City News
November 2020 Edition
Drainage Improvements for 7th and 8th St - BMP 5

The contract was awarded to Steve's Excavating & Paving, Inc. and has a start date of December 1st. The 7th St Park will remained closed during the duration of the 120 day construction period. The project consists of new stormwater inlets, upgraded piping, an additional outfall with check valve to reduce flooding, paving and curb replacement as needed.
Beach Walkover Restoration Project

The contract was awarded to Eveland Brothers, Inc. and has a start date of November 2nd. Please plan on detoured access to the beach during the 90 day construction period. The project replaces the four dune walkover boardwalks.
Tennis Court Restoration Project

Starting Monday, November 30th, the Bayside Park tennis courts will be temporarily closed to replace the fencing, surface and nets. This Project is expected to be completed by February 1st, 2021.
Community Survey Coming Soon

To improve and increase communication between the Community and the City of Belleair Beach, the City will be sending out a survey asking for the notification method(s) that you would prefer. As issues and events arise during the year, including but not limited to City Council meetings, social events, infrastructure issues, tax issues, ordinance issues, election and ballot issues, strategic plans, emergencies, and other topics, we are hoping to improve and increase communication by utilizing methods tailored to each resident owner.

You may:
  • Complete on the City website Home Page – click on “Community Survey”
  • Complete and return this form by USPS mail, the drop box at City Hall, or FAX 727-593-1409
Happy Holidays Belleair Beach
Budget in Brief
Attention Dog Owners

Please be a good neighbor by cleaning up after you dog and disposing of waste properly. Do not put waste in storm drains. Also remember to use a lease and don't take dogs on the beach.
COVID-19 Crisis

Monitor for updates.

Please call (727) 595-4646 if you need any assistance during the Coronavirus pandemic. Staff will try to assist in any way we can. Also, kindly remember to check up on your neighbors to ensure all our residents’ well being. Stay Safe.

Submit a question or comment to the City Manager.

City Code Reminders

Sec. 94-210. - Detached buildings.

(a) Within the RL district II, a separate building or buildings designed to be separate, as defined in section 94-2 of the Code, shall not be erected on any lot or plot. This prohibition shall not be evaded or avoided by joining a separate building through an extension of the main roof or any main wall by a use of trellis or other such devices. Additions or improvements shall be compatible in style, architecture and materials with the existing building, and shall conform to all of the provisions of this chapter and the Florida Building Code as amended for a dwelling structure.

(b) Notwithstanding the definition and limitations set forth in section 94-2 of the Code pertaining to separate buildings, a utility or storage shed may be erected in RL district II, provided it is constructed, erected or installed with a concrete base of not more than 100 square feet and not more than eight feet eight inches in height; and further provided that the utility or storage shed is anchored to the base in such fashion as to sustain wind velocity of 135 miles per hour.

(c) No shed shall be erected within the city unless the property owner first obtains a construction permit from the building official.

(d) In no event shall there be more than one utility or storage shed with a base area of 100 square feet or less constructed, erected or installed on any residential property in RL district II.

(e) A utility or storage shed shall conform to all setback requirements for buildings permitted to be constructed on the property, and shall not be erected in the front of any property or building or within any easement or right-of-way.

(f) A utility or storage shed erected pursuant to this section shall not be visible from the front of a dwelling.

(g) The provisions of this section shall not apply to a small dock box erected on any dock within the city or a small pool box installed to store pool supplies with a base of no more than ten square feet and a height of no more than three feet; provided, however, that the dock box or pool box is anchored to its base with lag bolts or similar fasteners.

(h) Any utility or storage shed erected prior to the enactment of section 94-210(b) through (f) and without a permit in violation of the City Code shall come into conformity or be removed within six months of the effective date of this section.

*Please note that utility sheds are the only detached buildings permitted. Gazebos and pergolas are not permitted.
Thank you to Debi Keith for providing the local photograph above.