Recap and Updates: May 21, 2019
Cardiff State Beach Living Shoreline Project Provides Important Benefits

City leaders and partner agencies will be celebrating the completion of the Cardiff State Beach Living Shoreline project on Wed. May 22 at 10 a.m. on the south parking lot of the Chart House Restaurant. This project is designed to help protect Coast Highway 101 from flooding and overtopping during our winter storms - a problem being exacerbated by sea level rise. 

The project consists of a series of sand dunes placed over a deeply buried structure of boulders and vegetated with native coastal plants. The dunes are expected to create excellent beach wildlife habitat. A new walking trail along the east side of the project will provide a great viewing area. Project managers are asking residents to please avoid walking on the south part of the project area until final work is completed in mid-June. For details about the project,
 please  visit the city's website
Small Business 101 Workshop on June 11
Looking to start a new business in Encinitas? The San Diego Law Library and City of Encinitas are partnering to host a Small Business 101 Workshop on Tuesday, June 11 from 2 - 4 p.m. 

An hour of networking happens from 4 - 5 p.m. in Encinitas City Hall's Poinsettia Room, 505 S. Vulcan Avenue. T

This free workshop features  professional advice on how to plan  and setup your business to succeed  with informational presentations by  city staff as well as local insurance,  legal and marketing experts. 
   Representatives from the Encinitas 
   business community will also be on hand  to           

   introduce themselves and offer assistance. 


   To RSVP:


Active Project Updates
ADA Curb Ramp Project (Transition Plan Compliance) - Cardiff Accessibility
  • Construction to start 5/20/19
Storm Drain Repair - Citywide Storm Drain Rehabilitation Project
  • Lining completed week ending 4/12/19
  • Post-lining CCTV being reviewed, lining samples being sent for testing prior to project closeout
  • Project closeout anticipated by end of May 2019
FY 18-19 Pavement Rehabilitation and Roadway Seal
  • Encinitas Boulevard metal beam guardrail installation complete
  • Structural road repairs and sealing completed
  • Finishing striping and pavement markings
  • Construction complete by end of May 2019
Street Striping and Improvements on Vulcan Avenue Nearly Complete!
Striping on Vulcan Avenue from E Street to Santa Fe Drive is 80% complete. The lane narrowing, bike lane 
additions and street parking areas are already being used!

Planning Commission
The next Planning Commission meeting will be held Thursday, June 6, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.
New Project Received:  For the week of May 13, the Planning Division of the Development Services Department received one (1) discretionary project application.
  • Project Name: McLintock Residence. An application for the demolition of existing structures and building a new 2-story single-family residence with a basement. Case #3101-2019 Coastal Development Permit for the property located at 354 Neptune Avenue.  
For more information on other land use development applications that are currently in process, click here or contact the Planning Division of the Development Services Department at (760) 633-2710 or .
Affordable Housing Incentive Roundtable Discussion                                      
An Affordable Housing Incentive Roundtable is scheduled for Thursday, May 30, 2019 from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. in the Poinsettia Room at City Hall. The City of Encinitas has submitted its Fifth Cycle Housing Element to the State Department of Housing and Community Development for approval.  In addition, the City has recently modified its inclusionary housing ordinance which increases the number of affordable housing units required to be produced for new developments. The following is a link to the City's new inclusionary housing ordinance. (Ordinance No. 2018 -  
As part of this effort, the City will hold a May 30 roundtable discussion with interested parties to discuss and develop incentives and ideas to increase the number of affordable units produced over and above the inclusionary requirements set forth in the ordinance. The focus of the open discussion will be to review the new inclusionary requirements and receive input on possible incentives and ideas on how to increase the development of affordable housing in the City.  Participants with backgrounds in development (affordable housing and market rate), the building industry and affordable housing advocates are being invited to participate in the discussion.  Additionally, there will be opportunity for the public to provide input at the beginning and end of the meeting. 
The incentive ideas developed during the roundtable discussion will be presented to the City Council at a meeting that is anticipated to be held in July. For more information please contact Diane S. Langager, Principal Planner at (760) 633-2714 or
5/22      Introduction of Proposed Fiscal Year 2019-20 and FY 2020-21 Operating Budget. Contact Person: Finance Manager Gallup.
5/22     Introduction of the Proposed FY 2019-20 through FY 2024-2025 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and Financial Plan. 
Contact Person: Finance Director McBroome.
5/22      Presentation of Proclamation to Bob McSeveney
5/22     Presentation by lobbyist Jonathan Clay regarding pending bills and legislation affecting Encinitas
5/22     Presentation of Senior Citizen of the Year Award and Service to Seniors Award
5/22     Presentation of Mayor's Certificates of Recognition to the La Costa Canyon Dance Program State Champions
5/22     Master Sports Instructor Agreement. 
Contact Person: Recreation Supervisor Lainfiesta
5/22     Intrepid Instructor Agreement. Contact Person: Recreation Supervisor Rundle
5/22     Beach Kids Instructor Agreement. 
Contact Person: Recreation Supervisor Rundle
5/22     Surf/Creative Concepts Instructor Agreement. 
Contact Person: Recreation Supervisor Rundle
5/22     San Diego County Nutrition Grant Amendment 12. Center Manager Goodsell
5/22     Approve an MOU Between the City of Encinitas and iPalpiti Artists International.
Contact Person: Arts Program Administrator Gilliam
5/22     Public Hearing to receive testimony regarding the FY 2019-20 Encinitas Landscape and Lighting District Annual Engineer's Report. 
Contact: Sr. Management Analyst Ruess
5/22     Consideration of Contract for Facility Janitorial Services. 
Contact Person: Senior Analyst Wilson
5/22     Amendment of Agreement with San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy.
Contact Person: Program Administrator Timberlake
5/22     Fourth Amendment to the Agreement for Cooperative Fire Management Services by and between the City of Del Mar, City of Encinitas, and City of Solana Beach. Contact Person: Fire Chief Stein
5/22     SB 330.
5/22     Cardiff Elementary Appeal. Contact: Andrew Maynard
City Hall Hours

City Hall and Public Works are OPEN this Friday, May 24.

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