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Message from the City Manager
Dear Bainbridge Islanders,

For many years now, the Comprehensive Plan goals and policies have included increased access for pedestrians and bicyclists. Increasing or improving non-motorized access generally includes creating safe and convenient opportunities. The recently completed phases of the Sound to Olympics trail, conversations related to the large Douglas Fir Tree on Miller Road at Arrow Point Drive, extension of the STO trail from High School Road into Sakai Park, and SR 305 pedestrian bridge demonstrate how competing interests influence progress.

At the June 12 meeting of the City Council, decisions were made to modify the Miller Road Shoulder widening plan to avoid removal of a very large tree that is 5 feet off the edge of pavement across from Arrow Point Drive. The tree does not have a long life remaining because it is infected with a disease known as Red Ring Rot. During construction of the widened shoulder, precautions will be taken to avoid harm to the tree and annual monitoring/maintenance will be required to make sure the tree is structurally sound.

As we move forward with efforts to plan and design capital projects to create a safe and convenient non-motorized infrastructure, it will be important for the community to participate in the conversation about balancing the competing interests of a safe and convenient non-motorized infrastructure and tree retention. We have very talented engineering staff and community members who are willing to share their experience, knowledge and ideas so our challenges can be turned into opportunities.

With Gratitude,

Doug Schulze
City Manager, Bainbridge Island
Rotary Auction Traffic Impacts

Drop-off for the June 30th Rotary Auction & Rummage Sale started today, June 22nd and will continue during the next week. Please remember that traffic patterns will be impacted on Sportsman Club Road in the vicinity of New Brooklyn Road to Island Church. If possible, please avoid unnecessary trips through this area.

On June 30th, parking and pedestrian traffic creates a uniquely dangerous situation. Please be patient driving through the area and watch for pedestrians who might be distracted. Enjoy the auction and I hope you find a treasure!

No More Signs in Traffic Circle

The traffic circle at High School Road and Madison Avenue has become visually polluted with temporary signage. Numerous complaints have been received about all the signs and the appearance of the traffic circle. We ask for your cooperation with keeping the traffic circle and surrounding area clear of signage that is distracting to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.
Bainbridge Island Municipal Code requires that all temporary non-commercial signs posted within public right-of-way do not interfere with sight distances and do not create a vehicular, cyclist, wheelchair or pedestrian traffic obstruction or hazard, and permission to place the sign in the right-of-way has been obtained from the abutting property owner. Contact information for the owner of the sign (name, telephone number) must be included on all signs.
In addition, the city may remove and dispose of signs that it determines are a threat to public safety and recover costs from the owner of the property on which the sign is located or the sign owner. Within 10 days of removal of a sign, and upon payment of the costs of removal, the owner may recover a sign. Any temporary off-site sign posted in the public right-of-way in violation of the regulations set forth in BIMC 15.08.115 constitutes a trespass upon public property and is declared to be a public nuisance. Such signs shall be subject to immediate abatement by removal and confiscation.
Signs removed from the traffic circle will be held at City Hall for 10 days after which they will be discarded.
Fireworks on Bainbridge Island

Each year around the end of June the City of Bainbridge Island receives complaints about the illegal use of fireworks. Please respect your neighbors and only use legal fireworks during the permitted days and hours. It is not a good use of our police department's time responding to complaints about fireworks. Our first responders don't want to be called out for property damage or personal injuries caused by fireworks either so, please be careful when using fireworks.

On Bainbridge Island, consumer fireworks may be discharged between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. on July 4th.  "Consumer fireworks" means any fireworks designed primarily to produce visible or audible effects by combustion as defined by RCW 70.77.136, and includes the following:
1. Ground and handheld sparkling devices, dipped sticks, sparklers, cylindrical fountains, cone fountains, illuminating torches, wheels, ground spinners and flitter sparklers as those terms are defined by WAC 212-17-035;
2. Smoke devices as defined by WAC 212-17-035;
3. Helicopters, aerials, spinners, Roman candles, mines and shells, and mortars as those terms are defined by WAC 212-17-035;
4. Division 1.4G explosives classified on January 1, 1984, as consumer fireworks by the United States Department of Transportation, except that the term does not include firecrackers, salutes, chasers, skyrockets and missile-type rockets. (Ord. 2009-05 ยง 2, 2009)

Community members are strongly encouraged to enjoy the public display in Eagle Harbor as an alternative to consumer displays.

No City Manager's Report Next Week

Due to my participation in the Rotary Auction, I will not be publishing a City Manager's Report on Friday, June 29th. Look for the next Report on Friday, July 6th.

Upcoming Events
  • Rotary Auction & Rummage Sale, Woodward Middle School, June 30, 8am - 2pm
  • Boaters Fair, Eagle Harbor Waterfront Park, Sunday, July 1, 4pm - 7pm
  • Street Dance, Winslow Way, Tuesday, July 3 from 6PM - 11PM
  • 39th Annual BYS Fun Run, Winslow Green, July 4, 9AM run start
  • Grand Old 4th of July, Downtown, July 4, 7AM - 10PM

City of Bainbridge Island