January 31, 2024
Watch the City Manager's Storm Preparedness & Planning Video (3.22 minutes)
City of Coronado's Storm Preparedness & Planning
From increasing the number of sandbags available to the community, to inspecting storm drains, and deploying temporary pumps, this week the City has been preparing for another substantial storm system heading to the region on Thursday.

Storm Preparedness & Planning
With last week’s rare and powerful storm, the City is still recovering from a catastrophic amount of rain. The city experienced widespread flooding and infrastructure impacts.

Preparing the city in advance for these major weather events is a top priority. This week, storm preparations are being set in place for significant rain. The City has secured back-up stormwater and sewer pumps that are ready to be deployed to areas where flooding occurs. Last week, the City authorized a City contractor to temporarily build a fully functional storm water pump system as an alternative to the Parker Pump Station. This back-up system is ready to be powered up when the rains begin. Pallets of sandbags have continuously been set out for residents, and since last Friday, over 6,500 were picked up. The sandbags are being taken quickly and the City is doing its best to secure more. Up-to-date sandbag information is being posted on our website and social media.

City crews are sweeping the streets and clearing debris that may impede storm runoff from flowing into the collection systems. The parks have been checked for potential problems that could arise during heavy rains and sand berms have been built on the beaches to reduce erosion. During the rainstorms, Coronado's first responders will focus on protecting lives and property. Additionally, City crews will remove debris and tree limbs from the roadways and close street that are unsafe.

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  • We also want our residents to be ready and safe. We encourage you to take these steps before the storm.

  • Think about actions to waterproof your home. Add sandbags to vulnerable areas and consider other ways to prevent or block water from entering your home.  

  • Help prevent storm drains from clogging by removing leaves/debris out of the street and gutter near your home. During the storm, if you notice a clog and it’s safe to remove the material, please do so.

  • Secure loose outdoor items, like trash and recycling carts and patio furniture to prevent them from blowing away.

  • Power outages are a possibility. Locate and check batteries in flashlights and have them in an accessible location. SDG&E Power Outage website.

  • Think about food preparation and water in case the power goes out. Have a bag backed with clothing and medication for easy access. Plan for your pets to ensure you have supplies on hand.

  • Be cautious while driving and if possible, avoid driving during heavy downpours. Never drive into flooded roadways, even if the water does not appear deep. This can endanger you and it can send waves of water into already flooded areas.

  • Report flooding, fallen trees, or downed power lines immediately to 911.
City of Coronado
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