City Manager's Report
City Manager Morgan Smith is out of the office.
COVID-19 Updates
Governor Inslee issues new guidance for museums, bowling and agritourism
Gov. Jay Inslee on Thursday announced and updated guidance as part of Washington's Safe Start phased reopening plan.

These guidelines would allow museums in Phase 2 counties to operate as long as they meet certain requirements. Museums in Phase 3 counties would be required to lower occupancy.

Read the full guidance here.

These guidelines would allow for bowling league play in Phases 2 and 3, as long as facilities meet certain requirements.

Read the full guidance here.

This guidance would allow for agritourism such as U-pick farms and tree farms to operate in Phase 2 counties.

Find a full list of current reopening guidance here.
Take a survey to help state leaders plan for COVID-19 recovery
The Washington State Department of Health has created a survey to better understand the impact of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) on Washington residents.

The voluntary survey asks questions related to behavioral, economic, social and emotional impacts and needs. Health departments across the state will use the results of the survey to help our communities recover.

More information is available on DOH’s CORONA survey webpage.
Project Updates
Update on Wyatt Way reconstruction project
The City’s contractor continues to make progress on the Wyatt Way Reconstruction project. The current work is centered on the west side of the project between Grow Avenue and Nicholson Place. The focus over the past two weeks has been clearing the project limits, forming and pouring concrete walls for sidewalk installation, and constructing the new storm drainage system – work that will continue until approximately the second week in September.

Also within the work zone, contractors have started installing the components of the water system upgrades, including the setting of a new pressure reducing valve (PRV) that regulates the water pressure that is distributed to individual homes. Work on the water system will continue through the first week of October.

Traffic detours in the vicinity are expected to remain consistent with current closures, including the continued closure of the Wyatt Way and Grow Avenue intersection, for the next several weeks.

As the utility work begins to wrap up on the west side of the project, the contractor expects to start moving eastward towards the street, sidewalk and stormwater improvements between Grow Avenue and Wyatt Way.
Planning Commission recommends adding fish culvert passage project to Capital Improvement Plan
The Planning Commission held a public hearing Aug. 13 on the City’s draft Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for 2021-2026. There were no comments from the public during the hearing, but Commissioners recommended adding a new project to the list – replacement of the culvert and fish weir along Springbrook Creek near Fletcher Bay. The project, which was identified as a priority for improving fish passage in a City and Land Trust partnership study in 2019, would cost approximately $1.2 million, based on current information. During the meeting, staff recognized the importance of the project, but expressed concerns about including projects on the list that do not have specific funding sources identified, as well as ensuring there is adequate staff capacity to deliver the project.

Commissioners also influenced the CIP by encouraging staff to revise the approach for the proposed project to improve the stormwater system in the City Hall lower parking lot. That project will now be focused more on improving drainage and water quality through the implementation of rain gardens or other low-impact practices in lieu of paving the lot, which is currently gravel.

The City Council will hold a first reading on the CIP ordinance on Sept. 8, then discussion on project selection and funding will move to the Council’s deliberation on the 2021-22 budget.

The CIP is a state-mandated requirement from the Growth Management Act for all cities in Washington state. The CIP is intended to ensure that infrastructure investments are planned to support the needs of the growing population.
Watch: Senior/Community Center live chat discusses Sustainable Transportation Plan
In case you missed it - Sustainable Transportation Plan Project Manager Mark Epstein joined the Senior/Community Center’s "Something to Talk About" live chat on Monday to share information about the Sustainable Transportation Plan process and how the City is planning for the future of transportation on the island.

Epstein was joined by Ruth Flanagan who serves on the Sustainable Transportation Task Force and is also a Senior Community Center board member.

"My idea of joining the Task Force was to be representative for those of us who have mobility issues and travel issues," Flanagan said during the online discussion.

"I think it's a good way to get a good cross-section from the young people who want good bike trails to the older people who want an easier way to get around town," Flanagan said.

Watch the discussion here.

Share your ideas for sustainable transportation on the City's online open house website.
City Council Updates
City Council seeks public input on City Manager search
The City Council last month began the process of hiring a new City Manager. The City engaged Strategic Government Resources, Inc. (SGR) to conduct a national recruitment for candidates.

The City Council will work with SGR to develop a position profile to describe the ideal candidate and qualifications, and to convey the key community values and long-range goals of Bainbridge Island. This profile will be used to publicize the opening to potential candidates regionally and nationally.

How to get involved

The City Council is seeking public input to inform the development of the position profile. If you have suggestions relating to desirable qualities for applicants, or ideas about what you think candidates should know about Bainbridge Island, please share this feedback with the City Council.

To provide comments and suggestions, please email City Clerk Christine Brown by Aug. 26, 2020, with the subject line “City Manager Search” at

Note: All emails are public records, and may be published in a future City Council meeting packet.

Later, the candidate review process will include additional opportunities for the public to participate and provide feedback. Learn more about the City Manager search process here:
Upcoming City Council agenda
Below are some of the topics scheduled for the Aug. 25 business meeting.

  • Public hearing to consider extension of the interim zoning control on Floor Area Ratio (FAR)

  • Update on Race Equity Task Force workplan items
  • The Race Equity Task Force members will present the status of their current workplan. Ongoing items include consideration of a plan to change the task force to a standing advisory committee, membership in Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE), and outreach events. The RETF would also like to discuss adding new items to their workplan, including a proposal to design and install a welcoming sign near the ferry terminal and a proposal to develop and use a race equity lens to apply consideration of racial equity to all decisions, plans, policies, laws, activities, communications, and norms within our organization and community.

  • BI Metro Park & Recreation District request for CARES funding
  • The City Council will consider whether to plan to allocate a portion of the City’s CARES funding to reimburse eligible expenses from the Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park and Recreation District (BIMPRD). BIMPRD does not have direct access to CARES funding, and has experienced significant expenditures needed to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as revenue impacts due to cancellation of programming and facility closures.

  • Proposed approach for 2021-2022 Human Services awards
  • The City Council will discuss and decide a preferred approach for the upcoming 2021-2022 human services funding award cycle. The Council will also confirm the total amount to be awarded. The suggested approaches include continuing the current awards for another two years or deferring the decision until 2021. The current plan is to continue the total funding at the current level of $660,000 for the two-year time period.

  • Request for Proposals for Lodging Tax
  • The City Council will review the request for proposals (RFP) for the annual lodging tax funding awards (LTAC). The LTAC committee, along with a Council chair and co-chair, will review applications this fall, with an award recommendation for 2021 expected in late November. The current plan is to award a total of $225,000 for organizations to use in 2021.

  • 2020 Midyear Report

  • Council to consider adoption of Ordinance No. 2020-19 adding a provision relating to diversity of the Planning Commission

If you would like to receive the City Council agenda by email when it's published, sign up on the Council Agendas webpage.

Ways to Watch
  • Zoom
  • City website livestream (visit the Agendas & Minutes page, then click on "In Progress" when the meeting starts).
  • You can also watch the meetings on BKAT (Channel 12 on Comcast & Channel 3 on WAVE).
Other Updates
Two-boat ferry service on SEA/BI route expected to resume Aug. 30
The Washington State Ferries announced Thursday that it plans to restore a two-boat schedule seven days a week on the Seattle/Bainbridge route starting Sunday, Aug. 30.

Beginning tomorrow (Saturday, Aug. 22), WSF will restore two-boat weekend service on the Edmonds/Kingston and Mukilteo/Clinton routes. Both runs have been operating without one of their normal two vessels each Saturday and Sunday since June 20, due to a lack of crewmembers needed to meet U.S. Coast Guard safety requirements.

Read the full WSF announcement here.
Help the State Broadband Office identify low or no high-speed internet service areas
The Washington State Broadband Office and state Public Works Board launched a mapping initiative to identify gaps in high-speed internet service and areas of broadband infrastructure needs in order to advance the state’s goal to have universal broadband access in Washington by 2024.

The first step is for Washington residents to perform a one-minute access and speed survey found at Using the easy-to-follow instructions and a simple link, anyone can complete the speed test at home using any computer or mobile device.

Those with no internet access at their homes are encouraged to visit a local library or drive-in hotspot in their community, or use their mobile device to take the survey and check the “no available service” button to record their physical address. This simple access and speed survey will result in statistically valid data and mapping for decision makers to plot a course for Washington’s ambitious broadband expansion plans.

Learn more here.
Neighborhoods participate in Map Your Neighborhood session
On Aug. 19, 12 Bainbridge Island neighborhoods participated in the Introduction to Map Your Neighborhood Training on Zoom. Emergency Management Coordinator Anne LeSage shared information on the program, how to get started in your neighborhood, and ways to stay engaged with your neighbors after the initial training.

Neighborhood Captains Leslie Marshall and Pamela Malo also shared how this program has brought their neighborhood together and has been a positive experience for all involved.

A recording of the training can be seen here. Please insert "?@%XDGh7" when prompted for a password.
Important Dates
Friday, Aug. 28: Deadline to submit proposal for City Dock small boat concessionaire. Learn more here.
Wednesday, Sept. 30: Deadline to submit responses in Comcast cable TV franchise renewal survey. Learn more here.
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