area prone to flooding? Is your home in a rural or urban interface area where you have a higher likelihood of experiencing wild land fires? Knowing the hazards you might face will help you know how to properly prepare.

Alert RivCo is used to alert Riverside County community members of urgent actions to take during disasters, such as earthquakes, wildfires, and floods. The County of Riverside uses Swift Reach 911 to deliver Alert RivCo messages. For more information about preparing for disasters, visit
Highway Project Updates
Stay up-to-date on highway projects impacting your commute throughout the inland empire!

Be sure to follow Caltrans District 8 on social media for additional commuter alerts in Riverside and San Bernardino counties!
Parks and Rec is on Facebook
Have you heard, Beaumont Parks and Recreation has its own Facebook page! Follow us @BMTparks for park updates, fun challenges/activities and news from your local recreation department!
Chalk Your Walk Challenge
Beaumont Parks and Recreation hosted a Chalk Your Walk Challenge August 18th - 27th. The goal of the challenge was to generate color in excitement throughout Beaumont neighborhoods. After a weekend of voting, the following chalk masterpieces have been selected as the winners of the challenge
1st Place - Lilith L. & Mommy
2nd Place - Hailee R.
3rd Place - Leo L.
Stay tuned for a Story Walk, Where's Waldo and Lego Wars activities coming soon!
Cure Hunger Now!
DID YOU KNOW: The Kids Cures Foundation and Cure Hunger NOW host a food outreach every 2nd Thursday from 9 am to 11 am in the over flow parking lot of the CRC, located at 1310 Oak Valley Parkway.
Cool Center at the CRC
Members of the public are welcome to visit the Cool Center at the CRC anytime a heat warning of 97 degrees or higher is issued. Attendees are required to wear a face mask and complete a temperature check prior to entering the building. Public health protocols will be in place including social distancing and increased sanitization.

For additional Cool Center locations, hours and tips on how to protect yourself from heat related illnesses, please visit