City News
February 2021 Edition
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Community Contact List.
UPDATE: Drainage Improvements for 7th and 8th Streets

The project for new stormwater inlets, upgraded piping, and an additional outfall with a check valve to reduce flooding, and the paving and curb replacement is expected to be completed by April.
OPEN - Beach Accesses and Dune Walkovers

The the four dune walkovers were completed February 16th and the beach accesses are now open.
Tennis and Pickleball Courts

The Bayside Park tennis court restoration was completed early February.
Pickleball lines have been added to the courts.


The paving and valley curb replacement is progressing on Bellevue Estates Island and is scheduled to be completed in April.

Maintenance of the Solar Streetlights by the
City's Public Works Staff

Kyle Riefler

Rynell Gentry

Grady Wright

Annual Tree Trimming

The tree trimming throughout the City was done in-house by the Public Works Staff at a substantial savings to the City. Great work Rynell and Grady!
COVID-19 Crisis

Monitor for updates.

Please call 727-595-4646 if you need assistance during the Coronavirus pandemic. Staff will try to assist in any way we can. Also, kindly remember to check up on your neighbors to ensure all our residents’ well being. Stay Safe.

Submit a question or comment to the City Manager.

Upcoming Meetings

March 1, 6:00 PM - City Council Meeting
March 9, 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM - City Election - Councilmembers and Charter Amendments
March 15, 6:00 PM - City Council Organizational Meeting
March 16, 3:00 PM - Park and Recreation Board Meeting
City Code Reminders

Sec. 10-74. - General standards.

(12) Every occupant of any building or structure shall dispose of garbage, rubbish and/or other waste materials in an approved sanitary manner. Garbage shall be placed in the garbage disposal facilities or storage containers with lids as required by all applicable city codes.

Sec. 30-144. - Prohibited activities.

(2) Motorized vehicles. Motorized vehicles shall not be permitted on any beach at any time, except for authorized police, fire or rescue emergency vehicles, public vehicles required to perform services on the beach or commercial vehicles contracted by the city to perform services on the beach.
Thank you to Debi Keith for providing the local photograph above.