As businesses and entities reopen, County Health Officials developed criteria that would prompt renewed restrictions or paused reopenings for future. They have prepared a dashboard of triggers that would cause them to modify the County Health Orders .

Today, the County announced that one of the triggers -- community outbreaks -- has prompted them to pause future release of guidance for other reopenings (such as large gatherings, concert venues, in-person competitive sport viewing, etc). A "community outbreak" is defined as seven or more new outbreaks in a community setting in a 7-day period. A "community setting" is a place like a business, a social club, a house party, or a place of worship. Today, our County has eight community outbreaks in a 7-day period, including one each at a social club and a private gathering. Health Officials reiterated that they will be stepping up targeted enforcement at the locations these outbreaks occur, and will pause any future reopenings until the community outbreaks decrease to below the trigger point.
Reminder: No gatherings.