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April 19, 2019 Weekly report to the Mayor and City Council 

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City Manager's Weekly Report Update

This Weekly Report is sent every Friday and serves as the City Manager's "update" to City Council on items that are useful for scheduling purposes and/or communicating with constituents on matters of interest. It also  provides details on special events, and  City-wide accomplishments. Some examples include:
  • Project kick-offs and completions
  • Initiatives that will affect service valued by our residents
  • Construction updates
  • Updates on inter-governmental relations, and
  • Special Recognitions for outstanding achievements
April Sales Tax
The general purpose sales tax for the month of April (reflecting sales during the month of February) was $4,620,197.  This is an increase of $221,959 (+5.05%) above April, 2018 levels.  Fiscal year 2018-2019 sales tax collections are now 2.22% above prior-year levels.
The general purpose use tax for the month of April (reflecting sales of goods purchased outside of Oklahoma for delivery within Norman during the month of February) was $375,781.  This is an increase of $70,051 (+22.91%) above April, 2018 levels.  Fiscal year 2018-2019 use tax collections are now 36.12% above prior-year levels.

Spring Cleaning Trash Pick up Schedule
The second Saturday of Spring Cleanup resulted in crews collecting over 160 tons of materials at a cost of $20,000. This Saturdays collections will be in residential neighborhoods that normally have Wednesday trash pickup. Residents should have all items out by 7:30 a.m. on the Saturday assigned of their collection. 

Items that can be collected include household items such as couches, chairs, mattresses and box springs, boxes or bags of clothing, planters and pots, washers and dryers, lawn mowers with no oil or gas, small sections of fencing that have been cut in half, grills, outdoor furniture and carpet remnants. Rolls of carpet cannot be collected.  Items should not be placed in trash carts, wagons or wheelbarrows.

Street Sweeping Schedule for the Month of April
For the month of April 2019, the Stormwater Division will conduct routine street sweeping activities on all arterial streets from 48th Ave W to 12th Ave E and Indian Hills Rd to Post Oak Rd. Residential curbed streets within the following areas will also be swept this month depending on weather and other work requirements:
  • 48th Ave W to I-35 between Rock Creek Road and Indian Hills Road
Additional questions on street sweeping can be directed to the Stormwater Division, 329-2524 or pwstormwater@normanok.gov .

Resignations, Vacancies, Expired Terms (Members Still Serving), Upcoming Appointments and Reappointments   See Chart
Incident Summary (4/11 /19-4/17/19)

*Fire Related
Overpressure rupture, explosion
Emergency Medical
Hazardous Condition
Service Call
Good Intent
False Alarm
Special Incident
Severe Weather
Total 304


Map and Updates for the City of Norman's Major Infrastructure  Projects
News Coverage, Documents and Articles That May Be of Interest to City Council
  • "Evaluating city infrastructure needs" Norman Transcript 4/15/19  see article
  • "'Second Friday Art Walk" Norman Transcript 4/15/19  see article
  • "Noise complaints garner few tickets" Norman Transcript 4/16/19  see article
NORMAN FORWARD Westwood Tennis Indoor Facility
Crews have continued to work on the new indoor court facility. The contractor finished installing the court surface, netting, court divider and drapes surrounding the courts. Work will continue on the final painting, concrete, fire system final inspection, electrical trade completion and work associated with the project landscape and signage. A grand opening will be planned for May.

NORMAN FORWARD Senior Citizens Center
The Norman Senior Association met this week to continue their discussion relative to a site recommendation for the new Senior Citizens Center. The Mayor, City Staff and a representative from the Medieval Fair also attended the meeting. Representatives for the Fair have looked at the renovation plans for Reaves Park and agree that the planned renovations will not have a negative effect on the fair. The Norman Senior Association voted to reaffirm their support for locating the new Senior Citizens Center at Reaves Park.  

At the April 30, 2019 City Council Study Session, City Staff will present a summarized review of the Senior Citizens Center site options that have been considered thus far.  Those include sites at the new Central Library, Andrews Park, North Base area east of the YMCA, University North Park area north of the Embassy Suites Hotel, Ruby Grant Park and Reaves Park.  Pros and cons for each site will be listed and recommendations for the site location from stake holders and City Council appointed Ad Hoc Groups will be presented also. A  public input session on this information will be held immediately following the Study Session. 
Easter Egg Hunt
The annual Norman Parks and Recreation Easter Egg Hunt is this Friday at Andrews Park with activities beginning at  5:30 p.m. and the egg/candy hunt at 6:30 p.m. The activities include a photo booth with the Easter Bunny, live D.J. and music, arts and crafts, inflatables, face painting and food truck s.

Fishing Derby at Griffin Park
The Parks and Recreation and Oklahoma Wildlife Departments announced the 2019 Fishing Derby at the Griffin Park Pond on Saturday, June 1 from 7:00-10:00 a.m. The Fishing Derby will include a freshly stocked pond filled with catfish and hybrid bluegill. Oklahoma Wildlife Department will be on hand to assist anglers. Fish limits are two catfish and 10 bluegills per child. Feel free to bring the whole family and fish on your own all day. Children must be supervised. It is the State of Oklahoma FREE Fishing Weekend so no registration or license is required.

Westwood Family Aquatic Center
Westwood Family Aquatic Center is open weekdays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, to purchase your season passes or to pick up your previously purchased passes. The public can also sign up for swim lessons, classes and activities.

Whittier Recreation Center
The 2019 Summer Sports Camps are open for enrollment. There are five camps, Junior Jammer Basketball, Sooner Jr. Football, Volleyball, Sooner Jr. Basketball and Shooting Camp, being offered through the month of June. To enroll and to find out more information go to, www.juniorjammer.com.

The Whittier Recreation Center is joining the 12th Avenue Recreation Center and the Irving Recreation Center in providing childcare this summer and registration for the Whittier Discovery Camp is now open. The camp is for ages 5-11 and will meet from May 28th - August 9th from 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. There will be indoor/outdoor activities, arts and crafts, sports and recreation as well as water activities and field trips.

Residential and Commercial Activity 4/11/19 - 4/60/19      Detailed Report

Combined Value
Average Value
New single family residence permits
New duplex permits 0
Residential addition or alteration permits
(10 storm shelter)

Demo permit

New single family residence applications
New duplex applications 0

Residential addition or alterations applications
(1 storm shelter)

Stormwater Division, Norman Arts Council, and Public Arts Board host 2019 Artful Inlets
During the April Second Friday Art Walk, on April 12th, five local artists transformed five storm drain inlets into artwork as part of the inaugural Artful Inlets program. Local artists Derrick Adams, Jazmin Crawford, Laura Nelsen, Ginna Dowling and Rachel Stout were selected to paint five inlets along Main Street, and Art Walk patrons were able to watch the artists in action as they created artworks that will educate the public and raise awareness about the harmful effects that pollutants in stormwater runoff can have on our local waterways.
Residents were also encouraged to join Mayor Miller, Mayor-elect Clark and other Councilmembers as they celebrated the Artful Inlets program on April 17, 2019. The celebration included a tour of the artwork and began at 10 am in front of the Moxie Shop located at 319 E. Main Street and ended at Benvenuti's located at 105 W. Main Street. Next time you are on Main Street, be sure to stop and enjoy these educational additions to the artistic environment of Norman.

"Cumulonimbliss" by Rachel Stout

"Every Drop Counts" by Derrick Adams  

"Runoff Pollutes" by Ginna Dowling

"Choose Wisely" by Laura Nelsen

"Do Something" by Jazmin Crawford

West Main Street Bridge over 10 Mile Flat Creek
On December 6, 1994, a Cleveland County District Court Order required installation by the private property owner of ten 72" corrugated metal pipes (CMPs) and construction of a low water crossing immediately east of the CMPs to relieve the impoundment of water during flooding events caused by a privately constructed roadway at Ten Mile Flat Creek west of 48th Ave NW. The roadway was constructed to allow access to the private properties west of Ten Mile Flat Creek from West Main Street. In August 2007, a major flooding event washed out the CMPs and private roadway at this location, which negatively impacted vehicular access via Main Street to the private properties to the west.

Since the flooding event in 2007, there have been numerous discussions between the City of Norman and the three adjacent property owners regarding the best way to provide access to the properties to the west and how project costs should be shared. On June 27, 2017, City Council approved Contract No. K-1617-138 between the City of Norman and Arbuckle Properties, Inc., BellaRose, LLC, and Steven Rich, the property owners west of Ten Mile Flat Creek, for the funding and construction of the West Main Street drainage structure and single span bridge.

To improve access and stream flow at this location, the City of Norman, Arbuckle Properties, Inc., BellaRose, LLC, and Steven Rich are proposing to construct a new single span bridge structure over Ten Mile Flat Creek. The project will also involve stabilization of the stream banks with sheet piles and rip rap.

The bridge and channel project was designed by two licensed Professional Civil Engineers, Mr. Lester Sieger, P.E., and Mr. David Hendricks, P.E., under the direction of the private property owners. City staff has reviewed and accepted the engineering plans for the project using the same process as is used for all City capital projects.

The bid opening was conducted on August 16, 2018, and four contractors submitted bids. The Engineer's Estimate is $334,484.00. The lowest bid in the amount of $325,000.00, submitted by Construction Unlimited is $9,484.00 (3% percent) below the estimate. On September 25, 2018, Council approved Contract No. K-1819-43 with Construction Unlimited, LLC. Work on the project began in January 2019 with the installation of the temporary construction drive and is expected to be completed by August 2019. Pilings, bridge beams, side pans and bridge decking and guard rails have been installed, and concrete bridge paving has been poured. During the week of April 15, 2019, work on the bridge approaches and roadway will continue.

West Main Street Bridge over 10 Mile Flat Creek Bridge

Main Street Bridge over Brookhaven Creek
Construction on the Main Street Bridge over Brookhaven Creek project began on Monday, August 13, 2018. This is a $4.9 million construction project awarded to Silver Star Construction Company of Moore, Oklahoma. This project has an expected completion date of June 2019. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) is administering the construction of this project because federal transportation funds are being used. The project includes replacement of the bridge structure and associated roadway and 2300 feet or stream restoration along Brookhaven Creek . On Tuesday, August 14, 2018, a severe rain event caused the Main Street Bridge over Brookhaven Creek to collapse. It was agreed to keep the bridge structure closed to traffic and replace the entire structure at one time to save money and time on the project. On Monday April 15, eastbound and westbound traffic on West Main Street will switch to the south half of the roadway, so the contractor can begin reconstructing the north half of the roadway. Weather permitting; the West Main Street roadway will be completed on May 3, 2019.    
The project involves the following items:
  • Stabilize the banks along Brookhaven Creek.
  • Construct a new box culvert bridge on Main Street and over Brookhaven Creek 
  • Concrete pavement on Main Street
  • Install an access road along Brookhaven Creek
  • Tree plantings    
Next week the contractor's activities are as follows:  
  • Complete removing roadway pavement on the north half of West Main
  • Begin soil stabilization on the north half of West Main Street 
  • Continue removing debris and vegetation along the west bank south of West Main Street
  • Continue grading the Brookhaven Creek banks south of West Main Street  
(Crews removing the old roadway panels on West Main Street. April 16, 2019)

tate Highway 9 East Bridge over Little River
Construction began on September 10, 2018. This is a $5.3 million dollar construction project awarded to  Haskell Lemon Construction Company of Oklahoma City, and administered by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. The project includes full replacement and widening of the State Highway-9 East Bridge over Little River, from two lanes to four lanes. The project will also reconstruct the east and west approaches to the bridge. The planned sequence of construction is to construct the south half of the bridge while keeping traffic on the north half. Traffic will be shifted to the south half of the bridge once it is completed, while the north half is under construction. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation granted the contractor a 90 day contract time extension after conducting an analysis of the required work necessary to complete the bridge. This time extension establishes completion of the project in June of 2019. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation granted the contractor a 90 day contract time extension after conducting an analysis of the required work necessary to complete the bridge. This time extension establishes completion of the project in June of 2019.   
The project involves the following items:
  • Widening the Little River Bridge over State Highway-9 East from two lanes to four lanes
  • Reconstructing the pavement on the approaches to the bridge.
Next week the contractor's activities are as follows:
  • Continue removing the north half of Highway 9 over Little River Bridge
  • Begin soil stabilizing for the northbound lanes approaching Little River Bridge

 ( Crews demolishing the bridge abutments of the old Highway 9 over Little River Bridge, April 19, 2019)

James Garner Avenue - Phase I
Construction began on April 9, 2018. This is a $1.8 million dollar construction project awarded to Silver Star Construction Company of Moore, OK. The project includes reconstruction of the Acres Street intersection to improve safety and to meet Railroad Quiet Zone requirements.  The project will create the extension of James Garner Avenue between the railroad and the new Central Library. 

The project involves the following items:
  • Constructing a new roadway and intersection on James Garner Avenue and Acres Street along with a new Legacy Trail
  • Installing a new improved drainage system
Next week the contractor's activities are as follows:
  • Complete sidewalk and sidewalk ramps on Acres Street
  • Begin addressing final punch list items for acceptance by the City of Norman  
FYE 2019 Urban Concrete Streets
The FYE 2019 Urban Concrete Streets portion of the 2016 Street Maintenance Bond Program was awarded to Central Contracting Inc. in the amount of $1,778,400. This work consists of select concrete panel replacement on 17 streets located within 7 urban Norman additions. Work began October 8, 2018.   Construction is underway on Boyd Street between 12th Avenue SE and Shiloh Drive. 

Next week activities include:
  • Continue concrete replacement on Boyd St.
At this time it is estimated that the projects on this contract will be completed in June 2019.

FYE 2019 Urban Asphalt Streets
The FYE 2019 Urban Asphalt Streets portion of the 2016 Street Maintenance Bond Program was awarded to Silver Star Construction Co. in the amount of $1,651,700.This work consists of select asphalt rehabilitation on 20 streets located within 7 urban Norman additions. Work began April 04, 2019. Current construction is underway on Mayfair DriveAt this time it is estimated that the projects on this contract will be complete by May 17, 2019.

Next week activities include Asphalt Pavement Repair at the following locations:
  • Grassland - Pendleton Dr/Sunflower St
  • Sunflower St - Grassland Dr/End
  • Justice Ct - Grassland Dr/End
  • Schooner Dr - Grassland Dr/End
  • Prairie Creek Dr - 36th Ave. NW/Pendleton Dr
At this time it is estimated that the projects on this contract will be completed in May 2019.

(Crews milling asphalt pavement on Grassland Drive. April 15, 2019) 

FYE 2017 & 2018 Urban Road Reconstruction
The 2016 Norman Street Maintenance Bond Program includes Urban Roads Reconstruction Projects. The current two street projects are the FYE 2017 Lahoma Street from Gray Street to Nebraska Street and FYE 2018 Lahoma Street from Nebraska Street to Hughbert. These projects were awarded on March 13, 2018. The projects were bid together to allow continuity of construction and better unit costs for construction items. The projects were awarded to A-Tech Paving in the amount of $561,799.25 and $376,872.00 respectively. This work consists of reconstruction to widen the road to 26 feet and install curb and gutter to improve drainage. Existing sidewalks and ramps will be replaced to provide ADA accessibility. Driveways will be replaced within the public street right-of-way, and are designed to accommodate future sidewalks meeting ADA requirements. Construction of Phase 1 began on March 19, 2018, and is substantially complete. Phase 2 is expected to be completed by the end of June 2019. On Monday April 22, 2019, the contractor will close the north leg of Lahoma Avenue and Tonhawa Street to replace failed concrete roadway panels. Weather permitting, the roadway is expected to be reopened on Thursday April, 25. 

Next week activities include:
  • Continue with grading and sodding bare areas behind the curb Acres Street to Nebraska Street.
  • The contractor plans to complete the asphalt roadway pavement between Nebraska Street and Iowa Street the first week in May.
  • Begin addressing punch list items on Lahoma Phase 1 (between Gray Street and Nebraska Street). 

Wash Factory Classen Addition
Wash Factory Classen Addition is located at the northeast corner of Classen Boulevard and Imhoff Road. This property consists of 1.8 acres split into 2 lots with an automatic car wash and retail shops. The car wash is currently under construction.
Existing public improvements consist of water line, storm sewer, paving, and sidewalks. An existing detention pond will be utilized for stormwater runoff. An existing sanitary sewer will be relocated to provide a more suitable area for development. The utility contractor has finished relocation of the sanitary sewer and the general contractor is proceeding with the car wash facility construction.

Robinson Village Addition
Robinson Village Addition is located at 501 East Robinson Street (north side of East Robinson Street approximately 300 ft. east of Porter Avenue). This property consists of 1 lot on 4.56 acres. A nursing home facility was constructed in the early 60's on this property and demolished a few years ago. An Assisted Living Center is now planned for the property.
Most of the public improvements are existing; however new interior water mains and fire hydrants will be constructed to serve the facility. Internal private storm sewer will be connected to the public storm sewer system on the north side of East Robinson Street. All new public utilities have been installed and accepted. All buildings have been "roofed in" and construction is continuing on general site work.

FYE 2019 Sidewalk Program bid was awarded on July 24th, 2018 by City Council to Central Contracting Services in the amount of $441,750.00 for five projects to be completed throughout the fiscal year 2019.  
  • The Sidewalk Program for Schools and Arterials is used to construct new sidewalks adjacent to elementary schools that have no sidewalks and along walking routes to the schools. This year's project has three (3) locations. First, the east side of North Berry Road from Iowa Street to Denison Drive in the Cleveland Elementary School District; second, the south side of West Boyd Street from 650 feet east of 24th Ave. S.W. to Nancy Lynn Terrace in the Alcott Middle School district; and third, the south side of West Imhoff Road from Walnut Road to Castlewood Drive serving the McKinley Elementary school and the University of Oklahoma. Construction on Berry Road is delayed and re-scheduled to begin on April 29, 2019.
Traffic Calming Program
During the week of April 22, 2019, speed feedback trailers will be deployed at the following locations:
  • Lindsey Street, between Classen Boulevard and 12th Avenue SE (Wards 4 and 7)
  • High Meadows Drive, between Briar Meadow Road and Northcliff Avenue (Ward 6)
  • Cedar Lane Road, between Black Hawk Drive and 12th Avenue SE (Ward 7)
Water Treatment
Lake Thunderbird water level is 13 inches above the conservation pool: into the flood pool.  The Corps of Engineers started releasing water again on Monday at a rate of over 200 MGD (Million Gallons per Day).  The average daily water demand for the week was 11.6 MGD, less than 6% of what the Corps of Engineers are releasing each day. 

Water Treatment Plant Expansion 
The new high service pumps for the high pressure plane were installed and became operational on Monday, April 15 with no issues.  This new pumps are significantly more efficient and should help reduce pumping costs in the high pressure plane.

The below photo is of the contractor pouring cement for the stem wall of the new administration building.  A new administration building is necessary because a major portion of the existing administration space will be used for a bacteriological laboratory and another section to house the new SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) computer equipment.

Line  Maintenance
Water Line Maintenance reported no line breaks this past week.

Engineering and Administration 
As part of OU's EarthMonth, Utilities Environmental Services and Public Works Stormwater group had a booth at the OU sustainability fair on Thursday, April 18th located at the Oklahoma Memorial Union Courtyard. 

Wednesday, April 17th was Water Appreciation Day, at the Capital.  Utilities Staff Steve Hardeman, Ken Komiske and Debbie Smith, all members of OWEA (Oklahoma Water Environment Association) were present to speak with legislators, answer questions and promote Water issues like sustainability, quality, treatment, drought and conservation. (Present but not in photo Geri Wellborn).

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