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City Manager's Weekly Report Update

This Weekly Report is sent every Friday and serves as the City Manager's "update" to City Council on items that are useful for scheduling purposes and/or communicating with constituents on matters of interest. It also  provides details on special events, and  City-wide accomplishments. Some examples include:
  • Project kick-offs and completions
  • Initiatives that will affect service valued by our residents
  • Construction updates
  • Updates on inter-governmental relations, and
  • Special Recognitions for outstanding achievements
The third annual Lake Thunderbird Watershed Workshop and Clean-up Event will be at Lake Thunderbird Boat House on Nov. 3  from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Representatives with Keep Oklahoma Beautiful, Oklahoma Conservation Commission, Blue Thumb, and the Oklahoma Water Survey will be on hand to discuss water quality and Lake Thunderbird. Following a short presentation, participants will pick up trash throughout the park to have a hands-on, immediate impact on stormwater quality in the watershed. Supplies and refreshments will be provided and prizes will be awarded. The Sailing Club will offer pontoon rides, weather depending. 
The Fall Clean-Up event will conclude this Saturday with a pick-up for residents with Friday service.  Residents should have all items out by 7:30 a.m. on their designated Saturday, and may place items at the curb up to a week before their scheduled collection day.  Rural customers (east of 48th NE/SE) may call the Sanitation Division at (405) 329-1023 prior to October 6 to place their address on the pick-up list. 

Additional details may be found here: 
For the month of November 2018, the Stormwater Division will conduct routine street sweeping activities on all arterial streets from 48th Ave W to 12th Ave E and Indian Hills Rd to Post Oak Rd. Residential curbed streets within the following areas will also be swept this month depending on weather and other work requirements:
  • 48th Ave NW to I-35 between Indian Hills Road and Rock Creek Road
  • Berry Road to 24th Ave SW between Main Street and Lindsey Street
Additional questions on street sweeping can be directed to the Stormwater Division, 329-2524 or

Resignations, Vacancies, Expired Terms (Members Still Serving), Upcoming Appointments and Reappointments   See Chart
Incident Summary  (10/25/18-10/31/18)

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Special Incident
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Map and Updates for the City of Norman's Major Infrastructure  Projects
News Coverage, Documents and Articles That May Be of Interest to City Council


NORMAN FORWARD Westwood Tennis Indoor Facility
Flintco is completing the dirt work this week and installation of the fire vault and new hydrants has been completed. Next week concrete work and installation of underground electric lines will begin. Work is on schedule to be completed in March 2018.

Bicycle Park
Representatives from Progressive Bike Ramps were in town Tuesday night to present the design for the new Bicycle Skills Park to be constructed this winter at the park site at Lindsey Street/24th Avenue SE. The concept has been supported along the way by the Bicycle Advisory Committee; and will include different skill levels of features from a beginners bike playground up through a skills course through the trees and separate jump lines, drop zones and dirt trails.

Residential and Commercial Activity 10/25/18-10/31/18      Detailed Report

Combined Value
Average Value
New single family residence permits
Residential addition or alteration permits
(0 storm shelter)

Demo permit

New single family residence applications
Residential addition or alternations applications
(4 storm shelter)

Demo application

New two family residence applications 0

Change Order No. 10 with Flintco, LLC K-1617-83, for $39,344 for the Central Library was approved for the revisions to lighting for the covered walkway on the north side of the building, wall paint modification (credit), sealant for the underfloor system, elevator ledge requirements, amperage increase for the dryer in the building, work to insure roof drainage in the deck slope, and modifications due to room constraints for a ladder to access the mechanical room.  The Change Order also approved six weather delay days. The change order will be submitted with the City Manager's Change Order Report on the Nov. 27, 2018.

State Highway 9 East Bridge over Little River
Construction began on September 10, 2018. This is a $5.3 million dollar construction project awarded to  Haskell Lemon Construction Company of Oklahoma City, and administered by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. The project includes full replacement and widening of the State Highway-9 East Bridge over Little River, from two lanes to four lanes. The project will also reconstruct the east and west approaches to the bridge. The planned sequence of construction is to construct the south half of the bridge while keeping traffic on the north half. Traffic will be shifted to the south half of the bridge once it is completed, while the north half is under construction. The project is expected to be completed in March of 2019.     
The project involves the following items:
  • Widening the Little River Bridge over State Highway-9 East from two lanes to four lanes
  • Reconstructing the pavement on the approaches to the bridge.
Next week the contractor's activities are as follows:
  • Continue installing bridge headers on top of the piers for Phase 1
  • Continue grading the banks along each side of the channel
  • Weather permitting; begin forming the bridge abutments for Phase 1   
James Garner Avenue - Phase I
Construction began on April 9, 2018. This is a $1.8 million dollar construction project awarded to Silver Star Construction Company of Moore, OK. The project includes reconstruction of the Acres Street intersection to improve safety and to meet Railroad Quiet Zone requirements.  The project will create the extension of James Garner Avenue between the railroad and the new Central Library. 

Next week the contractor's activities are as follows:
  • Weather permitting; the contractor plans begin removing roadway pavement on Acres Street east of the railroad tracks.
  • Begin installing the 8-inch waterline on Jones Avenue and Acres Street     
Newly placed asphalt base-course on James Garner Avenue
(looking south onto James Garner Avenue. October 30, 2018)

Main Street Bridge over Brookhaven Creek
Construction on the Main Street Bridge over Brookhaven Creek project began on Monday, August 13, 2018. This is a $4.9 million construction project awarded to Silver Star Construction Company of Moore, Oklahoma. This project has an expected completion date of June 2019. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) is administering the construction of this project because federal transportation funds are being used. The south limits of the project covers an area along Brookhaven Creek that spans approximately two-thousand feet south of Main Street, with a north limit that spans three hundred-feet north of Main Street. The west project boundary is just west of Lamp Post Road and the east boundary is three hundred feet east of Willoway Drive.    
On Tuesday, August 14, 2018, a severe rain event caused the Main Street Bridge over Brookhaven Creek to collapse. On August 28, 2018, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation submitted Change Order No.1 which provided the funding to incentivize the contractor to expedite the Main Street Bridge construction by 15 days. Should the contractor achieve maximum incentive, the bridge will be open to traffic on November 26, 2018.  
Next week the contractor's activities are as follows:   
  • Place curb and gutter on the south half of Main Street west of Brookhaven Bridge
  • Place concrete pavement on the south half of Main Street west of Brookhaven Bridge 
  • Continue clearing channel along the west bank
  • Begin removing curb and gutter and pavement on the north half of Main Street west of Brookhaven Bridge
  • Begin forming the reinforced concrete box culvert wing-walls and aprons      
Lahoma Ave. from Gray St. to Hughbert St. 
The 2016 Norman Street Maintenance Bond Program includes Urban Roads Reconstruction Projects.  The current two street projects are the FYE 2017 Lahoma Street from Gray Street to Nebraska Street and FYE 2018 Lahoma Street from Nebraska Street to Hughbert. These projects were awarded on March 13, 2018.  The projects were bid together to allow continuity of construction and better unit costs for construction items.  The projects were awarded to A-Tech Paving in the amount of $561,799.25 and $376,872.00 respectively. This work consists of reconstruction to widen the road to 26 feet and install curb and gutter to improve drainage.  Existing sidewalks and ramps will be replaced to provide ADA accessibility.  Driveways will be replaced within the public street right-of-way, and are designed to accommodate future sidewalks meeting ADA requirements. Construction began on March 19, 2018 and is expected to be completed by the end of November 2018.
Next week activities include:
  • Begin paving surface course between Daws Street and Kansas Street
  • Mill and repave surface course between Kansas Street and Nebraska Street
  • Complete sodding bare areas throughout the project area.
  • Begin clean up between Tonhawa and Nebraska    
FYE 2019 Urban Concrete Streets
The FYE 2019 Urban Concrete Streets portion of the 2016 Street Maintenance Bond Program was awarded to Central Contracting Inc. in the amount of $1,778,400. This work consists of select concrete panel replacement on 17 streets located within 7 urban Norman additions. Work began October 8, 2018.  Current construction is underway on Beaumont Dr. through Brandy Wine Ln./Biloxi Dr. 

FYE 2019 Urban Asphalt Streets
The FYE 2019 Urban Asphalt Streets portion on the 2016 Street Maintenance Bond Program was awarded to Silver Star Construction Inc. in the amount of $1,651,700. This work consists of select asphalt maintenance on 22 streets located within 7 urban Norman additions. Work began on October 8, 2018. Current Construction is underway in Ross's Addition at Chautauqua Ave. to Comanche St./Symmes St.  
Repairs of sidewalk in 8 locations through the City Sidewalk Reconstruction Program are underway throughout Norman. Work began Oct. 1 and is expected to be complete by Nov. 8. The Citywide Sidewalk Reconstruction Program , is intended to assist property owners in repairing existing sidewalks and constructing new sidewalks along an entire city block. Property owners who wish to participate in the Citywide Sidewalk Reconstruction Project will pay fifty percent (50%) of the estimated cost, with the City paying the remaining fifty- percent (50%) from funds allocated to this project. 

Traffic Calming Program
The Hawthorne Addition neighborhood submitted a valid petition with 90.8% support for a physical traffic calming project (four speed tables) on Hamden Avenue, between Rock Creek Road and Greens Parkway.
During the week of November 5, 2018, speed trailers will be deployed at the following locations:
  • Vine Street, between McGee Drive and Hollywood Avenue (Ward 2)
  • Tecumseh Meadows Drive, between Tecumseh Meadows Way and Porter Avenue (Ward 6)
Lake Thunderbird water level is two inches above the conservation pool; into the flood pool.  The Corps of Engineers are releasing water from the dam at a rate of almost 70 MGD (Million Gallons per Day).  The average daily water demand for the week was 11.0 MGD.
One laboratory staff member and two Water Treatment Plant Operators competed in the South West Section of American Water Works Association (SWAWWA) 'Top Ops' competition at the annual conference, which was held in Baton Rouge, LA this week. They studied together for many weeks before their shift and worked really hard. They came in third overall and did a great job representing the City of Norman. 

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