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City News
August 2020 Edition
COVID-19 Crisis

Monitor pinellascounty.org for updates.

Please call (727) 595-4646 if you need any assistance during the Coronavirus pandemic. Staff will try to assist in any way we can. Also, kindly remember to check up on your neighbors to ensure all our Residents’ well being. Stay Safe.
Drainage Improvements for 7th and 8th St - BMP 5

This project was advertised for bid on August 26. All submittals will be received by Tuesday, September 22 at 2:00 PM.
Stormwater Fee Effective October 1, 2020

A monthly fee of $15.00 per single family home and $6.00 per condo unit will be assessed in your Pinellas County utility bill. Revenues from these fees can only be used for stormwater maintenance and projects.
Belleair Shores Beach Ordinance Update
Applies to 6th St, 12th St and 19 St Beach Accesses

  • City Manager Rives attended the August 18, 2020 Belleair Shore town meeting seeking a solution to the shade ordinance. The Town of Belleair Shore advised that due to pending litigation from Belleair Beach residents, there will be no further discussion at this time. 

  • The Belleair Shore ordinance for beach shade is still in effect.

  • The Town of Belleair Shore jurisdictional area goes into the Gulf of Mexico. Any ordinance may enforced within the jurisdictional boundary of the Town to include wet and dry sand.

Sec. 30-53. - Prohibited activities

It shall be prohibited and no person shall:

(10) Erect, possess, or cause to be erected any tent, canopy, umbrella, temporary shade structure or recreation structure on the beach within the incorporated limit of the Town.
Morgan Park Drainage Improvement

Public Works staff Rynell Gentry and Grady Wright completed an in-house improvement project at Morgan Park. They excavated, regraded and installed washed shell to improve drainage. Thank you for your hard work.

Submit a question or comment to the City Manager.

City Code Reminders

Sec. 94-6. - Landscaping requirements

(k) Ground cover, rights-of-way. Permeable portions within the adjoining rights-of-way shall be maintained in accordance with this section. Where landscaping material is used in the right-of-way within four feet of the curb or road edge, the planting, excluding sod, shall not exceed 30 inches in height above the top of the adjacent curb, or if there is no curb, the road bed, provided that the landscaping material does not result in a hazard or impairment to public vehicular or pedestrian traffic, except as otherwise provided for in sections 22-34(b) and 50-1 of the City Code.


Within RL district II, residential homes may be rented, leased or otherwise occupied through a rental agreement with the registered owner(s) on a periodic basis from time to time for not less than a three-month occupancy period. An individual portion of a single-family home shall not be rented, leased, or otherwise occupied by a rental agreement with the registered owner(s) on a periodic basis as a separate part of the family unit.

When owner(s) of residential property enters into a rental agreement, whether once or on a continuing basis, the owner(s) shall register the home at city hall. Each new tenant shall be registered at the start of the rental term and termination thereof. Not more than one family unit shall occupy one dwelling unit at a time

Exterior Surfaces

Entire wall shall be repainted within 90 days. Patchwork painting shall be prohibited and any patchwork used to compare and choose paint colors shall be uniformly repainted within 90 days.
Code Review Committee

Applicants are needed to review and update the City's Code of Ordinances. Please apply today by contacting the City Clerk, Patricia Gentry at (727) 229-8434 or pgentry@cityofbelleairbeach.com.

Code Enforcement

Code enforcement duties have been contracted to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff will provide up to 15 hours per week of code enforcement duties in the City. Please call (727) 595-4646 for any code enforcement concerns.