From August 1 to 30, Oceanside residents pledged to save water and protect the environment as part of the Wyland National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation. The Mayor’s Challenge aims to ignite cities across the nation in promoting water supply reliability, watershed protection, and overall environmental stewardship, and is a call to action for leaders to inspire their residents to use resources wisely. Residents who participated in the Challenge by pledging or completing environmental projects from home earned points for the City in the nationwide competition.

After a strong effort by the Oceanside community, the City of Oceanside finished second place behind the City of Lakeland, Florida. In its third year of participation, Oceanside has been increasingly more competitive, receiving sixth, third and second place, consecutively. Residents can start accumulating points for the City in next years’ Challenge by documenting their water-saving efforts and completing environmental projects from home all year round. Example projects include fixing leaky faucets, planting a tree, collecting rainwater, participating in a neighborhood cleanup, and much more. Visit to log your activities and earn bonus points that will be applied to next year’s Challenge!

The City’s high participation in pledging is a success in itself, demonstrating the community’s dedication to protecting the environment we live in. Several City partners, including non-profit organizations, businesses, school teachers, and homeowners’ associations came together this year to help to promote the Mayor’s Challenge to residents. The City is appreciative of the entire Oceanside community for their support and continued effort in demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.

“The Oceanside community has shown its commitment to sustainability and efficient use of natural resources. I am very proud of all of our residents who stepped up to take the pledge and support Oceanside in the 2020 Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation,” said Cari Dale, Water Utilities Director.  

Overall, Mayor’s Challenge participants across the nation pledged to save over 1 billion gallons of water, 74 million kilowatt hours of electricity, and 29 million fewer pounds of waste entering landfills. To learn more about the Mayor’s Challenge and hear from Mayor Peter Weiss on the importance of water efficiency to the City’s future, visit: