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January 11, 2019 Weekly report to the Mayor and City Council 

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City Manager's Weekly Report Update

This Weekly Report is sent every Friday and serves as the City Manager's "update" to City Council on items that are useful for scheduling purposes and/or communicating with constituents on matters of interest. It also  provides details on special events, and  City-wide accomplishments. Some examples include:
  • Project kick-offs and completions
  • Initiatives that will affect service valued by our residents
  • Construction updates
  • Updates on inter-governmental relations, and
  • Special Recognitions for outstanding achievements
January Sales Tax 
The general purpose sales tax remittance for the month of January (reflecting sales during November) was $5,172,096.  This is an increase of $195,572 (+3.93%) over January, 2018 levels.  Fiscal year 2018-2019 sales tax collections are now 3.21% above prior-year levels.
The general purpose use tax remittance for the month of January (reflecting sales of goods purchased outside of Oklahoma for use within Norman during the month of November) was $488,803.  This is an increase of $88,176 (+22.01%) over January, 2018 levels.  Fiscal year 2018-2019 use tax collections are now 31.4% above prior-year levels.

Street Sweeping Schedule for the Month of January
For the month of January 2019, the Stormwater Division will conduct routine street sweeping activities on all arterial streets from 48th Ave W to 12th Ave E and Indian Hills Rd to Post Oak Rd. Residential curbed streets within the following areas will also be swept this month depending on weather and other work requirements:
  • Porter Avenue to 24th Ave NE between Indian Hills Road and Robinson Street
  • Berry Road to I-35 between Robinson Street and Main Street
Additional questions on street sweeping can be directed to the Stormwater Division, 329-2524 or pwstormwater@normanok.gov

Resignations, Vacancies, Expired Terms (Members Still Serving), Upcoming Appointments and Reappointments   See Chart
Incident Summary  (1/3/19-1/9/19)T

*Fire Related
Overpressure rupture, explosion
Emergency Medical
Hazardous Condition
Service Call
Good Intent
False Alarm
Special Incident
Severe Weather
Total 297

**T echnical difficulties caused an issue with certain reports populating. This issue is being resolved. 


Map and Updates for the City of Norman's Major Infrastructure  Projects
News Coverage, Documents and Articles That May Be of Interest to City Council
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Legacy Park 
Park Maintenance staff began draining Legacy Park pond this week to address several maintenance items, including the installation of safety ramps. The water removal will take several days to complete, and the maintenance work will be complete in approximately two months. While the pond is being drained, and maintenance items addressed, a temporary fence will be installed to prevent access to the pond. 

NORMAN FORWARD Westwood Tennis Indoor Facility
Crews worked last weekend and this week to begin erecting the building frame.  The tallest points of the building have all been installed, and crews started rolling the outer fabric layer over the structure. Once it is all in place, they will pull it into tension and then move on to the building penetrations and attachment points for all mechanical and electrical systems, signage, sports equipment, and interior finishes. Also, work will begin shortly to provide electric service to the new building, when OG&E crews mobilize at the golf course practice range area to set up boring equipment from the pull box located there. Recent rains have adjusted the schedule slightly; with the planned completion day now set for the first week of April-well ahead of the summer tournament schedule at Westwood.

NORMAN FORWARD Neighborhood Park Revisions
A pre-bid meeting was held at Prairie Creek Park with play equipment representatives who will be bidding on the replacement of the old equipment in this large west-side neighborhood park. Bids are due on the 18th of January. Also, bids are being taken to install a walking trail in the park and construct a new picnic shelter along the creek area. Over a hundred trees have been planted in that area recently as part of the mitigation plan for the bridge work over Brookhaven Creek. A new park sign has been made for this park and will be installed when the other concrete work occurs later this spring.

Tree Projects
Bids are being received to add trees to the Norman Community Dog Park in the middle and west areas of the park this winter.  The increased shade will help with the park patron's comfort in the summer months. Recently installed irrigation will help the trees thrive, along with volunteer tree care offered by the Norman Dog Park volunteers. We are also getting bids for the trees to be planted as the development of Cedar Lane Neighborhood Park goes forward. According to the park plan approved last fall by residents, 49 trees will be planted. Play and fitness equipment projects will be bid this winter; and walking trails, a gazebo, and sports equipment will be installed as the park develops in the spring. Other single trees are being purchased to install in various parks as-requested by citizens in memory of passed loved ones. 

Irving Recreation Center 
The Irving Recreation Center will once again be participating in the annual Open Streets Norman event taking place in April. Open Streets Norman provides a space for you to walk, bike, skate, dance, play, and socialize with neighbors to increase your activity and improve your health.

Youth and Adult Sports
The first coaches meeting for the Junior Jammer winter basketball league was Thursday, Jan. 4. League play will begin late January and will end before Spring Break. There are 570 participants ages 5-13 in more than 60 teams. Games will take place at Whittier Recreation Center, Irving Recreation Centers,  Longfellow Middle School, and Alcott Middle School. 

Residential and Commercial Activity 1/3/19 - 1/9/19      Detailed Report

Combined Value
Average Value
New single family residence permits
$ 3,366,077
Residential addition or alteration permits
(7 storm shelter)

Demo permit

New single family residence applications
Residential addition or alternations applications
(4 storm shelter)

Demo application

Bart Conner Drive Channel Repair Project 
In response to multiple citizen complaints regarding flooding of the street at the intersection of Bart Conner Drive and Bart Conner Court along with the associated safety concerns over several years, the City's FYE 2019 Capital Fund includes a project to address the problem. In 2017, the Public Works Stormwater Division began working with Cardinal Engineering to design improvements to the grass-lined drainage ditch just south of the intersection of Bart Conner Drive and the detention area that runs parallel to Bart Conner Drive from the drainage ditch to 36th Ave NW. Based on Cardinal's analysis, it was determined that widening the curb opening to the drainage ditch, creating a 17-ft wide concrete channel from Bart Conner to the detention area to the south, and installing a 6-ft wide concrete flume at the bottom of the detention area was the most cost effective way to address the drainage and safety concerns reported by the citizens. This is a $156,384 construction project awarded to EMC Services, LLC, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The project involves the following items:
  • Remove and replace curb and gutter and paving 
  • Install approximately 390 linear feet of 17' wide concrete channel south of Bart Conner Drive
  • Install approximately 470 linear feet of 6' wide concrete flume in the detention area south of Bart Conner Drive
  • Install 7 removable bollards at entrance to concrete channel at Bart Conner Drive
Construction began on this project during the week of November 12, 2018. The contractor has completed installation of the 6' wide concrete flume and began work on the 17' wide concrete channel south of Bart Conner Drive during the week of December 3, 2018.

Main Street Bridge over Brookhaven Creek
Construction on the Main Street Bridge over Brookhaven Creek project began on Monday, August 13, 2018. This is a $4.9 million construction project awarded to Silver Star Construction Company of Moore, Oklahoma. This project has an expected completion date of June 2019. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) is administering the construction of this project because federal transportation funds are being used. The project includes replacement of the bridge structure and associated roadway and 2300 feet or stream restoration along Brookhaven Creek .  On Tuesday, August 14, 2018, a severe rain event caused the Main Street Bridge over Brookhaven Creek to collapse. It was agreed to keep the bridge structure closed to traffic and replace the entire structure at one time to save money and time on the project. 
The project involves the following items:
  • Stabilize the banks along Brookhaven Creek.
  • Construct a new box culvert bridge on Main Street and over Brookhaven Creek 
  • Concrete pavement on Main Street
  • Install an access road along Brookhaven Creek
  • Tree plantings    
Next week the contractor's activities are as follows:   
  • Continue grading and soil stabilization in preparation of the roadway pavement on the outside westbound lane on West Main Street 

State Highway 9 East Bridge over Little River
Construction began on September 10, 2018. This is a $5.3 million dollar construction project awarded to  Haskell Lemon Construction Company of Oklahoma City, and administered by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. The project includes full replacement and widening of the State Highway-9 East Bridge over Little River, from two lanes to four lanes. The project will also reconstruct the east and west approaches to the bridge. The planned sequence of construction is to construct the south half of the bridge while keeping traffic on the north half. Traffic will be shifted to the south half of the bridge once it is completed, while the north half is under construction. The project is expected to be completed in March of 2019.     
The project involves the following items:
  • Widening the Little River Bridge over State Highway-9 East from two lanes to four lanes
  • Reconstructing the pavement on the approaches to the bridge.
Next week the contractor's activities are as follows:
  • Continue soil stabilization and roadway paving on West Main Street 
  • Begin forming the sidewalk on the north side of West Main Street
  • Weather permitting the contractor plans to continue clearing the creek channel north of West Main Street     

James Garner Avenue - Phase I
Construction began on April 9, 2018. This is a $1.8 million dollar construction project awarded to Silver Star Construction Company of Moore, OK. The project includes reconstruction of the Acres Street intersection to improve safety and to meet Railroad Quiet Zone requirements.  The project will create the extension of James Garner Avenue between the railroad and the new Central Library. 

The project involves the following items:
  • Constructing a new roadway and intersection on James Garner Avenue and Acres Street along with a new Legacy Trail
  • Installing a new improved drainage system
Next week the contractor's activities are as follows:
  • Complete installing the permanent signage along Acres Street, James Garner Avenue, and Jones Avenue 
  • Weather permitting the contractor plans to start and complete pavement striping
  • Begin final clean up   
Placing the Final Lift of Asphalt Pavement on James Garner Avenue     
(James Garner Avenue, January 7, 2019)
FYE 2019 Urban Concrete Streets
The FYE 2019 Urban Concrete Streets portion of the 2016 Street Maintenance Bond Program was awarded to Central Contracting Inc. in the amount of $1,778,400. This work consists of select concrete panel replacement on 17 streets located within 7 urban Norman additions. Work began October 8, 2018.  Current construction is underway on Beaumont Dr. through Brandy Wine Ln./Biloxi Dr. 

FYE 2019 Urban Asphalt Streets
The FYE 2019 Urban Asphalt Streets portion on the 2016 Street Maintenance Bond Program was awarded to Silver Star Construction Inc. in the amount of $1,651,700. This work consists of select asphalt maintenance on 22 streets located within 7 urban Norman additions. Work began on October 8, 2018. Current construction is underway in Ross's Addition at Chautauqua Ave. to Comanche St./Symmes St.  
FFO Home Furniture
FFO Home Furniture is located on Sonoma Park Drive just north of the east side Walmart Supercenter store in portions of Sonoma Park Section 1 and Sonoma Park Section 5. No new platting is required for this project.
Public improvements consist of water line and sidewalks. Storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and streets are existing. ll public improvements have been installed and accepted by the City and the store is open for business.

Summit Lakes Addition Section 11
Summit Lakes Addition Section 11 is generally located approximately ½ mile south of Alameda Street on the east side of 24th Ave SE.  This final plat consists of 62 single family residential lots on 25.84 acres. There are 542 platted lots within the Summit Lakes Development. There are 170 lots remaining to be final platted.
Public improvements consist of sanitary sewer, water line, storm sewer, curb and gutter, paving, and sidewalks. A new storm water detention pond will be utilized at the southwest corner of the site for the conveyance of storm water and will be privately maintained by the property owner's association.  The utility contractor is currently installing the water mains and sanitary sewer.

FYE 2019 Sidewalk Program bid was awarded on July 24th, 2018 by City Council to Central Contracting Services in the amount of $441,750.00 for five projects to be completed throughout the fiscal year 2019.
  • Sidewalk Accessibility Program This program provides sidewalk ramps where none exist and rebuilds existing ramps that do not comply with the current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.  The location in this year's program will include intersections along Cherry Creek Drive from Main Street to Knob Hill Court. The construction of ADA compliant ramps will begin January 14, 2019.
Traffic Calming Program
Staff received no new traffic calming program inquiries this week.
During the week of January 14, 2019, the radar speed feedback trailers will be deployed to the following locations:
  • Chautauqua Avenue, between Timberdell Road and Lindsey Street (Wards 4 and 7)
  • Hamden Avenue, between Rock Creek Road and Thornebrook Drive (Ward 6)
  • Tecumseh Road, between Castlerock Road and 36th Avenue NW (Ward 8)
Water Treatment
Lake Thunderbird water level is 26 inches above the conservation pool; into the flood pool.   The Corps of Engineers continue releasing water from the dam at a rate of 350 MGD (Million Gallons per Day).  A month's worth of water released every day.  The average daily water demand for the week was 10.0 MGD. 

Construction on the facility upgrades is progressing. The new building housing the Ultra-violet disinfection facilities is coming out of the ground and getting a brick veneer. 

Line  Maintenance
Water Line Maintenance repaired four water line breaks this past week.  Line Maintenance crews will replace 900 feet of old deteriorated 8" Ductile Iron pipe with 8" PVC on Queentston Avenue from Rock Creek Road to Pine Wood Drive. Staff laid about 200 feet of 8" PVC, installed tee and valve. This project is about 40% complete.

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